Beach Bottoms: Be a flirt. Wear a skirt!

By Linda The Bra Lady on March 7th, 2012

Let’s be honest, we don’t all have the perfect body. So, unless you are a photoshopped supermodel, it’s nice to have a little extra coverage from your bathing suit. And no, I don’t mean 1920’s Grandma bathing suits. I mean classy AND sassy.  Ta-da! The modern day swim skirt!

Hips Don’t Lie:

We all know how to cover our middle with a one piece or tankini bathing suit, but what about hips? From stretch marks to veins, there are lots of reasons you may not want to showcase your hips.  Sometimes a boyshort bottom just doesn’t do it. And some traditional cover ups are just too much coverage or totally unattractive. So try a new skim skirt! There are so many cute swim skirts now that can cover up hips without sacrificing on style!

Built In or Separate:

Traditional swim skirts have a built in bikini bottom. I think these are pretty cool – you don’t have to worry about it shifting or separating while you move about. You can even go swimming in it! Or, you can opt for a cute separate skirt to pull on over your favorite one piece or add to your bikini or tankini bathing suit. It can be a real compliment to your beach outfit!

From the Beach to the Bar:

One of my favorite reasons to wear a swim skirt is the ease of going from the pool or beach to a restaurant or bar! You can easily walk the boardwalk and pop into a shop without having to change into a new outfit or covering up your fabulous swimsuit. Swim skirts are the ultimate combination of practicality and fashion.

Leave Something to the Imagination:

I’ve seen it all in the fitting rooms of my bra fitting shops, but that doesn’t mean I want to see it by the pool. From super skimpy bottoms to a lot of side-boob, the beaches are littered with skin baring styles. Stand out from the crowd and leave them guessing. Sometimes it’s even more sexy, and certainly more flirtatious.

Some of my favorite skirts are from Karla Colletto, Freya and Swim Systems! Keep an eye out for new brands and styles – this swimwear trend is bound to stick around for long time!

Stay sassy!