Linda the Bra Lady is on Instagram!

By Linda The Bra Lady on July 2nd, 2013

Are you on Instagram? I am! Follow me on Instagram @LindatheBraLady and tag me in your photos! I’d love to see photos of you at one of my shops, opening a package from Linda’s Online, sporting a Linda’s swimsuit, or wearing a fabulous outfit with Linda’s undergarments underneath! In fact, I may even share them on my Facebook page. Recently, a lovely customer named Raquel came in to my Murray Hill shop and I fit her in the perfect Miss Mandalay swimsuit. She had such a wonderful time with me that she shared our photo on Instagram and told me I could share it on the Linda’s blog and Facebook page. Here’s the photo:

Don’t we look fabulous? I love sharing photos from the store, behind the scenes shots during press shoots, and more! In fact, Bra Diva Kim often helps out and posts photos from her Braducational Shoots, takes photos around the shop and our office, and more. Get a glimpse at just a few of the photos  that Kim and I take on the Linda the Bra Lady Instagram feed, and follow me so you don’t miss out on more photos (and maybe video!).A sneak peek at the swimwear selection at Linda’s Murray Hill//Bra Diva Kim posing with our mannequins in a Bella Flora Hat//Me, Linda the Bra Lady, picking out the perfect bras from the giant stock selection at Linda’s Murray Hill

One of our plus size mannequins in a Panache bra//Me, Linda, dancing around in a Seafolly coverup//Our Murray Hill storefront at 552 Third Ave in NYC

Mannequins through the glass at Linda’s Lexington//A mother daughter duo enjoying an event at Linda’s Murray Hill//Bra Diva Linette picking out bras for a customer

Bra Divas Britney, Kim and Stephanie posing in Linda’s t-shirts//An in-store exclusive L*Space bikini at Linda’s Murray Hill//Me during an interview at the shop with Good Morning America’s Juju Chang and a customer

I can’t wait to see you on Instagram!