Linda’s Latest BFF: Bra Fan Forever is Joyce!

By Linda the Bra Lady on April 2nd, 2012

I am pleased to announce another BFF: Bra Fan Forever, Joyce! This young lady actually got fit by yours truly (lucky lady!). She was a unique size, a 28D- a far cry from that worn out 34A she was wearing. She needed a bra that matched her sweet but confident attitude. Well, and she needed a bra that fit. Just like other women out there, she was suffering in the wrong size. 28’s are still hard to come by, but I’m happy to say that we are working with the best brands to bring more options to our customers with petite frames. And, even more importantly, I’m bringing size awareness to those petite ladies. A D in a 28 band is not the same as a D in a 40 band. Remember, the smaller the back, the smaller the cup. Joyce would never have dreamed up picking up a 28 band, let alone a D cup. But that’s why I’m here to help, and that’s why Joyce is my newest BFF!

What is your…

name? Joyce

age? early 20’s

occupation? Student

Why are you Linda’s BFF?

I am a bra fan forever because I’ll always be grateful for Linda showing me how a bra should really fit. Linda is an expert in her field; sounds harsh, but most of the fitters at the department stores, lingerie chains, and even boutiques don’t know what they’re talking about.

When did you shop at Linda’s?

I shopped at Linda’s last August right after Hurricane Irene. I wish I could go more often, but I live on the west coast now. Please open a shop in Southern California!

Who helped you, and what did you think about her Bra Divas skills?

Linda helped me, and she was a real professional. I was actually pinched pretty hard a few times by a fitter at another store. I’m happy to report there was no such pain or discomfort at Linda’s.

What size did you think you were, or were you wearing when you first went to Linda’s?

I knew the size I was wearing was terribly wrong, but I was wearing a very stretched out 34A when I arrived at Linda’s.

Were you wearing the right size? If not, what size did were you fitted for?

No, not even close. I was fitted for a 28D.

What was your favorite part about getting a fitting?

My favorite part about getting a fitting was wearing a decently fitting bra for the first time in my life!

How did you feel and look after your fitting?

As soon as she had strapped me into the first bra, I couldn’t help but burst into a smile. It’s like the sun came out on a cloudy day. I felt the way you feel when any article of clothing fits you well: fabulous!

Do you have a favorite brand, style or type of bra? If so, which and why?

So far, my favorite bras are the Panache Cleo bras because they are so comfortable, create a beautiful silhouette, and start at a 28 band size.

How did you hear about Linda’s?

I heard about Linda’s on Yelp.

Would you tell your friends to get a fitting at Linda’s?

I did as soon as I finished with my own fitting! My friend was in the waiting area and I made her get a fitting too (that’s her in the photo to the right!)

Why do you think getting fit for bras is so important for women?

The experience completely changed how I view my body and all the lingerie and sports bra purchases to come. In the past years of wearing bras, I had always felt something was wrong with me; that my cup size was far too small and there would never be anything that fit properly. I tried department stores, Gap Body, Victoria’s Secret, even smaller boutiques, and I never felt like anything truly fit correctly. The reality is, however, that the industry for the most part has chosen to ignore those of us with backs smaller than a 32 band. As a result, I resigned myself to the gapping cups and band ride-up indicative of ill-fitting bras because of misinformation and lack of selection. Women should get a proper fitting for bras so we realize there’s nothing wrong with our bodies or our chests. Moreover, we all deserve to have bras that fit well and make us feel great!

What was the best piece of advice that you got, or the most important thing that you learned at Linda’s?

The best piece of advice I received was that I could wear bras with removable pads and double up to make my breasts appear even. Genius!

A big thank you to Joyce for sharing her story (and telling her friends!). Do you want to share your bra fitting experience? Check out all of the details here.