Top 5 Reasons to Update Your Sports Bra

By Linda The Bra Lady on September 5th, 2012


Have you been watching the US Open? I caught a few matches and was really impressed – and not just with those cute twins, the Bryan brothers! I mean I was impressed with how great some of the women tennis players looked in their sports bras. However, there are always a few misses out there. In the photo above, the athlete to the right has left it to her sports top to control her breasts. Not working. While on the left, Ms. Williams gets ready for a massive hit, and her breasts are still in place! If you are ready to hit the court, you better make sure your sports bra is, too. And I don’t mean a loose fitting, over the head number, with no elastic left in it. Not convinced? Keep reading to find out my top five reasons to update your sports bra!

Linda’s Top Five Reason’s to Update Your Sports Bra:

  1. Adjustable straps means more support! You know those cotton, over the head sports bras? Those only work for a few women. Sorry to say it, but without adjustable straps and an adjustable back, how can it really fit your unique shape? And don’t you dare tell me you can get more support by wearing two. Don’t. you. dare. For the best sport support, I suggest upgrading to a sports bra style with both adjustable straps and hooks in the back. Because, remember, your sports bra has a big job to perform: protecting your breast tissue!

  2. Losing weight means a new bra size! If you bought your sports bra with the intent of wearing it to lose weight, you’ll jump up and down with joy when you lose that 10 pounds! But hold on, all that jumping is tossing your breasts up and down and all around. Remember, as you lose weight you need to get refitted for a new (smaller) bra size! In fact, the shape of your breasts and body may have changed so much that it’s time to update the style and shape of your sports bra, too! For instance, when the volume of your bust shrinks, the firmness may shrink, too. It may be time to try a molded sports bra to get a little bit of sassy shape back while you work out.

  3. Underwires can offer more lift! Underwire sports bras are so amazing. Just as in basic bras, an underwire bra can offer so much more shape and support compared to a non-underwire version. Though not all sports activities may require one (yoga fans may want to opt out due to the slow movement and lots of bending and twisting), they are a blessing for many of my full busted customers. And remember, when you’re wearing the right size, underwire bras are actually quite comfortable and won’t hinder your activity.

  4. Bra-sized styles fit your unique shape! You know what drives me crazy, bras that come only in Small, Medium or Large. And the same goes for sports bras! Women are all unique shapes, and finding a bra that fits both your underbust and bust size means your bra will be comfortable and supportive. I carry sports bras in a full range of back sizes and cup sizes – don’t settle for a general size. Be fabulous, be unique,  be you!

  5. Lots of washing wears them out! You all know how important it is to hand wash your bras, but it’s even more important for sports bras. (And remember, you should never wear your basic bra as a sports bra!) Typically, a woman should own 3-5 basic bras to rotate and can wash each bra after every 4th or 5th wear. But sports bras need to be washed after every wear (so much sweat!), and women rarely own enough to rotate. That means they get worn and washed more often, which breaks down the fibers and elastic that hold your bust in place.  So I suggest investing in a few more, especially if you work out often. Always hand wash. And try buying a sports bra that starts off a bit snugger than your basic bras – they are “working harder” and may tend to stretch faster. Give your bras a head start!

It doesn’t matter which sport or physical activity you choose. Always choose the right sports bra. Tennis, anyone?