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“Bra Tacks”: What “tacking” means and why it’s so important!

By Linda The Bra Lady on April 12th, 2012 in Bra Fitting, Linda's Quick Tips

A good bra is a bra that fits properly. Otherwise, why bother? Bras that do not fit well or are the wrong size for your body are uncomfortable, unflattering and make you unhappy. On the other hand, a bra that fits properly can help you feel thinner, more confident, and more comfortable. One of the most important signs of a properly fitting bra: it tacks. Say what? You heard me. Your bra should “tack” against your body – specifically in the front between your breast tissue, against your ribs. Not sure if yours is properly tacking or why it should in the first place? Read on!


Linda’s “Lifted and Separated” Bras!

By Linda the Bra Lady on March 14th, 2012 in Linda's Quick Tips, Petite Fashion, Plus Size Fashion, Trend Watch

I always tell women, “I can only tell you how your bra fits. YOU can tell me how it feels, and how it looks.” Looks are such a complicated thing – they are very personal! And just like our hair, our clothes and our bodies, every woman wants their breasts to look a certain way. There are, however, popular looks. And one of the most popular in my shops? Lifted and separated! Here are three of my favorite bras to give D-N cups this look. And, for those with a more petite bust who want to create curves – shop new additions to The Little Bra Company!

Click below to discover…

Free Shipping Goddess Alice Elomi Caitlyn Panache Tango II The Little Bra Company Image Map

Beach Bottoms: Be a flirt. Wear a skirt!

By Linda The Bra Lady on March 7th, 2012 in Linda's Quick Tips, Swimwear, Trend Watch

Let’s be honest, we don’t all have the perfect body. So, unless you are a photoshopped supermodel, it’s nice to have a little extra coverage from your bathing suit. And no, I don’t mean 1920’s Grandma bathing suits. I mean classy AND sassy.  Ta-da! The modern day swim skirt!

Hips Don’t Lie:

We all know how to cover our middle with a one piece or tankini bathing suit, but what about hips? From stretch marks to veins, there are lots of reasons you may not want to showcase your hips.  Sometimes a boyshort bottom just doesn’t do it. And some traditional cover ups are just too much coverage or totally unattractive. So try a new skim skirt! There are so many cute swim skirts now that can cover up hips without sacrificing on style!


The Top 5 Reasons to Invest in Black Bras

By Linda the Bra Lady on February 21st, 2012 in Linda's Quick Tips

Most women who come into my shop are very practical. Sure, many of them love to buy gorgeous lace bras or sexy separates, but most of the time they want to invest their hard earned cash into the bras that will get the most use. The most useful bras tend to be a neutral color.  And since I know you’re not wearing white under white, let’s just assume you’re wearing nude. Believe me, I know how important it is to have an army of nude colored bras. But woman can not live on nude alone! Here are my top 5 reasons to invest in some great black bras, too!


(Anti?) Valentine’s Day the Linda the Bra Lady Way!

By Linda the Bra Lady on January 31st, 2012 in Just Sayin', Linda's Quick Tips

So you’re not in love with the thought of Valentine’s Day? That’s ok! A lot of people use this cupid occasion to pump up the super sweet and sappy messages, eat those terrible candy hearts, or drown in their single status sorrow. But I’m here to tell you that not only is it ok to celebrate this V-day, but it’s more important to celebrate all year long. Here’s how:

Crush on yourself: Have you ever sent yourself a Valentine? Probably not. Most people think that it’s silly, or a waste of $0.44. Honestly, I think whether you have a significant other or not, you should take this time of year to remember the person who loves you the most: you. So why not DIY your own valentine? Or take yourself out for dinner? Or buy yourself a pretty little bra and panty set? (I’m especially keen on that last one, just so you know.) Don’t wait for someone else to read your mind. Pop into the shop and buy yourself those dozen roses and display them proudly at the office or at home, with a special note that reads: “I love you. Love, Me”.

