Bra Problem Solved: “Quad Boob” – Braducational Video

By Linda's Online on September 9th, 2013

Hi I’m Kim from Linda’s! People say two heads are better than one…but believe me, four boobs are NOT  better than two! “Quad boob”  is our term for a bump that spills out from the top or side of your bra, making it look like you have four breasts instead of the usual two. This embarrassing effect can even show under your shirts. Yikes! Here are our expert tips on how to go from 4 to 2!

Oh, Quad Boob. This is one of the most common problems that we Bra Divas see in the store. Many women have limited bra size resources and think that the look below is normal, and just something they have to deal with. But at Linda’s, we carry bras from A-N cup and back sizes from 28-56 which means you’ll never have to suffer from boob spillage again.

Step 1: Adjust your Bra First, make sure your bra band is snug and lies in a straight line across your back. A snug bra band is super important because it provides 90% of your bra’s support! If your band is loose, it may ride up, causing your cups to fall forward, and breast tissue to spill out.

Adjust your breasts so that all of your breast tissue is inside the cup and the wire. Your underwire should always lie on your body and never dig into breast tissue. It should also sit just around your breast- not down on your belly or over to one side.

Next, adjust your bra straps so that they are not too tight or too loose. An overly tight strap will yank your cup up and cause unnecessary spillage.

Sometimes a good bra adjustment is the perfect fix for quad boob! Look how fabulous our model looks in this Curvy Kate Gia Balcony bra!

Step 2: Wear the right cup size If your breasts are still bulging out from the top of your bra then the cup on your bra may be too small.

If your bra band fits correctly, then the only thing you need to do is to go up in the cup size. Typically, one “handful” of breast tissue equals one cup size. For example if you are wearing a 36C bra and have a little “muffin top” at the top of the cup, you will want to buy the same bra in size 36D. You can also try our Bra Size Calculator or visit a Linda’s shop for more bra sizing help!

Tip: Not everyone fits in the B, C and D cups that you find at most stores, so don’t be surprised if your cup size is larger than you thought. There are great bras available up to an N (yes, N!) cup. And WOW wearing the right bra size sure looks fabulous! Once our model was wearing the right cup size, she looks great in this Panache Andorra Full Cup Bra.

Step 3: Try a different style If you’re still having trouble, you may be wearing the correct size, but need a new style. Remember, not all shapes are the same. Some women with fuller breasts or softer tissue need more coverage than others.

Plunge bras are not flattering on every breast. This Natori Feathers bra is fabulous, but because her breast tissue is too full and too soft, it’s not the right style for our model.

Try something that is “less risky” and covers the whole breast, or has a high center gore. Under tight tops, that fuller coverage will help avoid any embarrassing spillage. This Wacoal Minimizer or Panache Andorra Full Cup Bra are two great options!

Tip: Though some may argue that full coverage bras “aren’t as cute”, they sure look better under some clothing. Besides, are four boobs cute? I didn’t think so. And remember, many bras with a high center gore that lift and separate come in sassy colors!

The best way to avoid the “four boob” look is to wear bras in the right size and style, and at Linda’s, we’re here to help you find them. For more information visit us at a Linda’s shop or visit online at Also, visit the Braducational Video page on our website, or check out more blog posts like this one!

Here’s to two, instead of four! xo