Meet the Winners of the Strapless Style Photo Contest!

By Linda The Bra Lady on May 22nd, 2012

Hurray! It’s time to announce the winners of our Strapless Style Photo Contest! We had quite a few submissions and everyone looked so great in their strapless bra from Linda’s. It was a hard decision to make, but it had to be done. My Divas and I took a secret vote and tallied up the winners – it was sooo close! Here are the three ladies that we thought showed style, great support, and a touch of sass. Find out what these ladies wore underneath it all to get that winning look.

These two divas have quite a few things in common! Their one shoulder orange dresses look so amazing on their skin and are so “in” for this season. They also were both attending friend’s weddings when they snapped these photos. And, they both look supported and stylish in their strapless bras!

Krista, on the left, is wearing the LeMystere Soiree strapless bra. It’s such a smooth and supportive style. Here’s what she had to say about it: “I came to Linda’s a few days before an upcoming friend’s wedding in which I did a reading. I knew I needed the perfect strapless for my new, vibrant dress. This was the first time I tried a short line strapless and it made all the difference in the support for my narrow back and full cup. I felt amazing and was able to dance the night away comfortably and stylishly!” You GO girl!

Kim, on the right, struck a pose while on a bathroom break at her friend’s wedding. Just LOOK at that sassy pose. You can only get that kind of confidence when wearing the right bra, and she sure is. The Elila Longline 6421 provides mega support for B-H cups. Can’t you just picture Kim cutting a rug at the reception? I can!

Keep reading to see the WINNER revealed! 

And our lovely winner is…. :::drum roll please::: ….

Congrats to Carrie! Just like every other bride, Carrie knew she needed a worry-free bra for her big day, and she sure found it! The Fantasie 4530 is one of my most popular styles for B-G cups. It’s snug back and smooth molded cups are ultra supportive! This is what Carrie had to say:

“For my wedding last year, I searched high and low for a strapless bra that would hold up my “girls”. I could not even find my size in any department store and I wasn’t even sure what my size was!  After seeing Linda’s store featured on an episode of ” Bethenny Ever After”, I decided to book an appointment for a fitting. I felt so comfortable with my bra fitter and I ended up getting the best bras I have ever owned, finding out my real bra size, and getting a strapless bra that I wore on the most important day of my life—- my wedding!”

Now Carrie has a drawer full of well-fitting bras and a husband to boot!

Here are a few of our honorable mentions:

From left to right, these ladies are wearing: The Fantasie 4530 (both left and middle) and the Elomi 1230.

Do you need help finding your own sassy strapless bra? Visit one of my bra fitting shops in NYC for a professional fitting. Or drop a line to my trained Bra Divas.

Here’s to looking your best!