Dress your best: I may not be a fan of wearing snowmen earrings at Christmas or heart socks around Valentine’s day, but I can’t resist wearing a sassy bra and panty set. If you’re not feeling the love this Valentine’s Day, nothing will make you look and feel like a goddess more than wearing a sexy and comfortable bra. I’m telling you, you will walk taller, look thinner, feel more attractive, take over the world! Ok, that last one is just based on my own personal experience but the other three are pretty spot on for all women who wear a great bra in the right size. Don’t keep that sexy bra stashed in the back of your bra drawer just in case Mr. Right comes along. Pull it out and wear it on a day when your spirits need lifting, or any darn day you feel like it!

Red and Pink and White, oh my! I don’t have anything against the colors red, pink or white in general. I think they are lovely! But who says that you have to wear these colors on Valentine’s Day? Not I. Personally, I love black lingerie. But if you like another color (blue? bright green? leopard?) go ahead and wear it. I’m a true believer that wearing what makes you feel good will help you look good. Besides, when it comes to lingerie, it can be your little secret! No one has to know that you have on bright purple undies… unless you decide to show them. Ow!

Start fresh: Sometimes we hold on to things for too long: a grudge, a boyfriend, a bra… you get the idea. So why not use February 14th to start fresh and let go of old things. Revamp that bra drawer and get rid of those old bras that don’t fit, don’t feel good, and are slowing you down. It will feel so thrilling to start fresh again with an organized drawer full of well-fitting bras. Uh-oh. Low on the well-fitting bras? Then treat yourself to a personal bra fitting! Pop into my shop or shop online for fantastic bras that will help you feel and look fantastic, too! Think there isn’t anything sexy in your size? Think again! I carry beautiful and well-fitting bras in every size imaginable. 

Dance around in your underwear: I’m dead serious. Put on your sexiest set or your favorite boyshorts and tank and pump up the volume! May I suggest something fun that makes you feel fabulous: “Young Hearts Run Free” by Candi Staton. You don’t need a partner to dance. Listen to this fun beat and the “self preservation” lyrics and have some fun!

Now, here’s a little secret: I think you should do these things throughout the whole year! That’s right. There’s no reason you can’t love yourself, dress your best, and have a good time – all the time. I think Valentine’s Day should just be a nice reminder if you’ve forgotten to do some of those things recently. So go on, live a little, and don’t let yet another Valentine’s Day drag you down to the dumps. Enjoy your Valentine’s Day the Linda the Bra Lady way!




Rosine is Linda’s BFF: Bra Fan Forever

By Linda the Bra Lady on January 26th, 2012 in Linda's BFF: Bra Fan Forever, Linda's Quick Tips

Sound the trumpets! It’s time to announce my newest BFF:Bra Fan Forever! This BFF story is about a woman in her 70’s who was brought in by her daughter for some personal help and attention. Even if you’ve had breasts for 50 years, you can always learn a thing or two about your body, your shape, and your bra size. Remember, bra sizing standards and your own shape are constantly changing, so regular refittings are a good idea for women of any age! Congrats to Rosine and her daughter Moira for being such a fab mother-daugther duo!

What is your…

Name? Rosine

Age? 70’s

Occupation? Retired doing temp work and volunteering

Why are you Linda’s Bra Fan Forever? I fell in love with Linda’s when my daughter brought me in for a bra fitting. I had been looking for a good fitting bra for years. My last bra that fit was discontinued by the manufacturer six years ago. Love the undivided attention that I got from Chloe. She just wouldn’t quit until I was happy and had the correct fit!

When did you shop at Linda’s? This past August (2011) I was visiting my daughter and came in for my first visit. I plan to come in more often!

Who helped you, and what did you think about her Bra Divas skills? Chloe was very professional. She quickly realized what size I needed and after some consultation suggested a few styles that might be appropriate. After trying them on I finally found the perfect bra for me.

What size did you think you were, or were you wearing when you first went to Linda’s ? 36D

Were you wearing the right size? If not, what size did were you fitted for? No! I left in a 34E.

