Rosine is Linda’s BFF: Bra Fan Forever

By Linda the Bra Lady on January 26th, 2012

Sound the trumpets! It’s time to announce my newest BFF:Bra Fan Forever! This BFF story is about a woman in her 70’s who was brought in by her daughter for some personal help and attention. Even if you’ve had breasts for 50 years, you can always learn a thing or two about your body, your shape, and your bra size. Remember, bra sizing standards and your own shape are constantly changing, so regular refittings are a good idea for women of any age! Congrats to Rosine and her daughter Moira for being such a fab mother-daugther duo!

What is your…

Name? Rosine

Age? 70’s

Occupation? Retired doing temp work and volunteering

Why are you Linda’s Bra Fan Forever? I fell in love with Linda’s when my daughter brought me in for a bra fitting. I had been looking for a good fitting bra for years. My last bra that fit was discontinued by the manufacturer six years ago. Love the undivided attention that I got from Chloe. She just wouldn’t quit until I was happy and had the correct fit!

When did you shop at Linda’s? This past August (2011) I was visiting my daughter and came in for my first visit. I plan to come in more often!

Who helped you, and what did you think about her Bra Divas skills? Chloe was very professional. She quickly realized what size I needed and after some consultation suggested a few styles that might be appropriate. After trying them on I finally found the perfect bra for me.

What size did you think you were, or were you wearing when you first went to Linda’s ? 36D

Were you wearing the right size? If not, what size did were you fitted for? No! I left in a 34E.

What was your favorite part about getting a fitt ing? Finding the vast range of styles and sizes from which to choose.

How did you feel and look after your fitting? Amazing. I was thrilled to have finally found a bra that fit so well that the straps didn’t fall down.

Do you have a favorite brand, style or type of bra? My new bra is the Simone Perele Andora #131380.

Would you tell your friends to get a fitting at Linda’s? Absolutely!

Why do you think getting fit for bras is so important for women? You look so much better in your clothes. The right bra prevents that matronly look and also preserves your breast shape so they remain perkier longer.

What was the best piece of advice that you got, or the most important thing that you learned at Linda’s? I learned not to wear the same bra two days in a row. Also that it’s important to hand wash and that you are probably not the size you think you are…unless you have been fitted at Linda’s.

You can read more about Rosine’s experience on her daughter’s fabulous blog here. Thanks to Rosine and her daughter Moira for sharing such a touching story!

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Here’s to another fabulous BFF!