Are You Linda’s Next BFF: Bra Fan Forever?

By Linda the Bra Lady on March 19th, 2012


*Did you get fit at one of Linda’s bra salons in New York City or get help from Linda’s Online?

*Did you find fabulous bras or swimwear?

*Are you telling all of your friends and family members (and strangers?!) about how great you feel?

*Do you want a $25 Linda’s Store or Online gift certificate?

*Do you want to share your story and be featured on Linda Unhooked AND in a Linda’s email blast?

Then you may be Linda’s BFF: Bra Fan Forever! Help Linda spread the word and tell other women just how fabulous you feel in your new bra. We’re taking submissions now to become Linda’s newest BFF.

To submit your story: Email with a short description of your fitting story and why you should be the next BFF. Also, include a photo of you feeling fabulous and wearing your favorite Linda’s bra under your outfit. If chosen, you will be asked to fill out a short interview survey. Once your story runs online you’ll get your $25 Gift Certificate (along with with all of the glory!). That’s what BFF’s are for!

I can’t wait to hear all of your fabulous stories!





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