Breasts: Is Bigger Better?

By Linda's Online on November 1st, 2012

Breasts come in many different shapes and sizes. As a bra fitter for over 25 years, I’ve seen almost every size from AAA cups to N cups. Women often have complicated relationships with their busts. Some love them, some hate them – most finally love them once they’re in the right bra size! But in all that time, there is one thing that is alarmingly clear: those with full breasts want small breasts, and those with small breasts want full breasts. In a world where bigger is (usually) better – is having bigger breasts really better? Keep reading for my two cents, and leave your own opinion in the comments below!

I have heard the “are bigger or smaller boobs really better” debate for many years, but just recently was inspired to write about it because of an article in the Huffington Post. In the article, the author comments on a Reddit online post in which someone finds a book labeled “The Advantages of Being Small Breasted: The Controversial New Breast Seller” which (as an obvious joke) contains completely blank pages. ::rolling my eyes::  I agree with the author that the book is not very funny. It really puts down those with smaller busts. I don’t, however, agree that petite busts should just go braless (as the article mentions). Though a woman with a full bust may have greater urgency to buy the right bra, a woman with a small bust still has the same need to wear the right bra. A bra in the right size always looks and feels better – regardless of your size.

On the busty front, the popular uses humor and art to rant and rave about the “Perks” and “Problems” associated with having a full bust. I think the author/artist has a great way of showcasing the real-life problems of a fuller bust, but also including a few perks along the way. I must say, from my glance at her work, it seems that she has an easier time finding inspiration for the “Problem” posts.

It seems that the most “common” reason that bigger breasts are thought to be better is because men like them big. I gotta tell you, sometimes this may be true – but in the end, if he only likes you for your big boobs (or doesn’t like you because you don’t have big boobs), he’s gotta go. Just saying. But that doesn’t mean that women don’t want bigger breasts for themselves.

My two cents: Love what you have, and wear the right bra. The right bra can make all the difference – trust me. Breast envy can turn into action. Getting a breast reduction or augmentation is a very personal, and sometime’s the best choice. But it should not be taken lightly – it’s surgery! Many women who hate what they were born with have been able to avoid surgery and love their breasts again simply because they are finally wearing the right bra. It’s just one of the reasons that I love what I do. Ultimately, beauty is different to every woman. It’s your body and you have the right to feel how you want to about it. But I encourage you to be thankful for what you have because the grass is always greener on the other side. In fact, one of my Bra Divas wrote a guest post on the blog about this very subject!

In my unscientific but extremely useful research (bra fitting for many years), I have heard both sides of the coin. Now I want to hear from you!

  • What do you think the perks and problems are of having a petite or full bust?

  • And if you were able to choose, what size breasts would you want to have?

Leave your thoughts in the comments below and share your side of the the debate!