What was your favorite part about getting a fitt ing? Finding the vast range of styles and sizes from which to choose.

How did you feel and look after your fitting? Amazing. I was thrilled to have finally found a bra that fit so well that the straps didn’t fall down.

Do you have a favorite brand, style or type of bra? My new bra is the Simone Perele Andora #131380.

Would you tell your friends to get a fitting at Linda’s? Absolutely!

Why do you think getting fit for bras is so important for women? You look so much better in your clothes. The right bra prevents that matronly look and also preserves your breast shape so they remain perkier longer.

What was the best piece of advice that you got, or the most important thing that you learned at Linda’s? I learned not to wear the same bra two days in a row. Also that it’s important to hand wash and that you are probably not the size you think you are…unless you have been fitted at Linda’s.

You can read more about Rosine’s experience on her daughter’s fabulous blog here. Thanks to Rosine and her daughter Moira for sharing such a touching story!

Do you think you have what it takes to be Linda’s BFF? Share your bra fitting story and you may be featured on Linda Unhooked, our Facebook and Twitter pages and receive a $25 Linda’s Gift Certificate! Hurray!

Here’s to another fabulous BFF!



How Long Do Bras Really Last?

By Linda the Bra Lady on January 9th, 2012 in Ask Linda, Linda's Quick Tips

Many women come to my shop in a bra that is so “dead” that I tell her: “You’re not leaving here in that dead bra. Throw it away right here and now and wear a new bra home!” To me, it’s obvious when a bra has expired. Many women, however, don’t have a clue! They’re walking around in bras that should have been replaced months or even years ago and don’t even know it. There’s no point in keeping a dead bra. Your bra has a job to do, and once it’s dead, it can’t do it.

Many women ask me  “How long do bras really last?”. The answer: it depends. And it depends on quite a few factors. Just like “how often should I get refit“, I do not have a one part answer. And before you know how often you should replace your bras, it’s important to know for yourself what qualifies a bra as “dead”. So, here’s my very best advice on how long bras should last, how to help them last longer, and how to know when it’s time to say goodbye.


Star Style: What Do They Wear Under There?

By Linda the Bra Lady on December 20th, 2011 in Bra Fitting, Linda's Quick Tips, Petite Fashion, Plus Size Fashion, Trend Watch

Celebrities seem to have it all: looks, money, fashion… but you don’t have to star in the latest blockbuster movie to look just as fabulous. Believe it or not, it’s all about wearing the right underpinnings. Trust me, we’ve all seen enough wardrobe malfunctions and terrible outfits on fabulous celebrities. It isn’t the money and fame that makes them look so good – it’s a darn good stylist and quality underpinnings. While I may not know exactly what Angelina or Jennifer has on under her dress, I can share my tried and true products that can help you get the same look. Here are a few of my favorite celebrity outfits and my secrets to just what they may be wearing under there…

Celebrity Style: Super high cut slit in sheer chiffon fabric

What to wear under there: A seamless skin-colored panty like the Commando Girl Short. It tricks the eye into thinking that they just might get a peek at something personal, but keeps you covered just in case it’s a windy day. Recommended for: Ladies who love their legs and thighs (or at least one of them). They’ll be on display.

Celebrity Style: V-neck dress down to there!

What to wear under there: If you have perky breasts, you can just use a little double-sided Hollywood Fashion Tape to keep the dress from falling away from your bust. You may also want to use some nipple covers like Low Beams or Nipsticks to keep the outline of your nipples from peeking through the dress material. Lastly, the Braza Bra is made of two separate bra stickers with no connection in the middle so it won’t show. Recommended for: Women with perky or petite breasts who don’t need a super supportive bra or whose breast shape is less full in the center of their chest.

