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Two Piece Perfection: Bottom’s Up!

By Linda's Online on June 26th, 2014 in Linda's Quick Tips, Swimwear, Trend Watch

In my last blog post, I shared the best two piece tops out there for small busts to full busts. From bra styles with underwire support, to push up triangle tops and tankinis – there are a lot of options outside of the standard one piece swimsuit. Now it’s time to focus on the bottoms! Trust me, there are more options for you, darling, than the basic bikini bottom (NOT that there’s anything wrong with that!) Take a gander at a few of the most flattering swimwear bottom options below.

Classic brief: The most common two piece swimsuit bottom option is the classic brief. The coverage options vary from low rise to high rise, with the most common among Linda’s customers being mid rise. 

Fold over brief: A favorite in the Linda’s shop in NYC, this style allows you to adjust the band around the hips and midsection for the perfect amount of custom coverage. 

Skirted brief bottom: One of our newest favorites at Linda’s, the skirted brief is fabulous! This is NOT your Grandma’s skirted bikini bottom. The multitude of options include short little flounces, adjustable lengths and sleek & chic styles. This style is great for those who want coverage on the bottom and still want to wear a bikini or tankini top. Also awesome for those who go to resorts and want the convenience of a built-in-coverup for going back and forth to the poolside bar or boardwalk.

Boyshort bottoms: These sporty little numbers are great for those who want a little more coverage on the hips, but don’t want to wear a full skirt. They’re especially great for those who are very active in the water or on the beach. Because of the fuller back, they tend to stay in place. 

Side tie bottoms: Side ties are great for adjusting the bottom to fit your unique curves. They are also great for showing off a little more skin without having to wear a Brazillian or thong back bottom. If you’ve got it, flaunt it! 

Side detailed bottom: From golden rings to braided strands, adding a little detail to the hip area is a fashionable way to stand out at the beach. Why not add in a little sass to your bathing suit? Another favorite side detail is the shirred side band. This flattering look offers a wider band (less digging in!) and more security.

What kind of bathing suit bottoms do you prefer to wear? Have you ever tried one of the styles above? Shop all of these styles (and more!) at or come visit us at the Linda’s shop in NYC.

Two Piece Perfection: The Best Swim Styles to Suit You

By Linda's Online on June 2nd, 2014 in Linda's Quick Tips, Swimwear

Listen, I love a great one piece bathing suit. In fact, my swim wardrobe is packed full of gorgeous Karla Colletto swimsuits. But, there is something really special about wearing a two piece bathing suit! Two piece swimsuits…

  • allow you to mix and match the top and bottom for the perfect fit for your shape

  • can show a little or a lot of skin

  • are perfect for mixing patterns and colors

Below are a few of my favorite ways to wear a two piece bathing suit this summer. Don’t forget – wearing a bathing suit that fits your cup size, your shape, and your style means you’ll look and feel confident all summer long!

Bandeau bikini top: Bandeau tops are great for those who want to go strapless when catching some rays. And for those who crave the option to add straps for a security, some come with them so you can wear this style strapless, traditional, criss cross or halter style – the choice (and comfort) is yours! Try them with or without underwire support in both XS-L sizes and cup sized bra sizes.

Here are a few with built in bra sized support…

Here are a few designer brands that fit sizes XS and up…

Tankini tops: Tankinis are perfection for those who want the versatility of a two piece and the look of a one piece. They’re especially handy for those who don’t want to take off an entire swimsuit to use the restroom – just saying! – or who have an extra long or short torso. The customized fit means extra comfort, and the longer top means more coverage. Try a cup sized style – with or without underwire – for the best fit for your bust. And don’t forget, Linda’s carries tankinis for those with mastectomies and for expectant moms.

Push up bikini and Tankini tops: Voda makes my favorite push up styles! These sassy swim tops give your bust a boost in either a triangle, bandeau or tankini top. They’re great for adding a little extra volume up top and you can easily mix and match with several bottoms. Check out all of the colorful styles at Linda’s and Linda’s Online.

Halter bikini tops: Halter tops are so supportive and so popular that I carry them in both with and without an underwire! The easy to adjust halter straps fit well, while the cut flatters many figures. Show off those shoulders and keep the casual bathing suit look with this attractive option.

Traditional bra style tops: What can be more supportive than a bra style swim top?! With two adjustable straps, underwire support, and Linda’s to guide you to the right size, this “basic” style is downright fabulous! Browse the Linda’s Swimwear section and pick out a few of your favorites.

SO many options! And these are just a few. Take a look at the whole collection supportive swimsuits. Now that you’ve discovered the best top options for a stunning two piece swimsuit, stay tuned for bottoms that will flatter your shape in the next post of Linda Unhooked!

