Your Fitting Appointment at Linda’s – Braducational Video

By Linda The Bra Lady on July 8th, 2013

Hey, it’s Kim again! Going for a bra fitting can be intimidating, but it doesn’t have to be. An in-person fitting with a bra fitter from Linda’s is the perfect way to find your next bra or swimsuit. Our fitters at Linda’s are trained and certified, and their expertise is unparalleled! Nervous? Don’t know what to expect? Don’t worry! This Braducational Video will show you how to make an appointment, which store to choose, what to bring, and what you can expect. Trust me, appointments are fun and easy – and going to Linda’s is worth the trip!

I worked in the Linda’s Bra Salons for years. I love helping women in person – it’s the easiest way for fitters like myself to help a woman find the perfect bra! And while our online bra store helps women all over the world, nothing beats meeting face to face. So if you live in the NYC area, or plan on visiting, put a trip to Linda’s on the top of your t0-do list! Keep reading, or watch the video, to learn how to make an appointment, which store to choose, what to bring, and what you can expect.

Step 1: Pick Your Store Location Currently, there are two Linda’s locations (and we’re still growing!). Each store is unique and carries slightly different stock, so be sure to pick the store that suits your needs. Get to know each store on our Store Locator Page.

Explore each store! You can view photos, learn about the stock, and even get directions! This is especially important if you are looking for a unique item or size. While we wish each store could carry everything, it’s best to check first. And remember, what’s online may vary from what’s in the store. In some cases, we even carry in-store-only seasonal or fashion items! Pretty exciting, huh?

Step 2:  Make an Appointment Though we glady accept walk-ins, making an appointment is highly recommended. There are two methods for making an appointment: on the Linda’s Website or by phone. To make an appointment on the Linda’s Website, simply click on the “Request a Fitting Appointment” button for the store of your choice.

Fill out the form, including your contact information. Our appointments desk attendant will email you with a confirmation once she schedules your requested appointment time. 

You can also call our appointments desk to schedule an appointment by phone. Simply call 1-888-262-4887 and choose the “Schedule a fitting appointment” option to speak with our appointments desk. Tip: If you need to make a same day appointment, please call the store directly and speak with a store representative to avoid scheduling conflicts. 

Step 3: Appointment time! This is the best part – hurray! Try to arrive a few minutes early to keep our fitters on schedule. Check in with the store representative at the front desk and let her know if you have an appointment or if you are a walk-in customer. Each store has a slightly different design, but some like our Murray Hill store have a spacious waiting area. You can browse the accessories or read a magazine while you wait for your fitter. 

Once your fitter is ready, she’ll greet you and escort you to the fitting room. 

In the fitting room, your fitter will measure your underbust, asses your breast size and shape, and ask what you’re looking for that day. If your current bra does not fit, she may explain why, and what she’ll be looking for when trying on bras in the right size. Tip: Don’t be shy! Your bra fitter is a professional. We’ve seen it all! It’s her job to help you find the best bras, and she has to “see what she’s working with” to do so. Think of a fitting like going to the doctor’s office… a very fabulous, fun doctor’s office ;) 

Once your fitter assesses your breast size and shape, she’ll pick out bras for you to try on. At Linda’s, we have bras in sizes A-N cup, so there’s something for everyone! And there’s no need for you to wade through hundreds of styles and sizes – we do the work for you. Your fitter will then try on each bra with you, and help you choose the styles that fit you best. 

Tip: Bring in any specialty clothing to try on with our vast bra selection! Special occasion dresses, backless tops, halter gowns, plunging necklines … you get the idea! This is especially helpful if you have an outfit you must wear, like a bridesmaid dress, and need the perfect undergarments to go with it. 

Don’t forget to ask about sports bras, strapless bras, swimwear and accessories while you’re working with your fitter. At Linda’s, we’re more than just bra experts. We help women with all kinds of undergarments and swimwear! Tip: The length of your appointment will vary depending on what you’re looking for that day, but we suggest allotting about 30 minutes. Our fitters really take the time to make sure you go home with the best bras for your bust. 

Bra shopping can be complicated. There are so many sizes and styles to choose from! But nothing is easier than making an appointment at Linda’s and letting our fitters pick the perfect bras – just for you. You’re just one trip away from feeling fabulous!

Make an appointment today at your favorite Linda’s location!