Celebrity Style: Classic white button down blouse

What to wear under there: This look may seem effortless, but it can actually be a bit tricky for some women to wear. A minimizer bra (like this one from Wacoal) disperses breast tissue from the middle of the body, decreasing your chances of puckering buttons. Also, a little Hollywood Fashion Tape may keep the button placate in place. Hint: If you are very full busted with a tiny waist, consider getting a larger shirt altered to fit your slim waist or buying ready made shirts from brands like Campbell and Kate. Recommended for: The classic woman whose breasts look fab in a minimizer.

Celebrity Style: Sleek and expecting

What to wear under there: Moms to be don’t have to limit their wardrobe to over-sized sacks. Pair a slim fitting dress with a pair of Spanx Power Mama Maternity Shapewear or Panythose. You’ll get sleek hips and thighs while still leaving room for your baby bump! And don’t forget to wear the right size bra. Expectant mothers and their bodies go through a lot of changes. Check in for a re-fitting as your bust and belly grows. Recommended for: Pregnant women who still want to rock their wardrobe.

Celebrity Style: Seriously sheer dress

What to wear under there: Woah! For a totally see-through dress you have two choices: You can try to fool them and wear something seamless and nude (like the Commando line of thongs and Girlshorts) or cover up under there. Try a nude slip underneath for a layer of protection, or pair the dress with a black slip for a monochromatic look. Trust me, the mini length and gorgeous lace detail will still get you the attention that you deserve without having to showcase too much. Recommended for: Women who don’t mind almost baring it all!

Celebrity Style: Full figured and one shouldered

What to wear under there: Va-va-voom! To look this red-hot when you have a full bust to support, make sure you wear a serious strapless bra. Two of my favorites for the truly full-busted are from Fantasie and Panache. To accentuate those curves, pair that strapless with a fabulous pair of Spanx or a Squeem. Want it all together? Try a longline bra. Even then, I say wear some fabulous shapewear for a seamless hourglass look. Recommended for: The woman who proudly sports a full cup and dangerous curves.

Celebrity Style: Royal frocks with a lady-like touch

What to wear under there: Nothing says lady-like more than hosiery. Maybe you want to wear a neutral shade to hide a few flaws (c’mon, don’t pretend you don’t have a few veins here or there). I suggest a pair that’s doing double duty like Spanx hosiery! They’ll shape your bum and give you sexy legs. And for a bit more fun, try an opaque pair or go even crazier with a young and exciting print from Commando (bonus: they have a dig free waistband!). Recommended for: Sheers and solids for the fashionista who still wants to remain a lady and bold prints for the girl who can’t wait to rock the runway.

Celebrity Style: Backless and Fabulous

What to wear under there: When you don’t have a bra band to keep things up (believe it or not, the band is the most important for support) you have to go “sticky”. Try using adhesive and seamless styles like the Nu Bra, Braza Bra and the new Fashion Forms Body Sculpting Backless bra. Tip: only apply to skin when it’s dry and free of lotions or oils. Also, don’t expect this bra to stay up if you’re going to run a marathon. Lots of physical activity and sweat can cause it to slip. Otherwise, you’re in the clear. Recommended for: Women with firmer or petite breasts who need a little help shaping their bust but want to show off a dynamite back.

Shine like a star!


The Secrets to Swimwear Shopping Success

By Linda the Bra Lady on December 8th, 2011 in Ask Linda, Linda's Quick Tips, Swimwear

So I’ve helped you find the perfect bra. Hurray! That’s what I do. But did you know that I also carry a wide range of bathing suit styles? Even at the beach, you need to be supported. Just because you are taking a vacation doesn’t mean that your breasts can. Besides, wearing a bathing suit it the closest that many of us come to wearing lingerie in public. In such a fragile situation more important than ever to wear the right garment so you can truly feel your best.

You may be thinking “why in the world is Linda writing about swimsuits in the winter?” First of all, I’m worldwide! So some of my friends on the other side of the equator are actually in the middle of Summer! And second, it’s much easier to feel confident when you go to the beach during the summer: you’re tan, you’ve been slurping fruit and playing outdoors. But, for those that want to indulge in a winter vacation, they’re dealing with pastey skin and a season of wolfing down gravy, eggnog and pie. In your weakest hour, I’m here to help!

