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Introducing: Seafolly Swimwear!

By Linda's Online on January 2nd, 2013 in Brand Profiles, Swimwear, Trend Watch

At Linda’s Online, I carry a wide variety of swimwear brands including cup sized swimwear up to K cup, designer brands, and cute new companies. I stock even more (believe it or not!), at my Linda’s shop in Murray Hill! Providing extra styles in the shop is a great way for my customers to try out smaller brands, fashion styles, etc. If a brand really takes off in the store, then my team and I add it to our online shop. And that’s the case with our latest swimwear addition to the online Linda’s shop: Seafolly. This adorable Australian brand was a big hit last Summer – everyone loved their retro style and soft fabrics! Take a look below for the first few styles to hit the online shop, and go back in time with Seafolly Swimwear(more…)

Summer Styles Inspired by This Hot Season!

By Linda's Online on June 27th, 2012 in Just Sayin', Swimwear, Trend Watch

It’s officially summer! Summer brings a lot of things to mind: vacation, relaxation, breezy cocktails by the pool… oooh yeah. More importantly, summer means bright bras and fashionable swimwear. Take a look and click on some styles inspired by summer and picked especially for you:


Meet the Winners of the Strapless Style Photo Contest!

By Linda's Online on May 22nd, 2012 in Contests & Promos, Linda's Quick Tips, Trend Watch

Hurray! It’s time to announce the winners of our Strapless Style Photo Contest! We had quite a few submissions and everyone looked so great in their strapless bra from Linda’s. It was a hard decision to make, but it had to be done. My Divas and I took a secret vote and tallied up the winners – it was sooo close! Here are the three ladies that we thought showed style, great support, and a touch of sass. Find out what these ladies wore underneath it all to get that winning look.

These two divas have quite a few things in common! Their one shoulder orange dresses look so amazing on their skin and are so “in” for this season. They also were both attending friend’s weddings when they snapped these photos. And, they both look supported and stylish in their strapless bras!

Krista, on the left, is wearing the LeMystere Soiree strapless bra. It’s such a smooth and supportive style. Here’s what she had to say about it: “I came to Linda’s a few days before an upcoming friend’s wedding in which I did a reading. I knew I needed the perfect strapless for my new, vibrant dress. This was the first time I tried a short line strapless and it made all the difference in the support for my narrow back and full cup. I felt amazing and was able to dance the night away comfortably and stylishly!” You GO girl!

Kim, on the right, struck a pose while on a bathroom break at her friend’s wedding. Just LOOK at that sassy pose. You can only get that kind of confidence when wearing the right bra, and she sure is. The Elila Longline 6421 provides mega support for B-H cups. Can’t you just picture Kim cutting a rug at the reception? I can!

Keep reading to see the WINNER revealed!  (more…)

In-Store Event: Vitamin A Swimwear at Linda’s Murray Hill

By Linda the Bra Lady on April 16th, 2012 in Brand Profiles, Swimwear, Trend Watch

You’re Invited! Are you on the hunt for a bathing suit for your next vacation or stay-cation? Whether you’re just taking a dip in the pool, laying out in the park, or traveling the seas on your private yacht, Vitamin A swimwear has a swimsuit for you. And now you can get the inside scoop on some of the hottest new styles of the season! Make an appointment now or stop by my Murray Hill store on Thursday April 26th for your first opportunity to try on and take home brand new styles from their Gold (sophisticated, sultry, glamorous) and Silver (flirty, fun and super sassy) collections. The new styles will hit the store that morning – don’t miss out!

Linda’s “Lifted and Separated” Bras!

By Linda the Bra Lady on March 14th, 2012 in Linda's Quick Tips, Petite Fashion, Plus Size Fashion, Trend Watch

I always tell women, “I can only tell you how your bra fits. YOU can tell me how it feels, and how it looks.” Looks are such a complicated thing – they are very personal! And just like our hair, our clothes and our bodies, every woman wants their breasts to look a certain way. There are, however, popular looks. And one of the most popular in my shops? Lifted and separated! Here are three of my favorite bras to give D-N cups this look. And, for those with a more petite bust who want to create curves – shop new additions to The Little Bra Company!

Click below to discover…

Free Shipping Goddess Alice Elomi Caitlyn Panache Tango II The Little Bra Company Image Map

Beach Bottoms: Be a flirt. Wear a skirt!

