Linda’s BFF: Bra Fan Forever is Marcy!

By Linda's Online on February 5th, 2013

It’s been awhile since I’ve named a BFF: Bra Fan Forever! Although we’ve had LOTS of fabulous customers who love Linda’s, we have been super busy lately. Did you hear that we’re opening a new store this Spring?! So, excuses aside, here is our latest (and possibly greatest?) Linda’s BFF: Marcy! Marcy is an accomplished Broadway and NYC performer and writer, and she exudes confidence and enthusiasm – partly because of her well fitting bras! Read her story, and see why this long time Linda’s fan calls us the “Broadway of bras”! 

Not familiar with my BFF: Bra Fan Forever posts? This is where a real Linda’s customer shares her story about her first bra fitting at Linda’s, and why she thinks that getting one is so important. It’s a great way for women of every age and bra size out there to realize that they’re not alone! These are women just like them who can testify to how amazing they’ll feel after a bra fitting at Linda’s or shopping at Linda’s Online. In this case, Marcy was a long time fan and was  spotted by one of my Divas in the shop while she was checking out. She was already exclaiming how fabulous Linda’s was, so why not on our blog? Without further adieu, here’s Marcy’s story:

Name: Marcy Heisler
Age: 45
Occupation: Writer/Performer
Why are you Linda’s Bra Fan Forever? It’s very important in my line of work to be comfortable and confident, especially during performances. You’re supposed to worry about what your heart is doing, not what your bra is doing. And Linda’s bras always allow me to do that. It’s just one less thing to worry about.
When did you shop at Linda’s? I’ve been going to Linda’s for years and years.  I believe my first fitting was by Linda herself, but all the staff is very helpful.
What size did you think you were, or were you wearing when you first went to Linda’s? I had bras ranging from 34-36, and it turned out at the time I was a 32 E.  Let’s just say that’s a size I never would have tried on.  I didn’t even know it existed!
What was your favorite part about getting a fitting? When you work with people who know what they are doing, you are taking the best care of yourself possible. It’s no different than having truly gifted singers sing your songs. You want the best possible outcome, and you get that at Linda’s.  One might say Linda’s stores are the Broadway of bras. 🙂

How did you feel and look after your fitting? I felt ready to hit the beach, because I bought a swimsuit too!
Do you have a favorite brand, style or type of bra? I like the pretty feline bras – just because you’re big doesn’t mean you can’t be delicate.
Would you tell your friends to get a fitting at Linda’s? Of course!
Why do you think getting fit for bras is so important for women? When you take the best care of yourself, it shows.                                                                     What was the most important thing that you learned at Linda’s? Adapt and celebrate the changes in your body, and throw away what doesn’t work!

As part of her job, Marcy stands up in front of an audience of people, so it’s extra important that she looks AND feels fabulous. My Bra Divas and I are so proud to call Marcy a BFF: Bra Fan Forever!

Do you want to be the next BFF? Share your experience at a Linda’s shop or my online store, and your story could be next! You’ll also get a thank you, just for spreading the word.

Did you learn anything from Marcy’s story? Is her story similar to your own?

Stay fabulous!