How to Spot a Dead Bra – Braducational Video

By Linda's Online on June 10th, 2013

Hey there! It’s Kim from Linda’s. The fifth video installment of the Braducational Video series is another good one: How to Spot a Dead Bra. I know customers and friends that own bras that are years and years old. But the truth is, bras usually only last about 6-9 months if they are in heavy rotation. But before you toss all of those old bras, this video will teach you how to spot a “dead bra”. Because once your bra can no longer do its job – it’s time to let it rest in peace! 

Bras are mostly made of elastic, so it’s inevitable that they will stretch and wear out. It’s important not to “marry” your bras – they just don’t last forever. Once a bra is stretched out, worn out, or falling apart, it’s important to toss it. Dead bras not only do nothing for your shape, they are really uncomfortable.  Here are a few red flags to keep in mind when going through your bra drawer and looking for dead bras!

Red Flag 1: When Bra is on the Tightest Hook and is Still Loose If you accidentally bought your bra too big and it’s in good condition, you can actually donate it! But if it used to fit and is now stretched out – time for it to go. A snug back band is the most important aspect of a good fit when it comes to bras. It’s a good idea to buy your bras with a snug fit when the hooks are on the loosest setting. That way, as your bra stretches, you can move the hooks in as it stretches to achieve that same snug fit. However, once you’ve been wearing your bra on the tightest hook and the bra band starts riding up the back, roaming around, or isn’t snug – your bra is dead. Red Flag 2: When the Elastic Doesn’t Bounce Back Similar to red flag 1, worn out elastic is a sign that you have a dead bra. See how this bra band is just hanging on our model, Elisa? It should be hugging her body so that it can stay in place and provide support. Elastic stretches over time, so it’s natural for it to lose its stretch over time. Remember, washing bras the right way, and rotating your bras will help the elastic retain its stretch a lot longer. Brittle elastic is often caused by overuse, using the wrong soap, or throwing bras in the dryer. Red Flag 3: When Bra has Stains or is Discolored A stain isn’t reason alone to toss a bra, but it’s typically a red flag that it’s time to go. Bras that have been worn too much tend to get discolored by perspiration or dark clothing. If your nude bra is now gray, it can’t really do its job as a neutral color under light clothing. And if a large stain shows through your clothing, your bra can’t function as a good foundation for your outfits. If a good soak in lingerie detergent doesn’t clear the stains, it may be time to toss your bra. Red Flag 4: When Bra Band or Cup has Irreparable Holes Bras are delicate. We know that. And some minor holes in the elastic or lace may be reparable with a needle and thread. But most holes ruin the integrity of your bra. Think about it: if your band has a hole in it, it can’t possibly give you a secure fit, and that hole will only get bigger! And if your cup has a hole in it, it can’t possibly give you a clean, supported look under your clothing. Again, a hole alone may not be cause to toss a bra… but usually holes are accompanied by several other red flags. Here’s the verdict: can’t fix the hole? Your bra is dead!Red Flag 5: Cups are Dented, Pilling, Bumpy or Lost Shape Molded cups (like those below) are made with a firm material that molds your breast tissue to its shape. If the shape of the cup is compromised (as in dented) you’ll walk around with dented breasts! Storing bras properly (never folding one cup into another), putting bras on the right way, and washing them properly will help retain the shape of your bras. Have your bra cups lost their shape? Give that bra the boot!Red Flag 6: When Wires Poke out or Break Believe it or not, this is yet another bra disaster that can be prevented by washing your bras and putting on your bra the right way. Machine washing can mangle a the wire of a bra. And doing the “crush and flip” when you put on your bra can warp the wire, and eventually cause it to snap or poke out. Wires that poke out may be fixable with a needle and thread, but again, this red flag usually means there’s a lot more going on … and your bra may be dead!Red Flag 7: When the Hooks are Ripped Out or Broken Hooks can get bent, broken or even ripped out if you wash your bra in the washing machine and don’t hook the back. But they can also get bent out of shape from normal wear and tear. If this happens and the rest of the bra is in great condition, you can use a pair of pliers to gently bend the hook back to its original position, or use a needle and thread to repair the rip. But if the rest of your bra is in similar condition, or the bra can’t be repaired, don’t try to fudge it. Toss that dead bra and replace it with a bra that can do its job and help you look your best!Red Flag 8: When your Bust is Drooping This is a biggie. If your bra is so stretched or worn out that it can no longer support your bust, it’s time to kick it to the curb! The main responsibility of your bra is to lift your bust and give it shape. If it can’t do that, why wear it? Bras that are falling away from your bust, riding up in the back, or hanging on your body are dead. Don’t hang on to dead bras. Toss them out and invest in new bras that feel and look fantastic! 

Take a good look at your bra drawer. Do you have dead bras in there? If so, toss them and let them RIP! Then, visit Linda’s in NYC or Linda’s Online and stock up on bras that fit great, feel fabulous, and look fantastic!

Ditch those dead bras! xoxo




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