By Linda's Online on March 7th, 2012 in Linda's Quick Tips, Swimwear, Trend Watch

Let’s be honest, we don’t all have the perfect body. So, unless you are a photoshopped supermodel, it’s nice to have a little extra coverage from your bathing suit. And no, I don’t mean 1920’s Grandma bathing suits. I mean classy AND sassy.  Ta-da! The modern day swim skirt!

Hips Don’t Lie:

We all know how to cover our middle with a one piece or tankini bathing suit, but what about hips? From stretch marks to veins, there are lots of reasons you may not want to showcase your hips.  Sometimes a boyshort bottom just doesn’t do it. And some traditional cover ups are just too much coverage or totally unattractive. So try a new skim skirt! There are so many cute swim skirts now that can cover up hips without sacrificing on style!


Star Style: What Do They Wear Under There?

By Linda the Bra Lady on December 20th, 2011 in Bra Fitting, Linda's Quick Tips, Petite Fashion, Plus Size Fashion, Trend Watch

Celebrities seem to have it all: looks, money, fashion… but you don’t have to star in the latest blockbuster movie to look just as fabulous. Believe it or not, it’s all about wearing the right underpinnings. Trust me, we’ve all seen enough wardrobe malfunctions and terrible outfits on fabulous celebrities. It isn’t the money and fame that makes them look so good – it’s a darn good stylist and quality underpinnings. While I may not know exactly what Angelina or Jennifer has on under her dress, I can share my tried and true products that can help you get the same look. Here are a few of my favorite celebrity outfits and my secrets to just what they may be wearing under there…

Celebrity Style: Super high cut slit in sheer chiffon fabric

What to wear under there: A seamless skin-colored panty like the Commando Girl Short. It tricks the eye into thinking that they just might get a peek at something personal, but keeps you covered just in case it’s a windy day. Recommended for: Ladies who love their legs and thighs (or at least one of them). They’ll be on display.

Celebrity Style: V-neck dress down to there!

What to wear under there: If you have perky breasts, you can just use a little double-sided Hollywood Fashion Tape to keep the dress from falling away from your bust. You may also want to use some nipple covers like Low Beams or Nipsticks to keep the outline of your nipples from peeking through the dress material. Lastly, the Braza Bra is made of two separate bra stickers with no connection in the middle so it won’t show. Recommended for: Women with perky or petite breasts who don’t need a super supportive bra or whose breast shape is less full in the center of their chest.

Celebrity Style: Classic white button down blouse

What to wear under there: This look may seem effortless, but it can actually be a bit tricky for some women to wear. A minimizer bra (like this one from Wacoal) disperses breast tissue from the middle of the body, decreasing your chances of puckering buttons. Also, a little Hollywood Fashion Tape may keep the button placate in place. Hint: If you are very full busted with a tiny waist, consider getting a larger shirt altered to fit your slim waist or buying ready made shirts from brands like Campbell and Kate. Recommended for: The classic woman whose breasts look fab in a minimizer.

Celebrity Style: Sleek and expecting

What to wear under there: Moms to be don’t have to limit their wardrobe to over-sized sacks. Pair a slim fitting dress with a pair of Spanx Power Mama Maternity Shapewear or Panythose. You’ll get sleek hips and thighs while still leaving room for your baby bump! And don’t forget to wear the right size bra. Expectant mothers and their bodies go through a lot of changes. Check in for a re-fitting as your bust and belly grows. Recommended for: Pregnant women who still want to rock their wardrobe.

Celebrity Style: Seriously sheer dress

What to wear under there: Woah! For a totally see-through dress you have two choices: You can try to fool them and wear something seamless and nude (like the Commando line of thongs and Girlshorts) or cover up under there. Try a nude slip underneath for a layer of protection, or pair the dress with a black slip for a monochromatic look. Trust me, the mini length and gorgeous lace detail will still get you the attention that you deserve without having to showcase too much. Recommended for: Women who don’t mind almost baring it all!

Celebrity Style: Full figured and one shouldered

What to wear under there: Va-va-voom! To look this red-hot when you have a full bust to support, make sure you wear a serious strapless bra. Two of my favorites for the truly full-busted are from Fantasie and Panache. To accentuate those curves, pair that strapless with a fabulous pair of Spanx or a Squeem. Want it all together? Try a longline bra. Even then, I say wear some fabulous shapewear for a seamless hourglass look. Recommended for: The woman who proudly sports a full cup and dangerous curves.

