Two Newlywed Bra Divas Share Their Wedding Undergarment Advice

By Linda's Online on April 1st, 2013

I’m such a proud Bra Diva momma! I work hard to train my bra fitters to be experts in their field, and I’m always proud when they use that knowledge to help the women in my stores or online. But I’m even more proud when I see them living what they preach, and of course, so excited for them when they get married! Last year, two of my top Bra Divas took the plunge and married the special men in their lives. And these beautiful brides have agreed to share their bridal gown and undergarment shopping secrets with the rest of us. Believe me, they’ve helped enough brides in the past that they were well prepared for this adventure – but nothing beats real life experience.

Now these two Divas are prepared to share their insider tips on choosing the best undergarments for your wedding day!

Bras Divas Kim and Britney are two savvy and experienced bra fitters. These two newlyweds have very different body types and personal style, though. I’m excited for their unique takes on shopping for two very different wedding gowns.

First up, Bra Diva Britney! Britney has a curvy, shapely figure. Her sweetheart neckline, corseted bodice and full skirt were a gorgeous compliment to her figure! Britney has loads of bra fitting experience in the shop, and now works the phones helping women all over the world find the perfect bra!

Bra Diva: Britney Married: September 29th in Cleveland, OH Dress by: David’s Bridal Photography: Rentham Creative Veil: Vera Wang

Britney’s comments about her dress: I won a gift certificate for my dress at a bridal show. My wedding colors were black, white and red. I LOVE to wear the color black, so when I found a wedding dress with black on it, I knew I had to try it on. I was actually having dreams about it! I also love drama and got married in a huge Gothic cathedral in downtown Cleveland, Ohio so I needed a dress that could help me compete with the space. When I finally tried the dress on, I just burst out into tears. It was the perfect dress for me!

Britney’s comments about her undergarments: When it came to my undergarments, becuase of the way the dress was structured, I could wear anything that was strapless. I decided on the Panache Harlequin Bridal Longline Bra in a 34E, basically because it looked so BRIDAL. The underwear actually ended up being the biggest issue. I wanted to wear the matching underwear initially to the Panache Harlequin Bridal Longline Bra, but I tried them on and I just felt so uncomfortable that I couldn’t do it. It’s so important to be comfortable on your wedding day because the last thing you want to do while you stand up in front of your friends and family is pull a wedgy out of your butt. So I finally decided to wear my favorite thong, the Hanky Panky Original Signature Lace Thong in black to match the lace in my dress. I was so comfortable that I couldn’t even tell that I had anything on. It was great!

Britney’s Advice to Other Brides: My best advice to brides to be when it comes to your dress and your undergarments is know your style and don’t compromise. You need to feel like a more perfect version of yourself that day, not somebody else. Wear a dress that compliments you and is similar to things you traditionally wear. If you’ve never really worn anything that is backless, strapless, and plunges down to your belly button, don’t use your wedding day as the time to try it for the first time. Save it for the honeymoon 😉

Next up, Bra Diva Kim! You may have noticed a lot of Kim on the blog and my Facebook page recently. She is a long time Bra Diva with years of store experience. Now, as our marketing director, she helps me “braducate” women in lots of ways – including helping me with media mentions and press engagements. Kim opted for a sheer tulle and lace gown with no built-in structure. The look matches her vintage style, and the sheer, flowing fabric was great for a hot day. I should know – I was there on her wedding day, sweating in the August heat, too! Bra Diva: Kim Married: August 5th at the Bronx Zoo, NYC Dress by: BCBG Max Azria Photography: M G B Photo Veil: Made by Kim’s Mom

Kim’s comments about her dress: I found this dress by mistake! I was just trying things on with a friend for research before my Mom and Sister came into town. But when I found this one, I couldn’t resist. It was off the rack from BCBG Max Azria, on sale (which meant no returns), and totally perfect. I was so happy that I wore a light dress on my wedding day – it was over 90 degrees with extreme humidity. I also love that it has that soft vintage look, and art deco details. Unfortunately, it was also see-through and showed my bra straps and back band… luckily, I have years of undergarment experience and was able to fix the problem so I could wear my dream dress!

Kim’s comments about her undergarments: Because my dress was so sheer, everything showed through. Even simple shapewear like Spanx were visible through the layers! I opted for the seamless Commando Slipology Half Slip to keep my friends and family from seeing too much, and worked out like crazy so I wouldn’t have to wear shapewear. The slip was so smooth that it left no bumps or ripples! Underneath, I wore my favorite underwear, the Hanky Panky Low Rise Lace Thong in a light blue. It was my “something blue”, super smooth, and very comfortable! I always tell brides to steer away from low back options so you won’t have to worry about a backless bra… and I did not listen to myself. Luckily, my breasts are not very heavy or full, so I was able to wear the NuBra Seamless Adhesive Bra with confidence. I wear a 30DD or 32D, so I chose the C cup since it’s based on a 34 band. It was the perfect color for my light skin tone and never showed through my sheer dress. More importantly, even after sweating like a maniac (it was SO humid), it stayed in place!

Kim’s advice to other brides: When it comes to your gown, don’t be afraid to get creative and think outside of the “bridal box”. I was so thrilled to find my dress at a ready-to-wear clothing shop. It saved me money, and was a more unique option that fit my non-traditional style. Be sure to think about what bras and undergarments you can wear with your gown when you buy it – and take a few bra options with you when you shop. Don’t fall in love with a gown that you won’t be able to buy the right bra for. For your undergarments: Be comfortable! A lot of brides want to wear fancy, bridal undergarments under their gown, which is great. But if they don’t help your gown look its best, you won’t feel your best. I’d rather go with boring and supportive and save the fancy stuff for later that night. Also, if you have full breasts, don’t do what I did. Don’t go low-back or backless. I was lucky enough to be able to wear an adhesive bra and feel totally confident, but I had to put a lot of trust into a sticky bra. You have a lot to worry about on your wedding day, and your bra shouldn’t be one of them.

Bonus: Kim wore a second dress during her reception! This short beaded dress required a totally different set of undergarments. Are you wearing a different dress to your reception? Make sure you plan ahead and pick out and pack undergarments that suit the second style!

Aren’t they lovely brides? Best wishes to both of these gorgeous newlyweds!

Do you have bridal undergarment questions? Email my Bra Divas at, or come in to the shop with photos of your ideal (or purchased) dress. And join me every Thursday from 1-2pm for #BrideChat on Twitter!

And they lived happily ever after!




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