How to Store Bras at Home & On-the-Go – Braducational Video

By Linda's Online on July 1st, 2013

Hey everyone, it’s Kim from Linda’s! I’m back with yet another Braducational Video, and it’s just in time for your summer travels! Watch the How to Store Bras at Home & On-the-Go video for the best tips on home storage (including some pretty clever space savers), how to pack your bras without denting the cups, and more. And don’t forget: bra storage is another important step in keeping your bras (and your boobs) looking fabulous. Totally worth a look!

Bras are delicate. They need to be stored properly to avoid damage. Creating a place for your bras to live in your home is so important. Ever lost a bra? Ever found one crumpled up and ruined behind a dresser? Ever had to rescue a bra from your dog? Want to help your bras look great and last longer? Read on!

Tip: NEVER fold one molded cup into another! One of my biggest pet peeves is helping a woman find the perfect molded bra, and then watching her fold one cup into another. BRA SIN! For some reason, this became the most popular bra storage method, and it is so wrong! Folding one cup ruins the shape and causes dents. Since molded bras are meant to shape your breast tissue, the result is a dented boob! Instead of folding one cup into another, here are the best ways to store your bras at home.

How to Store Bras at Home

1: In a Drawer A bra drawer is the most popular place to store bras. Instead of folding one cup into the other, stack bras one behind the other. This will keep cups from getting crushed. I even like to tuck in the straps so that hooks don’t snag on other bras. Be sure that your drawer has enough room to fit your bras without squishing the cups or bending the wires! 

2: In a Brag A Brag is a hardcover bra bag or carrying case. Usually these cute cases are meant for travel, but they’re also great for the home! They come in two sizes and can fit 1-6 molded cups. My fellow Bra Diva, Britney, uses her Brag case at home so that her bras don’t get crushed in the closet she shares with her husband. Pretty smart! Bonus: Brags come in lots of styles and are really adorable. 

3: On a Doorknob or Hook If you don’t have enough space in a drawer, or if your bras are too large for your drawers to fit without getting crushed, try hanging your bras! One of the easiest methods is on hooks on the back of a door. Just be sure not to hang them with other things, especially bulky items like bags or coats. Those bigger items will crush your cups! Check out local home improvement or organizational stores for hook options – there are so many creative ways to hang your bras! 

4: In an Underbed Container Utilize the space under your bed, or in a nook in your bedroom by storing bras in a sturdy plastic container. Save space by stowing it away! You can keep the lid off if you want easy access when you slide the bras out from under the bed, or keep the lid on for extra protection if storing them in another location. There are so manys sizes and styles available for plastic containers out there, you can find something to fit A-K molded cups!

5: Hangers One of the most clever new ways to hang your bras is on cascading hangers! Many women in the shop ask if they can hang their bras. My first thought is: “OMG you have room to hang your bras? Go for it, girl!” And for those of us that don’t have a walk in closet, cascading hangers are great! Just slip the bra straps onto each hanger. Hooking the back helps it stay in place. Again, try not to hang them in an overcrowded closet where bras may get squished or ruined. 

Non molded bras CAN be folded in half and tucked away in a pretty box or special section of your bra drawer. I use a box bottom to store my non molded bras and keep them separate from my molded bras. 

How to Store Bras On-the-Go

So if finding space to store bras at home is rough, how about when you travel? No worries!

1: In a Brag The hardcover Brags are the easiest and safest way to travel with molded cup bars. And let’s be honest, the TSA won’t try to question what’s inside, opening it and spilling all our delicates all over the place (I’ve been there) … it’s pretty obvious, right?

2: Stack Bras It’s ok if you don’t have a Brag for your bras. But keeping your bras dent free takes a little extra effort. Simply carve out a space in your suitcase near the top. Stack your bras just as you would in a drawer, one behind the other. Never fold one cup into the other!

Tip: Used rolled up socks or tank tops inside each molded cup to preserve the shape and prevent dents! This is one of my favorite tips of all time 😀

Non-molded bras can be folded in half and tucked away someplace where the wires won’t get bent and the delicate material won’t get snagged. I prefer to stash mine away in a zippered compartment in my suitcase. Be sure to take your bras out of your suitcase once you arrive at your destination. Leaving them in a crowded suitcase will only cause them to get damaged.

Bras may be delicate, but they are the foundation to every outfit that you wear, so they deserve a little extra love and attention. Storing your bras properly at home and on-the-go will keep you looking and feeling fabulous!

Happy travels (and happy storage!)