The Top 5 Reasons to Invest in Black Bras

By Linda the Bra Lady on February 21st, 2012

Most women who come into my shop are very practical. Sure, many of them love to buy gorgeous lace bras or sexy separates, but most of the time they want to invest their hard earned cash into the bras that will get the most use. The most useful bras tend to be a neutral color.  And since I know you’re not wearing white under white, let’s just assume you’re wearing nude. Believe me, I know how important it is to have an army of nude colored bras. But woman can not live on nude alone! Here are my top 5 reasons to invest in some great black bras, too!

No Show

Have you ever seen a woman wearing a nude or brightly colored bra under a clingy or knit black top? Not cute. Lighter colors will peek through the fibers in black blouses, clashing with your clothing. To keep things invisible wear black under black. It always looks more put together.

Perspiration Problems

Hey, we all sweat. On any given day your bra and you may go through a lot of sweaty, messy situations. But we all sweat while working out. Wearing a black sports bra prevents nasty sweat stains. Don’t give yourself another reason to skip the gym routine.  And hey, who doesn’t feel slimmer in black?

The Rub Off

I can not tell you how many times women come into the shop in an old bra that was once a light nude or white… and is now gray or discolored. Sure, sweat and grime may have something to do with it. More importantly, the dyes in clothing, especially in dark clothing, rub off on your bras. Daily wear of a light bra under a dark top will result in a dingy looking bra. Not cute, and no longer useful as a nude neutral!

Sex Appeal

I think every woman should own a black lace bra. A sexy black bra in the right size is just like owning a great pair of black pumps, or that perfect little black dress. It’s so important to have it in your lingerie drawer to put on at a moment’s notice knowing you’ll look and feel fabulous!

The Peekaboo

I’m not a fan of showing your bra, but I know a lot of women like to. In fact, even when you try not to show your bra, it has a tendency to make an appearance anyhow. Nothing is more obvious than a white or nude colored bra peeking out of a dark or printed top. The horror! But a little black strap or the top of a black bra sneaking out is not only less noticeable, but rather chic in some circles.

    Whether it’s a basic, lacy or sporty style – a black bra can help you look and feel your very best!

    Stay fabulous!