To staying fabulous!

The Benefits of a Swimsuit that Fits Well

By Linda's Online on February 21st, 2014 in Just Sayin', Swimwear

I’m sure you’ve heard by now about the 50th Anniversary issue of the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition. It’s everywhere right now. This annual issue can make models into super models, and swimsuit brands into celebrity favorites, but there are a few downsides to this magazine. At its very core, it is a sports magazine for men. What women in skimpy bikinis has to do with the sports industry, I can’t guess. But the majority of SI’s readership, heterosexual men, seem to get a kick out of the scantily clad ladies. And many female models (and us real girls) look to this issue as the pinnacle of swimsuit fashion and the feminine physical ideal. Whether or not it is, isn’t my focus today. My focus is on the fit.

As a bra fitter and swimsuit stylist for over 9 years now, I’ve garnered experience with cup sized swimwear at Linda’s, expensive suits at high end retailers on 5th Avenue, and on Madison Ave with some of the sexiest lingerie and swimwear brands in the business. I get it: sex sells. But what is sexy? For the ladies in the Sports Illustrated magazine it looks like less is more: skimpy, zero coverage styles with little left to the imagination. In the fantasy world of magazines and fashion shoots, that may work. But in real life, the women that I help shop for bras and swimsuits and I agree: a great fit always helps you look and feel your very best. I always tell women that wearing a bathing suit is the closest that most of us will come to wearing lingerie in public. It can be scary or intimidating. There’s a lot of skin showing and lots of flaws to consider. None of us are flawless (especially without Photoshop), but we are all beautiful.

Here’s an example of a gorgeous model, Ms. Kate Upton, who is “defying gravity” in a zero gravity chamber. As lovely as she looks, and as much as we’d all love zero gravity when it comes to our boobs… it’s not really doing the trick here. Kate looks great, but she’s a busty lady and these skimpy or barely there bathing suits can’t do their job of supporting her bust and are not flattering. The swimsuit isn’t the real problem. In fact, this edition features a few fabulous swimsuits that Linda’s carries! But these swimsuits pictured here would look great on someone with a bust that would actually fit inside of it. Kate’s pretty shape is busting out of the top of these suits, creating spillage. As shameless as it sounds,  the spillage is the point in this photo (according to my husband “The point of SI: Swimsuit Edition is to sell magazines. And half naked women will sell magazines.”), but it’s not a flattering look for most women in real life. I’m not saying that you have to cover everything up in order to get a great fit. I’m just saying that most women I’ve talked to feel so much better when they feel secure and supported in their bathing suit.

Here’s an example of an actual Linda’s customer wearing an underwire cup-sized swimsuit from Miss Mandalay. Raquel is a gorgeous girl to begin with, but she can look and feel her best because she is wearing a swim top that fits well and flatters her figure. Don’t you agree? Photo by Andrew Walker

My Linda’s co-workers and I agree that the sexy images in the magazine may work for the fantasy world, but a bathing suit that fits well is the way to go. Here are the benefits of wearing a swimsuit that fits well:

  • Support – A bathing suit that fits your unique band and bust size, just like a bra, will support your bust far better than something that just hangs off of you or causes spillage.

  • Confidence – As I said above, wearing a swimsuit is the closest that most of us come to wearing lingerie in public. You’ll beam with confidence when wearing a suit that suits you.

  • Sex Appeal – Boobs busting out of your top may be one way to look sexy, but a classier kind of sex appeal comes from feeling confident and secure in who you are. When you wear a swimsuit that fits well, you’ll always feel your best which will help you look your best.

  • Comfort – I can not say enough about this one. Feeling comfortable is KEY to feeling and looking your best on the beach. If you’re constantly worried that something is slipping, sliding, or showing, you can’t really enjoy your day at the beach. Invest in a swimsuit that feels comfortable and looks just as great!

  • Style – Swimwear trends come and go, but a great fit is always in style.

Did you know that Linda’s carries bathing suits for all sizes? That’s right! There are the typical XS-L styles, plus padded bikini tops for AA-D cups, and cup sized swimwear (including those with underwear) up to K cup. In fact, Linda’s even carries swimsuits for nursing moms and those with mastectomies. Trust me, I’ve helped women with a petite bust create cleavage, and a woman who wears a 40K feel fabulous – it’s all about the right fit. So if comparing yourself to the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue models has you feeling less than fantastic, try shopping for swimsuits that actually fit your shape and see just how beautiful you can feel… in the real world.





