Bra Problem Solved: Digging or Falling Straps – Braducational Video

By Linda The Bra Lady on July 30th, 2013

Oh, hello! It’s Kim, from Linda’s. This Braducational Video is all about bra straps. Bra straps are there to help give us a more comfortable, supportive fit. But bra straps that fall down or dig in can drive us crazy. Below are some tips on how to solve these common bra strap problems! You may be surprised… sometimes the best solution has nothing to do with the straps at all…

Have you ever been in the middle of something important and then suddenly felt your bra strap slip down? We’ve all tried to not get noticed while we made a public strap adjustment, and we’ve all failed. Plus, sliding straps are really uncomfortable, and usually a sign that your bra just doesn’t fit. So here’s how to fix falling bra straps!

How to Fix Falling Straps:

Step 1: Adjust straps It may sound obvious, but some women simply forget to adjust their straps! Straps help keep your cup flush against your body, and may be different lengths depending on each breast’s size or shape.

Tip: Petite women can alter straps! Simply take out about two inches from the non-adjustable portion of a bra strap and resew. If you sew, it’s an easy task. Or, take it to a local tailor! Some bra fitting shops, like Linda’s, even offer this service for a small fee with an in-store purchase.

Straps should be snug enough to offer resistance when lifted. Here’s a good rule of thumb: A stretchy strap that can easily reach the ear is too loose.

Remember, bras don’t last forever. The elastic in a very old bra can wear out, including the straps. It that’s the case, toss your bra! (Watch a video on How to Spot a Dead Bra)

Step 2: Check the bra band Did you know that the bra’s band provides 90% of the support? That means your straps should only assist in the lifting, not be doing all of it.

Your bra band should sit straight across from under your bust to the back. If it fits properly, it should hug your body and stay in place!

Many women wear a loose bra band, thinking that loose means comfortable. But unlike t-shirts or sweatpants, a loose bra is very uncomfortable. Loose bras ride up the back, causing bra straps to fall off of your shoulders, and bra cups to fall forward and down.

Step 3: Try a different style Even in a well fitting bra, wide set or balcony style bras (like the one shown below) may not stay in place for those with narrow or sloping shoulders.

Some bra straps are set in further than others, either in the back, or both. Below, the Fantasie Rebecca bra is a great example of straps that are set further inside.

Try a bra that is convertible or adjustable! The Simone Perele Romance Push Up bra, for example, has a built in hook that will keep straps from slipping.

There are several convertible bras with straps that hook or criss-cross in the back. Just be sure to loosen them slightly before hooking or criss-crossing or you’ll end up choking yourself!

Tip: You can use an accessory like a hide-a-strap or Strapper to help keep straps from slipping. Both styles are available at a Linda’s shop!

Bra straps that dig into your shoulders are more than just a painful nuisance. This pesky bra problem can lead to permanent indentations, headaches, back pain and even nerve damage. Don’t worry; even women with large breasts can wear a bra without shoulder pain.

How to Fix Digging Bra Straps:

Step 1: Adjust straps Just as before, some women forget to adjust straps. Make sure straps are long enough and not pinching in, or hiking up the back band.

Step 2: Check the bra band First thing’s first- your bras straps should NOT be holding up your breasts. The weight of your breasts should be lifted from the band of the bra, not hanging from your shoulders. If your shoulder straps are digging in, your bra band may not be doing its job.

A snug bra band will put your breast’s weight around your body.

But when your bra band is loose, you lose that support. The bra band will ride up, and all the weight of your breasts rest in two small spots on top of your shoulders. Ouch!

Prevent digging straps by wearing a snug back band for adequate bra support. You can even use our Bra Calculator to check in on your current bra size. If your band is too loose, the bra may be stretched out, or it could be time for a new size. Either way, it’s time for a new bra!

Step 3: Try a different style Thin straps (like the style below) have a tendency to dig in, while wide straps spread out the surface area and provide more comfort.

Consider switching to a bra with wider straps, like the LeMystere Dream Tisha bra. This bra is built with softer, wider straps. And as the cup size gets bigger, so do the straps – giving extra busty women the comfort they crave!

Some straps even come with a built in cushion! The Elila Jacquard Soft Cup Bra (available up to N cup!) comes with a soft, fabric shoulder cushion for your comfort.

Tip: Shoulder cushions are easy accessories to use to ease shoulder pain and keep straps in place. They can slip onto almost any strap and are not noticeable under most clothing.

A bra that fits properly includes straps that feel great, and stay in place – With these strap solutions you’re on your way to comfort and confidence! For more information visit a Linda’s shop or visit us online at Also, visit the Braducational Video page on our website, or check out more blog posts like this one!

Are you strapped in?