Fitter Favorites: The Panache Andorra

By Linda's Online on August 8th, 2012

Many times my fabulous bra fitters get asked “what bra are YOU wearing?” or “well, what’s your favorite bra?”. And though my girls always help you find the best bra for you, they love to share their favorite styles as well! I mean, after working with bras and boobs for so long, how could they not have a few personal favorites? First up: Kia! Kia is a great fitter with a lot of sass. She knows how to help you and she knows how to work those curves. Kia is a fan of Panache bras because they offer serious support in 34J without sacrificing on style. That’s right, she’s a 34J.  Take a look at how fabulous she looks, and read below to find out which amazing styles she is wearing!

Doesn’t she look great? On the left, Kia is wearing a Cleo By Panache bra, a brand known for their supportive and flirty bras for D-K cups. That red bit of lace peeking out of the top of her red top is a great example of matching your bra to your outfit. On the right, Kia is wearing an equally fierce but slightly more sophisticated outfit. She chose a popular style, the Panache Andorra Lace bra. Wow! The gorgeous shape is a product of the clever design and engineering – and that sassy look is a product of Kia’s confidence. (PS: This style sometimes comes in fashion colors and is offered year round!)

What Kia has to say about Panache: “I love Panache! Not only because they offer great support, but they have really awesome styles. I especially love the Andorra lace bra. It’s a lace bra with the structure of a push up. I wear this one whenever I want to showcase the girls.”

Want to know how Kia got such a supported look from her bra? It’s all about the fit. Call my fitters for personalized bra help and sizing advice – you, too, can look this fab! Available via phone at 1-888-262-4887 or make an appointment at one of my shops!

Stay fabulous!