New Online: Vitamin A Swimwear

By Linda's Online on December 5th, 2013 in Brand Profiles, Swimwear, Trend Watch

One of the hottest brands in my NYC shops is Vitamin A by Amahlia Stevens. A hit with the young, fashionable types, I thought it fit perfectly into our Murray Hill store on Third Ave in New York. But I was surprised when customers began to beg for this fab swimwear brand online! By popular demand, I’m proud to introduce Vitamin A swimwear to our online customers. Take a peek at this California brand, learn how they’re helping protect our environment, and go behind the scenes of their fashion shoot. The items below are available online now, and are just a taste of the many more styles to come!  (more…)

Save 20-90% OFF on ALL Swimwear: The Swim Sale is Here

By Linda's Online on August 5th, 2013 in Contests & Promos, Swimwear

It’s that special time of year again…the Swim Sale is here! That’s right. All swimwear styles online at Linda’s Online and in-store at my two NYC shops are ON SALE. (Remember, my Upper East Side store carries select one pieces, while my Murray Hill shop carries a full range of swimsuits). That includes new swimsuits from this season, bra sized A-K cup suits, designer styles, and more from brands like Panache, Freya, Spanx, L*Space, Voda, and more! Shop your favorite one piece, bikini and tankini bathing suits and get expert help from my Bra Divas. Because when you wear a swimsuit that fits and flatters your shape, you’ll always look and feel your very best.


Sun-Sational Savings on Freya Sunset Boulevard!

By Linda's Online on July 23rd, 2013 in Contests & Promos, Swimwear

Soak up the sunshine and save on this fabulous bikini from Freya! Use code SAVE10SUN to get 10% off the Sunset Boulevard group from Freya. That includes the underwire halter top (that supports D-H cups!) and the two matching bottoms. Hurry, while your size is in stock!

Sunset Blvd Swimwear Video Free Shipping Image Map

Enjoy your summer in a suit that fits and flatters!



Secret Sale on Eda Swimwear!

By Linda's Online on July 18th, 2013 in Contests & Promos, Swimwear, Trend Watch

***UPDATE 7/23/13*** ALL Eda is now 10-90% off at Linda’s Online! No promo code needed. Go get ‘em, girls!

Shhh! It’s a Secret Sale! Extend your summer in a new swimsuit from Eda! These glamorous swimsuits provide underwire support for D-G cups and darling details. Enjoy $20 off of your purchase of $150 with code EDASAVE20 or $45 off of $300 with code EDASAVE45 on all full priced Eda swimsuit styles! Here’s a look at the latest styles…  (more…)

High Waist Bottoms: Hot or Not?

By Linda's Online on June 7th, 2013 in Swimwear, Trend Watch

If you don’t know yet: the retro trend is “in”. I love this throw back to another era. But what’s surprised me is the high waist bottoms! I thought gingham prints and retro bandeau tops would be enough, but I was shocked by the popularity of the high waist bottoms. Who knew? It seems you either love or hate the high waist trend. So what do you think? Is wearing a high waist swimsuit bottom or panty hot, or not? Take a look at some of the styles below and let me know your thoughts in the comments! (more…)

Swimwear Spotlight: Pretty Prints

By Linda's Online on May 16th, 2013 in Swimwear, Trend Watch

Swimwear season is in full swing here at Linda’s and Linda’s Online! And while monotone suits have their place … it’s all about prints this season! Take a look at some of the sassiest styles below, and get shopping! Remember, your swimsuit is an extension of your personal style. Wear what you love! And most importantly, wear what fits. Feeling comfortable will help you feel confident and look fabulous. Come on in to my Murray Hill Linda’s shop for a wide selection of bathing suits and personalized, expert help from my Bra Divas and I, or go shopping online!

This darling Madame Butterfly print from Freya almost looks like bows at first glace. Take a closer look and you’ll see that this fancy print is actually butterflies! Look even closer and you’ll notice that the underwire bandeau tankini top fits D-GG cups, and the underwire plunge bikini top is supportive for D-JJ cups! Style and support: now that’s a winning combination!


Meet Miss Mandalay!

By Linda's Online on April 10th, 2013 in Brand Profiles, Swimwear

Linda’s is sooo excited to introduce Miss Mandalay swimwear! This stylish UK brand features swimsuit tops for D cups and up – plus loads of sass. And guess what: Linda’s is the exclusive Miss Mandalay retailer in the USA! Check out our first taste of the brand below, and come back often. We’re getting more Miss Mandalay bathing suits soon. I am loving the underwire support, fun prints, and bikini bottom options. Never tried this brand before? Don’t worry! You can check the fitting support tab on each item, and call up my Bra Divas for more help at 1-888-262-4887. We’re here to help you look fabulous in your swimsuit this season!

India in Orange Boudoir Beach Black Boudoir Beach Turquoise Gingham Girl Shop Miss Mandalay Shop Swimwear Shipping Image Map

Happy Swimsuit Shopping!