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Thong Underwear: A Do or a Don’t?

By Linda The Bra Lady on October 31st, 2013 in Linda's Quick Tips, Press

Hi there! It’s Kim – your friendly Bra Diva and Marketing Director – from Linda’s! You may know that Linda and our expert staff are “bra ladies”, but we are also extremely knowledgeable when it comes to underwear. From full coverage briefs to g-strings, we’ve seen (and worn) it all! So I was especially happy to pop into the Huffington Post office for a LIVE segment with hosts Caitlyn Becker and Nancy Redd for a discussion on: the thong! These sassy hosts hold nothing back, and the conversation covers health concerns, sex appeal, personal comfort, and favorite brands. I brought along my favorite underwear options for all women, including those from Hanky Panky, Simone Perele, Curvy Kate, Wacoal, Commando, and more! Whether you love thongs or not, this LIVE segment has something for everyone. Watch the segment below, then take our poll or leave a comment and let us know if thongs are a DO or a DON’T!

Looks like we all know who prefers what after that chat! How about you? Are you a thong wearer? Take the poll (answers are anonymous) or leave a comment below and let us know!

(11/1/13 at 2:50pm there appears to be a bug with the poll right now! If it’s not working for you, please leave a comment with your vote below!)

Thong Underwear: A Do or a Don't?

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Linda the Bra Lady is on Instagram!

By Linda The Bra Lady on July 2nd, 2013 in Lingerie News, Press

Are you on Instagram? I am! Follow me on Instagram @LindatheBraLady and tag me in your photos! I’d love to see photos of you at one of my shops, opening a package from Linda’s Online, sporting a Linda’s swimsuit, or wearing a fabulous outfit with Linda’s undergarments underneath! In fact, I may even share them on my Facebook page. Recently, a lovely customer named Raquel came in to my Murray Hill shop and I fit her in the perfect Miss Mandalay swimsuit. She had such a wonderful time with me that she shared our photo on Instagram and told me I could share it on the Linda’s blog and Facebook page. Here’s the photo:


Are Breasts Better Off Without a Bra?

By Linda The Bra Lady on April 12th, 2013 in Linda's Quick Tips, Press

Yesterday I got a call from Good Morning America asking to interview me about a very interesting French research study. This study claimed something very surreal to me: that wearing a bra will actually promote saggy breasts tissue and back pain. GMA wanted to know if I had anything to say about the research. Boy, did I ever! Watch the clip below, and keep reading to see behind the scenes photos, read the article on the French study, and get my full opinion on the topic of going bra-less. Plus, share your own thoughts in the comments!


Swimwear Trends with Kim and Better TV

By Linda The Bra Lady on March 15th, 2013 in Petite Fashion, Press, Swimwear, Trend Watch

Want the scoop on the latest swimwear trends? You got it! My marketing director and long time bra fitter, Kim Caldwell, sits down at the Better TV show to explain what’s in this season. Plus, she shares tips on picking a suit that suits your body! All of our models are “real women”, not professional catwalk models. And though they all look fabulous, they each show us how choosing the right swimsuit can help you feel more confident on the beach. From textural details to emphasize a small bust, to wearing an underwire bikini top after breast feeding – Kim and Linda’s Online have you covered!

Want in on these trends? Get your shopping information below!

Why Your New Bra Size Can Come as a Shock

By Linda The Bra Lady on February 12th, 2013 in Bra Fitting, Linda's Quick Tips, Meet the Fitters, Press

Recently, Victoria Floethe from Look TV’s Sexy. Not Sexy. stopped into my Murray Hill shop for some “braducation” from one of my Bra Divas, Kim. Victoria is a very fashionable woman! And though she was wearing a very pretty pink and orange silk bralette, her bra did NOT fit. Turns out, Victoria was wearing the wrong bra size! Watch her reaction as my Bra Diva Kim teaches her some fitting basics, and introduces her to her new bra size. Let’s just say: She was floored! And guess what: so are a lot of women. Get the facts on learning your new bra size, what it means, and why it’s no big deal.


Behind the Scenes at the Nate Berkus Show!

