An Interview with Twitter’s #BrideChat Host

By Linda The Bra Lady on March 28th, 2013

As a bra fitting expert, I help a lot of brides and bridesmaid. A lot! So last year when I noticed the hashtag #bridechat in my Twitter feed, I decided to see if any Twitter brides needed my expertise. Turns out, they did! I help women with their undergarment and lingerie questions for the big day. I counsel brides to think about their friend’s breasts before demanding that every bridesmaid wear a backless gown. I even offer up my own thoughts on non-bra related topics! It’s really fun. And, there’s a whole group of industry professionals that are on hand to help brides, couples, etc. with their wedding questions! What’s even better: the group is full of really cool, really honest pros. And that includes the new host of this chat, wedding photographer Casey Fachett. Below, he gives us the skinny on Bride Chat!

What is Bride Chat and how did you get involved? Bride Chat is twitter chat for couples getting married, former brides, and wedding industry professionals to discuss tips, trends, and topics regarding weddings. I got involved a couple of years ago when I noticed there weren’t any wedding photographers involved. As a photographer, I see ALL aspects of the wedding – fashion, flowers, music, etc. – so I thought I was uniquely qualified to add my commentary. When the original founders of the chat moved on to careers in other industries, I stepped in to host the chat.

When is Bride Chat? Bride Chat is every Thursday from 1 PM to 2 PM Eastern Standard Time.

How can someone join the chat on Twitter? All they have to do is use and follow the hashtag #BrideChat on Twitter – if you don’t use the hashtag, we won’t be able to see your questions or comments.

Who are the industry professionals that participate and answer questions during Bride Chat?

We have a wide variety of wedding industry professionals who join in depending on their availability. Some regulars include (Linda the Bra Lady), Colin Cowie Weddings, wedding planner/blogger Bitchless Bride, Mens Wearhouse Tuxedo, Shafonne Myers (editor of Pretty Pear Bride), and wedding blogger Jessica Poole Hardy from Storyboard Wedding. There are many more pros who stop by from time to time, and we are always happy to see new faces!

Do you have to be a bride to join the chat?

No! Despite the name, we don’t limit ourselves. If you have a topic or a question for couples getting married, feel free to join in the conversation. We get a lot of interesting tips and feedback from couples who are already married!

What are some of the topics that you’ve talked about in the past?

We’ve covered a wide variety of topics, including bride and groom fashion, color trends, tips to help you stay sane during wedding planning, wedding inspiration, as well as the humorous side of weddings – probably because I like to keep things on the lighter side.

We are always looking to expand Bride Chat to include new vendors, more couples, more topics! We want to hear from you! Let us know what you want to hear about – if we don’t get to it during the hour, we will try to get back to it during the next chat. Don’t be afraid, we won’t bite!

Casey Fatchett is a New York City wedding photographer who also travels all over the world taking pictures. He focuses on telling stories through pictures, being genuine, and making sure everybody has a good laugh. You can learn more about him and see his photos by visiting his website :

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