Five Life Changing Reasons to Get a Bra Fitting

By Linda The Bra Lady on January 29th, 2013

There are plenty of reasons to get a bra fitting. The main reason: to look and feel fabulous! But there are also some pretty radical, life altering reasons. Below, I outline 5 life-changing reasons to get a bra fitting. And you know what? Almost every woman goes through these, or at least most of them. That means you! Have you had a bra fitting recently? Maybe it’s about time… 

1. Life Change: Puberty. Let’s face it, a LOT changes during puberty. One of the biggest changes? Boobs! I wrote two great blogs posts on the topic of getting that first bra: Buying A First Bra: Part 1 for Parents, and Buying A First Bra: Part 2 for Girls. It’s such an important first step in a young woman’s life, so make sure that you (or the young lady you know) starts right. That means having correct information on bras and bra fitting, so she can start a healthy, happy relationship with bras and her breasts.

2. Life Change: Pregnancy and post pregnancy. Baby is going to change your world… and your body. Many women are often surprised at just how big their breasts get during pregnancy. Many ask me: “When will they go back to my old size again?” Oh, darlings. Your life, your body, and your breasts will never be “the same” again. Sure, they’ll go down in size eventually, but they may be a different size, a different shape, or a different consistency than before. Get more tips on how your breasts will change during pregnancy, and tips on bra shopping after you stop nursing.

3. Life Change: Menopause. “Hurray! No periods anymore! OMG what is happening to my body again?” Just as your hormones shifted during puberty, they shift during menopause. This can certainly change your body and your bra size. In between the hot flashes and the emotional roller coaster, make time to get refit for the right bra. Because, the last thing you want to worry about during menopause is a bad bra. Leave it to my Bra Divas and I to help you!

4. Life Change: Extreme Weight Gain or Loss. Believe it or not, even 5 to 10 pounds can totally change your bra size. So imagine what 100 pounds will do to your bra size! Women who lose or gain extreme amounts of weight need to invest in more than just clothing in a new size. Bras are the basis to your entire wardrobe! And you may need a brand new style. For instance, a woman who has lost a great deal of weight may have very soft breast tissue and excess skin. A trained bra fitter will know exactly which kind of bra will help her look her very best, not to mention her new bra size.

5. Life Change: Medical Event. There’s a lot that can go on in the doctor’s office to affect your breasts. Breast cancer, reconstruction, augmentation, reduction, a breast lift, etc. And while doctors know the medical stuff, bra fitters know bras.  In reality,  your doctor can adjust your breast size, but won’t really know your bra size. Don’t be surprised if you’re a new size after a life change like this – just be glad you have Linda’s to help you find it! I carry several post surgical products, like this compression bra (left). I also carry mastectomy bras, a wide variety of prostheses, and of course bras in all sizes!

I read a tweet from a Tweetheart the other day that said she was still holding out hope that her breasts would grow since she heard they “keep growing until you’re 21”. I had some news for her: breasts, like our bodies, never really stop changing. There are lots of reasons to get a bra fitting, or a re-fitting, so I suggest getting one every 6-12 months. Because sometimes you just need a check-in…and sometimes, you’re whole life has changed.