Celebrity Style: Royal frocks with a lady-like touch

What to wear under there: Nothing says lady-like more than hosiery. Maybe you want to wear a neutral shade to hide a few flaws (c’mon, don’t pretend you don’t have a few veins here or there). I suggest a pair that’s doing double duty like Spanx hosiery! They’ll shape your bum and give you sexy legs. And for a bit more fun, try an opaque pair or go even crazier with a young and exciting print from Commando (bonus: they have a dig free waistband!). Recommended for: Sheers and solids for the fashionista who still wants to remain a lady and bold prints for the girl who can’t wait to rock the runway.

Celebrity Style: Backless and Fabulous

What to wear under there: When you don’t have a bra band to keep things up (believe it or not, the band is the most important for support) you have to go “sticky”. Try using adhesive and seamless styles like the Nu Bra, Braza Bra and the new Fashion Forms Body Sculpting Backless bra. Tip: only apply to skin when it’s dry and free of lotions or oils. Also, don’t expect this bra to stay up if you’re going to run a marathon. Lots of physical activity and sweat can cause it to slip. Otherwise, you’re in the clear. Recommended for: Women with firmer or petite breasts who need a little help shaping their bust but want to show off a dynamite back.

Shine like a star!


Undergarments For Your Halloween Costume

By Linda the Bra Lady on October 24th, 2011 in Bra Challenge, Just Sayin', Trend Watch

It’s almost Halloween!  Some people love going all out and wearing a festive outfit, while others are happy to tote the kids around and eat a fun-sized candy bar here and there. And, for some women, it’s an excuse to wear a barely there outfit, put on a pair of ears, and strut around as some kind of animal. I get it, it can be fun! Sexy, scary or sweet, it’s all the same to me. Because regardless of what kind of costume you plan to wear, you better make sure you have the right undergarments! Bras, slips, and even bustiers are all right here at Linda’s!

The Faux Lace-up Top: So many halloween costumes for women have a lace-up top- the pirate wench and the bar maid always make an appearance at parties. But, don’t rely on those faux laces to actually give you a sexy shape. Most halloween costumes come in S,M,L sizes and won’t really hug your curves the way you want them to. To create a sexy waist, slip a Sqeem Firm Compression Vest underneath it all for the structure and support you really want!










The Busty Bustier: Don’t trust the bustier provided with your costume to give you the support that you want? You’re not alone! Try a bustier like the Panache Harlequin Tiffany Basque, or other style, to keep you lifted. So many costumes can start with this perfect foundation piece- it’s supportive enough to serve as an undergarment, and classy enough to be worn on its own as a top. Underneath, or on its own, it will make for a fun night!










The All White Costume: Lots of costumes are all white and may look great on the dance floor under the black light- but oooooh boy, that polka dot panty or printed bra will show right through! Anyone thinking of going the Angel or Princess Leia route should stick to nude colored basics underneath. Think about it, that $20 costume from the drugstore won’t come with an opaque lining. So, take precautions and wear a Commando Slip and a nude colored basic bra. Need more help? Find your best nude with this handy guide.











The Short Skirt: Got a great pair of gams? Show them off with one of those popular tutu-style skirts on so many halloween costumes! Afraid that the poofy skirt will show off a little too much? No problem! Cover up with a pair of opaque boyshorts, or have some fun with the Honeydew Ruffle Rumba shorts! They are just the right combination of sass and coverage.










The Halter/Strapless Top: Want to wear a Cinderella gown or Marilyn Monroe halter dress? Don’t spend your whole night trying to keep your bra from falling down- not cute, and not comfortable. Take your measurements and pop them into my Bra Calculator. Then, try a good strapless bra! They each come with straps so you can wear them as a halter, racerback, one shoulder, or even put clear straps on one. Besides, the holiday parties don’t stop at halloween. Keep your strapless on hand for the Christmas and Hanunkkah season, too!










Happy Halloween!




Red-dy for Fall: Will You Dare to Wear the Sassiest Color of the Season?

