Balancing Your Bra Budget

By Linda the Bra Lady on November 30th, 2011

Like it or not, we’re all on a budget. And now, more than ever, women and their families are having to make their dollars stretch as far as possible. And that means their bras are stretching out, too! One of the first things to get cut from the budget are bras and underwear. Many women just feel that spending money on something that most people don’t even see is just not a priority. But I’m here to tell you: just because most people don’t see your bra, doesn’t mean it’s not important. In fact, bras are the foundation to your whole outfit! Read my advice and learn how a good bra can make a cheap outfit look like a million bucks, and just how to budget for your bras.

Invest in your bust: It’s no secret that the right bra can help you look 10 pounds slimmer, but it can also give your outfit a more expensive and polished look. Ignoring your bust line and focusing on fancy or expensive clothing is a big no-no. I’ve seen it all in the dressing room. Women come to my New York City shop in a fabulous $500 dress with a worn out, cheap bra on underneath… and she looks like a disaster. If that same woman wore the same dress (or even a $50 dress) with a quality bra in the right size, she’d look so much better! Besides, you wear your bras everyday – something that gets so much use and makes such a difference in your appearance deserves your investment.

Start With Staples: Now that you know it’s important to invest in your bust, what should you buy? To stay on budget, focus on what’s most important first. Just like buying milk and eggs at the grocery store, you need to buy your bra staples first. That means save the “special occasions only” or “just to wear with that one top” bras for later. Buy a few good basic bras in neutral colors to rotate.  These staples will go with almost every outfit and will be able to rotate through your whole wardrobe.

Take Care: One thing that really irks me is seeing a woman invest in a great $80 bra, then when I explain how she should wash and care for it, she says “Oh, I just don’t have time for hand washing. I just throw my bras in the machine”. WHAT? There goes your $80, and in a hurry! Listen, bras don’t last forever. But they will expire even faster if you don’t take care of them! That means hand washing with the right kind of detergent, air drying, rotating, and having enough on hand to prevent stretching out the elastic.  Because, let’s face it, once that elastic is stretched out, say goodbye to the support and shape you loved.  Taking a little extra time to care for your bras will save you money and keep you looking fabulous.  Bras aren’t free,  so take care of your investment, and your bras will take care of you ;).

One by One: I always suggest that my customers invest in at least 3-5 good basic bras to kick start their bra wardrobe. But, sometimes buying 5 bras just doesn’t fall within budget.  For those women that can truly only afford one bra at a time, I encourage them to follow a simple and easy plan. Each week, set aside just $10 in a bra fund. You heard me – a bra fund! After about 6 weeks, you’ll be ready to come buy a new bra! The majority of the bras I carry are between $55-$85. I don’t think you need to spend $150 to get a fabulous bra that does its job. In fact, I carry some great bras that start at just $26! You can even buy a bra after just three weeks of my $10 plan. Next time you can save up for 8 weeks and get a more sophisticated style. Then save for 5 weeks to get another basic… you get the idea! Though it’s easier on your bras if you can buy a bunch at once, adding and subtracting bras as they wear out, one by one, is an easier way to balance your bra budget with your other expenses.

Get Gifted: Can’t make room in your budget for a good bra? Ask someone else to! Suggesting your favorite bra or a fitting appointment and gift certificate to your friends and family may seem strange, but it’s very effective. Tell them that they’re not just giving you underwear, but they’re giving you the gift of comfort and confidence. Read up on all of my helpful hints: How to Get The Gifts  You Want.

Here’s to staying on “bra-dget”!





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