By Linda the Bra Lady on September 28th, 2011 in Press

I fit women for great bras, and change their look, and their lives everyday. It’s what I do! It’s not everyday,  however, that I get to help women on The Nate Show. You may remember Nate Berkus as Oprah’s go-to interior design guy. I know him as the cutest, little TV host in the world! I was so thrilled to help two amazing audience members get bra makeovers on the show. And, boy, did they need it! The show aired today, September 28th 2011 at 2pm in New York City. Did you catch it? If not, no worries! The full segment video is at the bottom of this page. Tune in and catch Nate, Carson Kressley (who co-hosts today and is so hilarious!) and I discuss the importance of bra fitting, how to measure yourself at home (The women in the audience were fabulous students), and lots more! And, take a look below for all of the behind the scenes fun on the Nate Show set. These are just a taste of the great day I had.  Fabulous!

Getting camera-ready!

BTW! Check out even more photos on my Facebook Page! And, watch the video here or on my brand new Press Page!


Stay Fabulous!




Linda on Parents TV – Busty Swimwear

By Linda The Bra Lady on October 25th, 2010 in Archives, Press

Linda shows Parents TV’s Anne Ebeling the best ways to manage the beach in full support and beauty.


Linda on the Today Show

By Linda The Bra Lady on October 22nd, 2010 in Archives, Press

The bra turned 100 years old and Linda was on hand for the celebration.


Linda in The New York Times

By Linda The Bra Lady on October 22nd, 2010 in Archives, Press


Whether they resemble Olive Oyl or Jessica Rabbit, women of all degrees of buxomness have found the right fit thanks to Linda Becker, a k a Linda the Bra Lady. Ms. Becker, 60 (“but I look like I’m 40”), started her first shop 23 years ago in Lafayette Hills, Pa., a suburb of Philadelphia, and opened a store in New York in 2005. She sells 200 sizes of bras at Linda’s Bra Salon, on Lexington Avenue, with a second shop scheduled to open in Murray Hill this fall.

The beginning: My children were in school, I was bored, I had to do something, and I read that women’s lingerie was the fastest-growing industry in the country for women. I thought, “That’s something I would have fun doing.” When I opened up the lingerie store, I thought I’d be selling robes and nightgowns and pretty slippers. Shortly after, the American Cancer Society asked would I go to school to learn to fit bras for prostheses and bras for mastectomies, because no one was doing it in my area. And I said sure.

Eye-opener: I took the course. It was a week long, and after that I realized I had the wrong bra on. I thought I was a 32B at the time. But I was really a 34A. And I realized everyone that walked into my store had the wrong size bra on, too. I thought: “This is more important than selling nightgowns. Everyone that’s coming in needs bras.” I tell you, that really opened my eyes.

Current bra size: 34F. Six years ago, the industry changed the sizes. If this was six years ago, I’d be a 36D. Twenty-three years ago, I weighed 102 pounds. Now I weigh 142 pounds. Some people gain a lot of weight in their breasts, which I do. All through life your breasts change. You work out, you have babies, you have a condition, you lose weight, you gain weight, you’re lifting weights, your back gets bigger. Sometimes you do none of these things and your breasts change. I always say breasts have a mind of their own. They’re like two bad kids. If you don’t control them, they’re out of control.

Why size matters: The wrong size bra is very uncomfortable. It’s the same as the wrong size shoes, and you know how much that hurts. Women are walking around every day in the wrong size bras, sometimes their entire life.

Ever tempted to stop women in badly fitting bras on the street? All the time. Sometimes it’s so bad I want to give them a bra. It’s so hard to look at.

Most popular size:
An H cup.

Largest size sold: A 54N, on our online store.

Number of bras sold in a week: About 4,000.
Most expensive bra sold: $129.

Most inexpensive: $29. A lot of places have bras that start at $80, $90, $100. That eliminates a lot of women.

Bra school: I teach a class for my employees. It’s all about how you behave and talk to the customer. When you’re fitting women for bras, you see everything. I see women who’ve had reconstruction, who have no nipples,who’ve been treated for cancer or who have no breasts. Or who are very, very uneven. You have to be very conscious of being sensitive to the customer.

Size of shop: 370 square feet. It’s very, very small, with bras from the floor to the ceiling. We’re looking for a new space. It gets so busy we now have those round discs that restaurants give their customers, that buzz when it’s your turn.

Source: The New York Times

Linda on Fox 5 – Bathing Suits for Big Busted Women

By Linda The Bra Lady on October 22nd, 2010 in Archives, Press

Linda discusses the best bathing suits for big busted women.