Hand Washing: Why It’s Good for your Bras and the Environment (and it’s easy!)

By Linda the Bra Lady on April 20th, 2012

You will not believe the amount of groans I get from women when I tell them they should hand wash their bras: “But Linda, hand washing takes so much time!” “But Linda, hand washing is so hard!” Give me a break! I know that hand washing your bras, swimwear, etc. takes a bit more effort than just dumping them in the washing machine. But believe me: the benefits of hand washing far outweigh the hardships. Stop the groaning and read on to find out why it’s such a good idea to wash your delicates by hand and just how easy it can be!

Hand washing is good for your bras

Those same women who balk at how hard it is to hand wash their bras are the same women that complain about how expensive buying the right bra can be. Here’s a big tip: take care of your bras and they will last longer!  I’ve written a whole post on just how long your bras should last, and it’s no secret that proper care prolongs the life of your lingerie. Also, did you know that if you’re very sensitive to fabric stiffeners like starch and sizing, washing your bras can help? That’s right! A good wash will help a new bra feel softer and more comfortable without all of that itchy, irritating stuff in it.

Tip: Bras don’t need to be washed after every wear (unless you have a very sweaty day). Typically, washing your bra after every 4-5 wears is a good idea. Sports bras, however, should be washed more frequently.

Hand washing is good for the environment

Have you ever run just a few of your delicate items on the gentle cycle? Not so great for the environment. Washing machines have to use a lot more water than if you just washed your bras in a small basin of water. Also, running the washing machine uses a lot of electricity and energy, while hand washing requires little to no energy at all! And don’t forget how many bras pile up in landfills after their owners mistreat them with harsh soaps and mean machines. Taking care of your bras and washing them properly means more supported breasts and less garbage in the world!

Hand washing is good for more than just bras

Did you know that you should also hand wash your bathing suits, hosiery, lace tops, silk blouses, cashmere sweaters… the list goes on! Using a gentle wash like Le Blanc Silk & Lingerie Wash will help all of these items last longer and look better.

Hand washing is easy!

Please don’t stress about hand washing your garments. Sure, it takes a little bit more effort than just throwing them in the machine (which, by the way, there is a right and wrong way of washing your bras in the machine if you positively insist on doing it!) but hand washing your bras is so worth it in the long run. Here’s how easy it is:

  • Gather a few bras in similar colors (just like clothes, bras can bleed color)

  • Drop a cap full of Le Blanc wash in a sink, small basin, or any container full of cool water

  • Place bras (or other items) in the basin making sure that they are submerged all of the way

  • Walk away. That’s right! Go eat, take a nap or watch TV for 30min to an hour

  • Return to your basin feeling rested and fabulous

  • Remove bras from the basin and, one by one, run them under cool running water

  • No need to scrub a dub and ruin your bras, just gently rub the bras between your fingers.  Take extra care around the underwire and the bra band where it tends to get the most soiled

  • Make sure molded cups are reshaped (you can “pet them” with your hands to fill out the cup shape

  • Hang them up, lay them over a mesh net, let them drip over a towel, etc.

  • DONE!

Tip: NEVER put bras in the drier. There are some handy ways to dry your bras now-a-days! Here are just a few ideas:

How do you prefer to dry your bras?

Happy Earth Day!