Bra Problem Solved: Uneven Breasts – Braductional Video

By Linda's Online on July 12th, 2013

Did you know that breasts are rarely perfectly symmetrical? That’s right! Just like hands and feet, there’s always one that is slightly bigger, fuller, or a little different than the other. Totally normal! But if you want to even things out for a particular outfit, or have a very obvious size difference, join me (Linda’s Bra Diva, Kim) for a quick Braducational Video that will help you solve a common bra problem: uneven breasts!

Step 1: Identify Your Larger Breast First thing’s first. You need to know which boob is bigger! Often when I’m fitting women, I’ll mention “You know, everyone has one breasts that is fuller than the other. Do you know which of yours is bigger?”. Shocked, some will look down and examine their breasts. With hesitation, and looking to me for affirmation, they’ll shyly suggest: “Ummm this one?”. While others, immediately reply “Oh I know! It’s this one!” The truth is, most breast size differences are slight, and most people (even the owners of the breasts) will not notice. I often tell women, “the only reason I can tell is because I stare at boobs all day!”. Silly, but very true.  Still, it’s important to get to know your own breasts.

Here’s what to look for when identifying your fuller friend:

  • The breast that bulges over the cup of your bra

  • The breast that pulls your bra or shirt in its direction

  • The breast that has a fuller shape or more volume

  • The breast that hangs much lower when not wearing a bra

  • The opposite of the breast that has room in the cup, or whose cup is gapping

Below, our model’s left breast (our right) is a little bit fuller than her right.

Step 2: Wear a Bra the Fits your Larger Breast The reason it’s so important to identify your fuller breast is because you or your fitter will want to fit to that breast. Trust me, it’s FAR less noticeable to fit to your fuller breast and have a little extra room in your small side, than to fit to the smaller breast and come spilling out on the fuller side. Plus, it’s a lot more comfortable! A cup that is too small is pretty painful. Ouch!

See here, our model has a little bit of extra room in the cup on her right side. Totally ok!

An easy fix for keeping the cup flush to your body on the smaller side: tighten the bra strap! Remember, the back band should be giving you your support, but the strap will help keep the cup flush on your body. To avoid gaps or sagging, adjust the strap on your smaller side just enough to make up the difference. Here, I tightened our model’s right strap.

Tip: stretchy bra cups are great at accommodating breasts of slightly different bra cup sizes, making them look even. The bra cup will stretch or restrict itself to fit to your breasts unique shape or size.


Tip: Molded cups help create the same breast shape on each side. Soft breast tissue will conform to the rigid shape of the molded cup. If your small side has a little bit of extra room at the top of the cup, the molded bra will retain its shape, and no one will know!


If you only have a slight difference in breast size, these simple tricks may be all you need to look and feel fabulous! 

Step 3: Even Out Breast Volume If you have a slightly more noticeable difference in breast size, you can use an insert on the smaller side to create a more symmetrical silhouette. Typically, inserts work best in a molded bra because their firm shape will stay smooth once the insert is added. 

Commonly called “breast enhancers”, “chicken cutlets”, “padding”, or “cookies”, inserts come in many sizes, shapes and materials. You can shop and explore our entire line of breast enhancers on Linda’s Online. Here are just a few:

Some bras even come with removable padding or “cookies”, like the Simone Perele Romance Push up! When purchasing a bra like this, take the cookies out and fit the bra to your larger breast. Then, insert one of the cookies on the smaller side. Ta-da!

Evening out cleavage or creating a symmetrical look for your breasts is especially helpful for a low cut or snug fitting top. Inserts are safe and easy to use everyday, or you can use them for special occasions. If inserted properly in a well fitting bra, they’ll stay in place and no one will know. It can be your little secret!

Tip: Linda’s carries a vast selection of post surgical items for women who have undergone a mastectomy or lumpectomy, or women who have a very large difference in breast size. They come in more shapes and sizes than typical inserts and can slip into a well fitting bra, or the pocket of a special mastectomy bra.

It’s perfectly normal to have breasts that are uneven, but with a little bit of help and some “braducation”, you’ll be looking fabulous in no time!

Check out our Braducational Video Page for more videos, or browse more Braducational blog posts like this one!

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