Cup Size: Luckily, many of my favorite bra brands also make some of my favorite swimwear! Imagine if you’re a 34F or a 40D and you were asked to buy your bras in small, medium or large. I don’t think so! I carry swimsuits from AA-K cup. You read that right. Get the same support and shape you get from your bras in your swimsuit top. Remember, just like bras, styles and fit vary by brand and style. And just like a petite bust who wants a push up or demi cup, or a fuller bust who needs more coverage, the cup style matters too. Remember, you’ll get the best fit from a cup sized swimsuit top if you get fit or refit by a professional bra fitter, like me! Can’t make it into the store? Pay attention to my suggestions on each item’s Fitting Support, or ask my Bra Divas for help.

Band Size: Again, just like bras, your back band gives the most of your support! So many women tell me “I don’t want the back to dig in – everyone on the beach will see my back fat”. I have the same answer for women who complain about this and their bras: Get over it! A lifted bust will always help you look and feel your best, so without clothes to cover you up, it’s even more obvious if your bust is sliding down your front. Believe me, a lot less people look at the back of you. Focus on the front first!

Underwire vs. Non-Underwire: If you have been blessed with a perfectly perky bust, you can wear a little triangle bikini top or other non-underwire style. But, if your breasts need a bit more lift, try an underwire bathing suit top! Many women don’t associate an underwire with lounging around on the beach, but in the right size, you’ll actually feel more comfortable. Not to mention how supported and secure you’ll feel if you decide to pick up a game of volleyball, dive into the pool or chase after the kids! Just like in your basic bras, an underwire can add more support for those with more to support.

Swimwear for your shape and lifestyle: Women come in all different shapes and sizes and knowing what styles best compliment your own shape will make shopping so much easier. Take a look at a few options below.

  • Women with petite breasts who enjoy a fabulous push up bra or want to create a little more curve on the beach will love the Panache Atlantis line. Their suits are super stylish, but also have built in push ups! Another line, Voda, has string bikini styles with that extra bump. No one will have to know! It’s our little secret. And, because the padding is built in, you won’t have to  run the risk of finding floating push up pads in the pool.


  • Women with a full figure do not need to fear the beach. Picking a suit that helps you feel comfortable will also help you feel confident. First rule: wear a supportive top! Lifted breasts will always help you look taller and thinner whether in clothing or swimwear. A Gorgeous one piece like the Fantasie suit below flatters with it’s basic black torso. Also, the subtle print and twisted material emphasizes your best (and now perky) asset!

  • For those that have serious curves but still want to show it off, I love underwire bikini sets like this one from Panache. The underwire is so supportive and fits so well, you will never have to worry about a swimsuit malfunction while out and about. And sets likes these allow you to mix and match or choose the bottom that best flatters your hips. This boyshort style is a great mixture of coverage and cute, but you could also choose the bikini style or go with a great solid bottom!

  • For those who are very active, even supportive basic styles may not work. Trying a style like this new one piece from Freya will keep all parts of the swimsuit (and of the body) where they should be. I especially love the criss-cross back which acts as extra support. Don’t ruin your swimming experience by wearing a sports bra under your suit (this actually happens!). Wear a supportive and attractive sporty suit instead!

  • Pregnant women are some of the most beautiful women in the world to me, but they don’t always feel like it. It can be stressful to debut your new body at the public beach. Finding a suit that is both comfortable and flattering is the best way to feel fabulous while you wait for Junior to arrive. Whether it’s a one piece, tankini or bikini, finding a suit like this one from Anita and wearing the correct (often upgraded!) cup size is key to feeling great.

  • I’m proud to offer so many amazing mastectomy products in my new Murray Hill store and online! I was trained to fit bras by the American Cancer Society ages ago, and still believe that women who have gone through a mastectomy, lumpectomy or even reconstruction deserve bras and bathing suits just like any other woman. One of my favorite mastectomy brands, Anita, makes great one pieces and this fab tankini! See? Your options don’t have to dwindle after surgery!

