Meet Chloe, the new Lexington Store Manager!

By Linda's Online on July 3rd, 2012

I’m proud to announce that one of my favorite fitters is the newest manager at my Lexington store! This store has been a staple of the Upper East Side of New York City for almost seven years, so who better to manage it than a fitter who has been with me since the beginning? Get to know a little bit about Chloe and her crew!

  • How long have you been working for Linda’s? I was hired while studying at Marymount Manhattan College and am going on my seventh year as a bra fitter at Linda’s!

  • What’s your favorite thing about being a bra fitter? My favorite thing about being a bra fitter is working with a great group of women in a fun and relaxed environment, and knowing that everyday we are making customers  feel great and look fabulous!

  • Any specific stories about helping someone feel fabulous? I’ve got lots of great stories from working at Linda’s, but my favorite customers are women who wear the hard to fit sizes (30J or 36N) and have been wearing the wrong size their entire life and can’t believe how comfortable they feel and how good they look after I fit them. Then there are tears and hugs and smiles. Those are the best days at the shop.

  • What are a few of your favorite bras? My personal favorite is also one of our best selling bras, Simone Perele’s Andora. It’s super comfortable and works great with my wardrobe. I also love the new B’Tempted bra and panty sets if am feeling a little more sassy, not to mention they are super reasonably priced! We’re lucky to get really fun fashion styles likes these in the stores that the website doesn’t carry.

  • What’s so great about Linda’s Lexington store? Linda’s Lexington store is our first boutique store.  I think it has a real New York feel. And just like a New York apartment, we use every ounce of space: bras floor to ceiling!

  • Who works with you at the Lexington store and why are they fabulous? Kia, Crystal and Alba are my fabulous bra fitters, with Katie and Michelle at the cash register. And of course, Linda is still fitting and changing women’s lives all the time!  Kia has some of that great “Linda the Bra Lady sass” and makes bra fitting fun!  Alba has been fitting the longest and is one of the most effecient fitters on the team, she knows how to get the job done. Crystal has a winning attitude and a funky style. Michelle is our newest cashier. I love her upbeat attitude, she is also my go to girl for tying up loose ends. Katie is also super positive and hardworking, love that!

  • What’s your favorite thing to do in NYC? My favorite thing to do in New York is any outdoor concert in the park, from the New York Philharmonic in Central Park to an indie band or jazz night in Prospect Park. I love being outside and listening to good music.

  • What’s your favorite thing about Linda “the Bra Lady” Becker? Linda is like the mother hen for all the bra fitters. When I first started we spent a lot of time together at the Lexington store and she would tell me some pretty crazy stories from her early years, none if which I will ever reveal! With Linda Becker there is never a dull moment.

Well ain’t it the truth? Ha! Make an appointment for a fitting at my Lexington Avenue bra fitting shop now and get to know Chloe and her crew in person!