Why You Should Brag About Your Bras

By Linda's Online on September 7th, 2012

For someone like me, a bra guru with over 20 years of experience fitting women in the right bra, bras and breasts are everyday talk. For some, the topic is taboo. Well, I’m here to tell you why you should stand up straight, clear your throat, and brag about your bra! Take a look below for my thoughts on the benefits of spreading the word about bras, and proper bra fitting!

Brag because you shopped at Linda’s! Linda’s is not just another lingerie store. We carry over 275 bra sizes, from AA to N cups. Yes. I said “N” cup! We have basic styles such as t-shirt, sports and strapless bras, and we also carry swimwear, shapewear and bra accessories. Plus, I’m proud to support women throughout all stages of breasthood by carrying specialty products such as maternity, nursing and mastectomy bras. AND - My bra fitters have the most extensive training in the field. They must complete over three months of “Bra School” before they are certified to fit women in our store locations, or help online via email, phone or online chat. So when you say you got your bras at Linda’s, you can really brag about going to the best online or NYC bra fitting store! Here are some more reasons to brag after finding your bra bliss.

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  • Help a friend: Do you remember how you felt before you visited Linda’s? I know it’s a painful memory, but think back for a minute. It will be over soon. Remember that awful feeling of putting on a bra that didn’t fit right. And then, remember how fabulous you felt after getting a fitting at my shop or getting help online. Hurray! Don’t you think your friends and loved ones deserve to feel fabulous, too? They may be secretly suffering from “bra hate”. Look for signs of fatigue, drooping or lumpy breasts, constant tugging and pulling of the back band and straps, and a lack of confidence. Once you’ve spotted the signs of a bad bra, don’t be shy about bragging about how amazing your bra feels, and that she can feel JUST as good!

  • Braducate other women: So many women are unhappy in their bra simply because they don’t know how bras are supposed to fit, or what cup and band sizes really mean. After a trip to Linda’s, you’ll be enlightened with valuable bra knowledge, including: what a D cup really looks like, why a 34D and 32DD are the same cup size, and why a snug band is so important. Many women leave my shop in a totally new size, even one that they would have never guessed existed or belonged to them! “A G cup!”, they gasp. “How in the world could that be me?” To which I reply, “A 34G is actually one of my most popular sizes in the shop. More women are a G, H or even a K cup than you think!” Sound familiar? Help stop the mis-braducation out there. Braducate your friends by bragging to them about your cup size. Tell them, “You may have never guessed it, but I’m a G cup, and proud of it!”

  • Exude confidence: One of the best benefits of wearing the right bra is a new found confidence. Having your breasts lifted encourages proper posture and can make you look ten pounds thinner. And feeling comfortable in a wonderful bra puts a little pep in your step. It’s no wonder that a bra makeover may just be the confidence boost a woman needs to take that next step, call that cute guy, apply for that new job – you name it! Bragging about your bra is just another part of showcasing your new-found confidence, and giving a little bit of credit where it’s due.

  • Be proud of what you have: Many women are unhappy with their bodies, especially with their breasts. They are either too small to fill out that dress, or too big to fit into it. Here’s the thing: the grass is always greener on the other side. Those who have full busts want small ones, and those with petite bosoms want big ones! I think you should be proud of what you have. And believe me, a bra that fits helps emphasize your best assets, shape your bust to your liking, and give you an overall attractive appearance. It’s true! So brag about your bra and how it helped you love what you have!

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Not feeling the love? It’s time to make an appointment for a  fitting at one of my shops or get bra help online!

Here’s to braggin’!