Two Bra of the Month Styles Revealed!

By Linda The Bra Lady on June 18th, 2012

Well hello there! Phew – how time flies. It’s already almost officially summer. Can you believe it?! I have some great news: it’s time to reveal the June Bra of the Month! And since I somehow forgot to share May’s fabulous Bra of the Month here on Linda Unhooked, keep scrolling down to see last month’s style, too…

Summer is always everyone’s favorite time to get in shape. Maybe it’s bikini season, or all of those weddings you have to attend that encourage us to get fit. Or maybe it’s just that you can’t hide under bulky sweaters anymore. Whatever the cause, I think it’s always a good choice to get healthy and active. And while you’re firming up those thighs and gluts, your breast tissue may be taking a beating. As you lose body fat, breasts will shrink and become less firm. The first step to protecting breasts is to wear the right sports bra. No more over the head S/M/L things that you just throw in the washer and dryer. Do you really want your breasts flopping up and down while you Zumba? I didn’t think so. And remember, as your breasts shrink, get refit for both sports bras and basic bras that properly fit!

Here’s one really awesome sports bra pick, but I carry so many more!

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From sports bras to nursing bras! You know, I carry it all. May’s Bra of the Month was an updated version of a VERY popular nursing bralette. And believe it or not, it’s popular with more than just nursing moms. This easy to wear number is also a great sleep or weekend bra for non-nursing women! You’ll love the features on this newer style – take a look!

Bella Materna Anytime Nursing Bralet Shop All Bella Materna Get a Free Panty Image Map

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