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By Linda The Bra Lady on September 16th, 2013

Hi I’m Kim from Linda’s! Sometimes, you just want a little extra boost to maximize what you’ve got. We all remember the teenage trick of  ”stuffing your bra!” right? If you would like to make your breasts look bigger, here are a few more sophisticated lingerie solutions.

1. Breast Enhancing Bras The easiest and most convenient way to look bigger in the bust is to wear a padded bra. There are a few different types of padded bras, which all have slightly different functions.

A simple padded bra has thick contouring that adds volume to the overall shape of your breasts. These pads are often graduated for subtle, natural breast enhancement.

Tip: There is a difference between a molded and padded bra. Molded bras offer a thin contoured cup that molds your breast to its shape.

padded bra actually contains padding or push-ups that add volume to your breast size.

A standard push up bra, like The Little Bra Co. Lucia Convertible Bra, has foam pads that are built into the cup itself. These pads are designed to lift the breast from the bottom or push it in from the side.

Some bras come with removable push-up pads or “cookies”, like the Simone Perele Romance Push Up Bra. These are a good choice if you don’t want to wear a padded bra all the time, or if your breast size fluctuates during your monthly cycle.

Some bras even combine contour padding with push-up cookies, like The Little Bra Co. Julia Demi Push-Up Bra, so that you can customize how much padding you’d like. You can add up to a whole cup size, or just a little extra volume to the top of your breasts.

Tip: When wearing a push up bra, make sure to adjust your breast tissue on top of the push up for maximum effect and comfort.

Don’t be surprised if you need to buy a padded bra one cup size larger than you normally wear. Many women often need to size up when purchasing a bra with built in padding.

2.  Bra Accessories Another way to make your bust look larger without surgery is with bra accessories. Removable breast inserts come in several shapes and sizes and let you turn any bra into a push up bra, expanding your bra shopping choices.

These accessories are also great for woman with uneven breasts who want to make one side look larger.  You can even adjust your breast shape depending on where you place the insert.

Another advantage of separate bra padding is that it’s often made of realistic materials, like silicone, that can be less noticeable than regular foam padding.

All of these items will give you larger breasts that are natural looking and not over the top.

Tip: some women think that wearing a bigger bra will help make their chest look bigger – this is not true. A bra that is too big will not make your breasts look bigger; it will just make you look sloppy.

3. Swimwear Don’t forget to look your best at the beach! Linda’s carries enhancers for your swim top, and fabulous swimwear styles with built in padding.

The realistic enhancement stays in place and no one will know. It can be our little secret!

Whether you prefer to wear padding every day, or just want a little extra oomph for a special outfit, a little braducation from Linda’s can help you play up your assets.

For more information visit us at a Linda’s shop or visit online at Also, visit the Braducational Video page on our website, or check out more blog posts like this one!

Work it, girl!


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