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The Bra of the Month: Anita Sports Bra (also a mastectomy version!)

By Linda's Online on October 17th, 2012 in Brand Profiles, Linda's Bra of the Month

It’s October! It’s officially Breast Cancer Awareness Month (though, shouldn’t all months be?). If you haven’t noticed already, I have a very fabulous Bra of the Month… plus a mastectomy version of the same bra! I’m so very proud to provide a large selection of mastectomy bras, innovative prostheses, post surgical products, and helpful advice for women. And, I’m even more excited to provide two Bra of the Month styles in the same month, a 15% discount, and a FREE gift! Learn more about this month’s styles, get your discount code, and don’t forget to make an appointment for the Survive&Thrive Party. Let’s celebrate the power of being a woman!

Anita 5521 Anita 5300X Bras of the Month Share Your Story Image Map 
*Entries must be received by Oct. 17th, 2012. Voting starts Oct. 20th on our Facebook!

What a fabulous sports bra – and for more than just sports! In fact, this is my favorite travel bra. But many women use it for sleeping, during pregnancy, on the weekends, or for light activities like walking, yoga, pilates, and more! Where will you wear your Anita sports bra?

Happy October!



The Two Latest Bra of the Month Styles!

By Linda's Online on September 17th, 2012 in Brand Profiles, Linda's Bra of the Month

The two most recent Bra of the Month bras are fab-u-lous! With every Bra of the Month style, I take care to choose solid, basic bras that really do their job. These are the tried and true styles that my Bra Divas and I carry into the fitting rooms on a regular basis because they do such a great job for so many of my customers. Sometimes these fabulous basics can be overlooked while browsing the website, so this was my way of highlighting our favorite styles. Now with a full year’s worth of BOTM styles, it’s the first time EVER I will be running a Bra of the Month campaign online and in my two retail stores! I’m so excited that we’re giving away a gift with every purchase of this month’s style, and hosting a fabulous Trunk Show with this month’s brand, Simone Perele.

Bonus: August’s Bra of the Month style is also below – and happens to be my most popular bra style sold online. It has a really wide range of sizes, comes in six different colors, and is the answer to a lot of women’s bra prayers. Take a look below for all of the information about these two fabulous styles! September’s style is a classic French creation from one of my favorite brands…


Bra of the Month: Le Mystere Dream Tisha

By Linda's Online on July 12th, 2012 in Bra Fitting, Linda's Bra of the Month, Linda's Favorites

Remember when Oprah opened the women’s eyes to the importance of bra fitting? I sure do! She named the Le Mystere Dream Tisha as one of her favorite bras ever, and so did I. I have been fitting my customers in this bra for years now. You would think that its popularity would die down after a few years or new styles would come out to replace it, but the Dream Tisha has stuck around. Even with lots of new amazing styles out there, this still remains one of my most popular smooth, t-shirt bras for sizes 32C-44H!

Take a look at this amazing t-shirt bra and why it’s my latest Bra of the Month!

Le Mystere Dream Tisha All Le Mystere All T-shirt Bras Image Map

Here’s to smooth bras and summer outfits!

Two Bra of the Month Styles Revealed!

By Linda's Online on June 18th, 2012 in Linda's Bra of the Month, Linda's Favorites

Well hello there! Phew – how time flies. It’s already almost officially summer. Can you believe it?! I have some great news: it’s time to reveal the June Bra of the Month! And since I somehow forgot to share May’s fabulous Bra of the Month here on Linda Unhooked, keep scrolling down to see last month’s style, too…

Summer is always everyone’s favorite time to get in shape. Maybe it’s bikini season, or all of those weddings you have to attend that encourage us to get fit. Or maybe it’s just that you can’t hide under bulky sweaters anymore. Whatever the cause, I think it’s always a good choice to get healthy and active. And while you’re firming up those thighs and gluts, your breast tissue may be taking a beating. As you lose body fat, breasts will shrink and become less firm. The first step to protecting breasts is to wear the right sports bra. No more over the head S/M/L things that you just throw in the washer and dryer. Do you really want your breasts flopping up and down while you Zumba? I didn’t think so. And remember, as your breasts shrink, get refit for both sports bras and basic bras that properly fit!

Here’s one really awesome sports bra pick, but I carry so many more!

Free Shipping Shop All Sports Bras Shop Run Sports Bra Top Shop All Shock Absorber Image Map


April Bra of the Month: Elila Strapless Longline Bra 6421

By Linda the Bra Lady on April 19th, 2012 in Linda's Bra of the Month, Linda's Quick Tips, Plus Size Fashion

It’s that time again! Each month I choose a well deserving basic bra style that is made well, fits well, and has real “staying power”. In a word: Fabulous. April’s bra is perfect for prom and wedding season. Whether you’re a blushing bride who needs a bustier to create a glamorous shape or a full busted teen who wants to shimmy on the dance floor – the new and improved Elila 6421 is the perfect bra for you! Plus, it can be worn with or without straps.

And don’t forget about my Fitting Support Tab! On every product page I list helpful fitting advice and style sizing. For instance, this bra fits very snug in the band. I always suggest starting with one back size up from your typical band size, which means you’ll have to adjust the cup size down to remain the same. Ex: If you wear a 34H, try the 36G. Have more questions? You can always ask my Bra Divas who are trained to help give you the best possible fitting advice via phone, chat or email.


Linda’s March 2012 Bra of the Month is the Fantasie Esme!

By Linda the Bra Lady on March 23rd, 2012 in Linda's Bra of the Month, Linda's Favorites, Lingerie News

This month, I reveal yet another amazing basic bra that would otherwise fall between the cracks of sassy styles and long-time favorites. I’m glad to announce that this month’s Bra of the Month is a newer basic with smooth cups and supreme support. Best of all? It fits D-H cups with ease. It was so popular in my two New York City bra fitting shops that I knew I had to feature it! :::trumpets sounding::: Here it is, the Fantasie Esme!

Fantasie Esme Bra All Fantasie Bras Free Shipping Image Map


Linda’s Bra of the Month November, 2011: The Panache Tango II

By Linda the Bra Lady on November 3rd, 2011 in Linda's Bra of the Month, Linda's Favorites

Hello bra friends! Looks like I missed the October Bra of the Month! Oops! Never fear, November’s bra was worth the wait. Take a look at the fabulous Panache Tango II!

Happy November!




Linda’s Bra of the Month September, 2011: Simone Perele Andora

By Linda the Bra Lady on August 25th, 2011 in Linda's Bra of the Month, Linda's Favorites

Hear ye! Hear ye! I’m so excited to announce a new way to showcase some of my absolute favorite bras: Linda’s Bra of the Month. Each month, I will reveal a different, and (always) fabulous style. I am thrilled to announce my very first “Bra of the Month” as the Simone Perele Andora! Check out all of the features that make this bra great:

Check in next month to see which bra makes my list. I have so many favorites to choose from- anyone have a favorite that they would like to see featured? Let me know!

Have a fabulous day!