The Pros and Cons of Non-Underwire Bras

By Linda's Online on November 12th, 2013

Hello, darlings. I get it – not everyone is a bra fan like me. Most women who are self proclaimed bra haters typically complain about the uncomfortable underwire. Did you know that 9 out of 10 women who hate their underwire are actually in the wrong size? That’s right! That being said, non-underwire (or soft cup) bras can sometimes be the better option for certain women. Keep reading  for my take on the pros and cons of wearing a non-underwire bra, and who should wear themRead more

Find your Fabulous Event Recap

By Linda's Online on November 11th, 2013

A few weeks ago, the Linda’s ladies and our fabulous customers gathered at my Murray Hill store to celebrate the “Find your Fabulous” Event. Though I wasn’t able to make it, the girls filled me in on the evening’s festivities. Trust me, it was FABULOUS.

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Thong Underwear: A Do or a Don’t?

By Linda's Online on October 31st, 2013

Hi there! It’s Kim – your friendly Bra Diva and Marketing Director – from Linda’s! You may know that Linda and our expert staff are “bra ladies”, but we are also extremely knowledgeable when it comes to underwear. From full coverage briefs to g-strings, we’ve seen (and worn) it all! So I was especially happy to pop into the Huffington Post office for a LIVE segment with hosts Caitlyn Becker and Nancy Redd for a discussion on: the thong! These sassy hosts hold nothing back, and the conversation covers health concerns, sex appeal, personal comfort, and favorite brands. I brought along my favorite underwear options for all women, including those from Hanky Panky, Simone Perele, Curvy Kate, Wacoal, Commando, and more! Whether you love thongs or not, this LIVE segment has something for everyone. Watch the segment below, then take our poll or leave a comment and let us know if thongs are a DO or a DON’T!

Looks like we all know who prefers what after that chat! How about you? Are you a thong wearer? Take the poll (answers are anonymous) or leave a comment below and let us know!

(11/1/13 at 2:50pm there appears to be a bug with the poll right now! If it’s not working for you, please leave a comment with your vote below!)

Thong Underwear: A Do or a Don't?

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The Find your Fabulous Event at Linda’s!

By Linda's Online on October 4th, 2013

Exciting news! Linda’s is teaming up with Anita for our annual event. The date is picked. The theme is set. Prizes are ready to be won. Are you going to the Find your Fabulous Event?

I can not even tell you how excited my Bra Divas are to host this fabulous event. It’s Breast Cancer Awareness month, and this event is a way to help women find their “fabulous”! So whether you have petite, full, or reconstructed breasts – Linda’s is here to tell you (and show you) just how fabulous you really are. We believe that every woman has that something fabulous about her, you just may need help finding it. Believe me, a great bra in the right size helps women find their comfort and confidence, plus look taller, younger and thinner. We love what we do, so it’s time to celebrate and help you find YOUR fabulous! Here are a few of the details and the fantastic perks you can expect!

Date: Tuesday Oct. 22nd, 2013

Location: Discount and gift at both Linda’s stores 10-8pm, Party at Linda’s Murray Hill (552 Third Ave NY, NY 10016) in NYC 5-8pm

Perks and goodies:

  • 10% off ALL purchases, all day in-store only! That means brands like Simone Perele, Panache, Freya, Wacoal, L*space, Karla Colletto, and more!

  • 15% off ALL Anita brand items (including basic bras, swimsuits, sports bras, maternity bras and bathing suits, mastectomy bras, prostheses and more) all day, in store only

  • Enjoy an Anita tote bag with any purchase

  • Complimentary expert bra fittings

  • Breast Cancer Awareness handouts to share with your friends

  • Enter our Fabulous Raffle to win a $100 Linda’s Gift Certificate, an Anita bra, and a basket filled to the brim with goodies from our favorite brands

  • Complimentary snacks and fizzy drinks (we’re talking cupcakes and alcohol, darlings)

  • Let us take a snapshot at our photo booth and earn an extra entry for our Fabulous Raffle!

I mean. C’mon. What are you waiting for!? Make your appointment now for Tuesday Oct. 22nd and find YOUR fabulous at Linda’s! Call 1-888-262-4887  ext. 4 (Psst! Walk-ins are welcome but will be seen on a first come first served basis if time permits. Those with an appointment time will be fit first. All are welcome to join the party!)

Are you ready to show off how fabulous you feel? Join my Bra Divas at the Find your Fabulous event!



Get to Know Linda’s – Video

By Linda's Online on September 27th, 2013


Hi there, I’m Kim from Linda’s! Here at Linda’s, we are devoted to helping women find the perfect fitting bra or swimsuit! Utilizing in-person fittings and online guidance, we maintain an uncompromised focus to provide superior customer service and personalized expert advice. Regardless of a woman’s size, age, income or style need, our trained Bra Divas help women find bras that actually FIT, look great, and help every woman look and feel fabulous!

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Bra Size Basics – Braducational Video

By Linda's Online on September 24th, 2013

Hi I’m Kim from Linda’s!  32A, 40D, 34DDD, 38B … We all recognize a bra size when we see it. But do you know what these numbers and letters actually mean? You’d be surprised how many women don’t know the basics of bra fitting – and you may even be one of them!

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Bra Problem Solved: Desire for Bigger Breasts – Braducational Video

By Linda's Online on September 16th, 2013

Hi I’m Kim from Linda’s! Sometimes, you just want a little extra boost to maximize what you’ve got. We all remember the teenage trick of  ”stuffing your bra!” right? If you would like to make your breasts look bigger, here are a few more sophisticated lingerie solutions.

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I Heart Bras

By Linda's Online on September 11th, 2013

Let’s face it – I’m not called “The Bra Lady” for nothing! I truly love bras, and love helping women find the best bras. After more than 25 years of bra fitting, I still love it. I can not tell you how fulfilling it is to help a woman finally feel comfortable, confident, and fabulous… and all with a good bra! If you’ve never had a bra fitting at my shop, maybe you think I’m crazy. But ask my customers: a bra fitting at Linda’s can change your life!

Are you ready to love your bra? Visit my bra fitting shops in NYC or get expert bra advice online!

Bra Problem Solved: “Quad Boob” – Braducational Video

By Linda's Online on September 9th, 2013

Hi I’m Kim from Linda’s! People say two heads are better than one…but believe me, four boobs are NOT  better than two! “Quad boob”  is our term for a bump that spills out from the top or side of your bra, making it look like you have four breasts instead of the usual two. This embarrassing effect can even show under your shirts. Yikes! Here are our expert tips on how to go from 4 to 2!

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Bra Problem Solved: Desire for Smaller Breasts – Braducational Video

By Linda's Online on August 30th, 2013

Hi! I’m Kim from Linda’s. We help women of all cup sizes, including up to an N cup! For those with a full bust, sometimes, you don’t want your chest to be the center of attention. Don’t worry – I’ve got a few ways to make your chest appear smaller without resorting to surgery.

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