By Linda the Bra Lady on September 1st, 2011 in Trend Watch

Without a doubt, the most popular color bras that women ask for in my shop are nude and black. And, I’m glad! It’s important to get those basic bras. And, let’s be honest, most women who come into my shop are so desperate for bras in the right size, that they have to start with the basics. But, once you’ve built up that bra wardrobe, why not try something a little more daring?

Now that Fall is here, that means thicker tops, darker prints, and bulky sweaters. And while smooth, neutral basics work well in Summer (and still have their place in the cooler months), Fall and Winter represent your opportunity to turn it up a notch! Ever daydreamed about wearing a sexy red bra under that bulky sweater? This is your time to do it! Worried about bumps and seams showing? No worries under that ruffle top! What about some lace under that boring work wear? Go for it, girl! It will be our little secret. No one ever has to know! As long as your bra fits properly (this is always the most important part), you get to decide on the style. And for this upcoming season, red is everywhere! Here are just a few sassy little red bras and panties to try yourself! Do you dare?

*This gorgeous Elenor Balconnet bra from Cleo by Panache is just the right amount of sassy and supportive. Intricate lace design, and a contrasting bow, up the girly factor. Adorable!

*This Panache Tango II bra is a classic! It’s a great basic bra- and now in a not-so-basic color. The cherry red colors gives you sexy confidence, and the D-K cup sizes provide you with the ultimate support.

*This Elila Jacquard Soft Cup Bra is the top in comfort. It’s padded straps and wide back are extra cozy. And did you know it is available up to size 50N? Now you know.

*Glamor isn’t just for those with fuller busts! Get gutsy in this siren red lace Lucia push-up bra from The Little Bra Company. Just the right amount of padding to accentuate petite curves, and a healthy dose of attitude.


*Even Moms deserve a little bit of Fall’s “it” color. Dress your breasts in this divine Wild Composure Nursing Bra from HOTmilk . This company offers such beautiful styles and a wide range of sizes. Ooooh, hot mama!

*And now for something totally fun! These little red ruffle Rumba boyshorts from Honeydew are so flirty! Wear them under a wool skirt…or to show to a friend. Just saying!

Don’t be afraid to add some sass to your bra wardrobe! You no longer have the excuse of “they don’t make sexy bras in my size”. Whether you’re an A or a K, a little bit of red lingerie hidden under a bulky Fall sweater may just give you an extra dose of confidence.

Stay fabulous!



Trend Round-Up: Fall 2011

By Linda the Bra Lady on February 25th, 2011 in Lingerie News, Trend Watch

My buying team and I just spent a long but exciting week at Curve Expo NY. For those of you not in the lingerie biz, Curve is a showcase of European and American lingerie designers where we got a sneak peek at the Fall 2011 styles. Here’s what’s in store for the seasons to come.

Rich, Bold Color

Fall/Winter 2011 will be full of gorgeous, decadent color! Some stand-out shades were sapphire blue, dark purples and lots of red. These shades are flattering on a wide range of skintones, so we’re looking forward to getting an extra shot of color in our stores.

Simple Sophistication

While lingerie sales are back up, shoppers are still looking for practical pieces. This season’s designer lingerie uses simple yet elegant shapes in high quality fabrics, for timeless styles that can be worn everyday. Forget feathers and sequins – low key glamour is what’s hot.

Retro-Chic Bustiers

Longline bras are not just for brides – we saw a lot of sassy fashion bras that go down to the waist. What I’m most excited for are mini-bustier styles that give you the look of a longline bra but are easy to wear under your clothes. This pin up girl style is a new twist on the retro lingerie trend that has been huge over the last few years.

Let’s Get Physical

In addition to strong lines from athletic brands like Moving Comfort and Shock Absorber, regular lingerie brands are expanding into sports bras. We love the Wacoal Underwire Sports Bra and can’t wait to see the new large cup sports bras from Freya lingerie. This trend is also spreading to swimwear with athletic swimsuits that have extra bust support.

More Sizes, Big and Small

If any trend will make women smile, it’s this one! Sales of larger cup bras are on the rise, and lingerie manufacturers have finally noticed. We are seeing sexier bras for DD cups and up with every passing year. Petite women will see more variety too, as 30 bands become common for many large lingerie brands. Even 28 bands are getting some love, with brands like Freya increasing their offerings for smaller sizes.

What styles are you looking forward to for the coming year? Think you’ll jump on any of these trends or stick to the basics? Let us know in the comments!