These are just a few of my top tips for finding the right bathing suit. Knowing what size or style to wear can really make a difference in how you look and feel. Don’t hide under a floppy hat – flaunt what you have and be proud of what you’ve got!

PS: A special thanks to our current BFF, Tina, who inspired this blog post!

Stay fab!



Balancing Your Bra Budget

By Linda the Bra Lady on November 30th, 2011 in Linda's Quick Tips

Like it or not, we’re all on a budget. And now, more than ever, women and their families are having to make their dollars stretch as far as possible. And that means their bras are stretching out, too! One of the first things to get cut from the budget are bras and underwear. Many women just feel that spending money on something that most people don’t even see is just not a priority. But I’m here to tell you: just because most people don’t see your bra, doesn’t mean it’s not important. In fact, bras are the foundation to your whole outfit! Read my advice and learn how a good bra can make a cheap outfit look like a million bucks, and just how to budget for your bras.

Invest in your bust: It’s no secret that the right bra can help you look 10 pounds slimmer, but it can also give your outfit a more expensive and polished look. Ignoring your bust line and focusing on fancy or expensive clothing is a big no-no. I’ve seen it all in the dressing room. Women come to my New York City shop in a fabulous $500 dress with a worn out, cheap bra on underneath… and she looks like a disaster. If that same woman wore the same dress (or even a $50 dress) with a quality bra in the right size, she’d look so much better! Besides, you wear your bras everyday – something that gets so much use and makes such a difference in your appearance deserves your investment.

Start With Staples: Now that you know it’s important to invest in your bust, what should you buy? To stay on budget, focus on what’s most important first. Just like buying milk and eggs at the grocery store, you need to buy your bra staples first. That means save the “special occasions only” or “just to wear with that one top” bras for later. Buy a few good basic bras in neutral colors to rotate.  These staples will go with almost every outfit and will be able to rotate through your whole wardrobe.

Take Care: One thing that really irks me is seeing a woman invest in a great $80 bra, then when I explain how she should wash and care for it, she says “Oh, I just don’t have time for hand washing. I just throw my bras in the machine”. WHAT? There goes your $80, and in a hurry! Listen, bras don’t last forever. But they will expire even faster if you don’t take care of them! That means hand washing with the right kind of detergent, air drying, rotating, and having enough on hand to prevent stretching out the elastic.  Because, let’s face it, once that elastic is stretched out, say goodbye to the support and shape you loved.  Taking a little extra time to care for your bras will save you money and keep you looking fabulous.  Bras aren’t free,  so take care of your investment, and your bras will take care of you ;) .

One by One: I always suggest that my customers invest in at least 3-5 good basic bras to kick start their bra wardrobe. But, sometimes buying 5 bras just doesn’t fall within budget.  For those women that can truly only afford one bra at a time, I encourage them to follow a simple and easy plan. Each week, set aside just $10 in a bra fund. You heard me – a bra fund! After about 6 weeks, you’ll be ready to come buy a new bra! The majority of the bras I carry are between $55-$85. I don’t think you need to spend $150 to get a fabulous bra that does its job. In fact, I carry some great bras that start at just $26! You can even buy a bra after just three weeks of my $10 plan. Next time you can save up for 8 weeks and get a more sophisticated style. Then save for 5 weeks to get another basic… you get the idea! Though it’s easier on your bras if you can buy a bunch at once, adding and subtracting bras as they wear out, one by one, is an easier way to balance your bra budget with your other expenses.

Get Gifted: Can’t make room in your budget for a good bra? Ask someone else to! Suggesting your favorite bra or a fitting appointment and gift certificate to your friends and family may seem strange, but it’s very effective. Tell them that they’re not just giving you underwear, but they’re giving you the gift of comfort and confidence. Read up on all of my helpful hints: How to Get The Gifts  You Want.

Here’s to staying on “bra-dget”!