Linda’s BFF: Bra Fan Forever is Lisa!

By Linda's Online on May 29th, 2012


Do you hate your bras? Do you find it hard to find bras above a DD? Are you sick of digging straps? You’re not alone. Many of my best customers used to be bra haters. Take Lisa, for instance. She went from wearing a 38DD to a well-fitting 34H! She started shopping at my stores in 2009, and makes trips from Jamaica to my NYC stores just to get re-fit and restock her bras. She is a great example of a BFF: Bra Fan Forever!

Read her story below. I bet you’ll find yourself saying “hey, that’s me, too!” about some of the things she used to hate about her bra.

Name: Lisa

Age: 29

Occupation: Teacher/ lecturer

Why are you Linda’s Bra Fan Forever? Where do I begin?! I’m a BFF simply because Linda has changed my life forever. Since ballooning from a B to a D cup at age 13, my breast size has always been a problem. I’ve had terrible back pains because of my breasts, but after wearing the very first bra I purchased at Linda’s, I found that the pain was greatly reduced thanks to the great support of the bra. I quickly went back for seconds and thirds! I just love, love, LOVE the beauty, quality and wide selection of bras that I can get at Linda’s. I love the great customer care from Linda’s bra-fitting Divas, and I genuinely appreciate the much needed re-education into choosing, wearing and caring for the ‘right’ bra.

When did you shop at Linda’s? I’m Jamaican, so every time I’m in New York I make shopping at Linda’s a #1 priority! My very first visit was to the store on Lexington Ave in the summer of 2009, when I was about to embark on a life-affirming journey to Europe.

Who helped you, and what did you think about her Bra Divas skills? I was helped by the grand maestro herself: Miss Linda ::smile::. She made me feel so at ease! Her skills were immediately apparent, as she was irrefutably adept at finding my right size.

What size were you wearing when you first went to Linda’s? I walked into Linda’s wearing a 38DD. I’d felt for a while that this size was not the right one, but I just couldn’t find a lingerie store that sold bras above a DD cup. That is, until I found out about Linda’s. I walked out wearing a 34H. I could hardly believe it! I was WAYYY off course before.

What was your favorite part about getting a fitting? I enjoyed the wide range of options in choosing the bra I wanted. Each new bra presented to me was as beautiful as the one that’d come before. I was elated that the days of being forced to buy and wear ugly bras were over!

How did you feel and look after your fitting? I saw a marked difference in how I looked in my blouse after the fitting. I could see and feel that this new bra gave me great support. And the usual problems (digging shoulder straps, the dreaded “quad-boob”, and the high-riding back) were all gone.

Do you have a favorite brand, style or type of bra? I love Panache and Freya for their styles, colors and fit.  And I love the Fantasie strapless bra!

How did you hear about Linda’s? I heard about Linda’s from my cousin who had just recently had a child. She said that the bras she got at Linda’s made her breasts look like they did before breast-feeding. I was only too curious to go in for a fitting.

Would you tell your friends to get a fitting at Linda’s? I already have!

Why do you think getting fit for bras is so important for women? It’s important to get fit for bras because so many women are wearing the wrong size! Those bras do nothing to properly support their breasts. By wearing the correct bra for our size, we are able to mitigate so many problems that ill-fitting bras can cause.

What was the best piece of advice that you got, or the most important thing that you learned at Linda’s? “Don’t put your bras in the dyer/ direct sunlight”, and “don’t wring excess water after washing”. My bras have kept their shape, elasticity and overall beauty a lot longer thanks to these tips! Above all else though, I’d say the most important thing I learned at Linda’s is that I should never under-estimate the power of a well-fitting bra.

Thank you so much, Linda for taking the time to cater to the needs of such a wide cross-section of women!!

No, Lisa, thank you! Thanks for spreading the word about the benefits of getting a proper bra fitting at Linda’s!

Did you have a similar “bra revelation”? Want to share your story? Find out how to become a BFF: Bra Fan Forever!