Going Undercover: Wearing Lace Under Winter Clothing

By Linda the Bra Lady on November 18th, 2011

American women often cringe at the thought of “showing their bra”. This includes letting the shape, detail, or color of a bra show through their clothing. I understand wanting that “invisible” look, especially in warmer months when we are wearing less clothing. But, it’s ok to let a little show! Not convinced? Then start off slow. Winter is the time for lots of thick sweaters and layers of dark clothing. Here are some ways to start wearing lace bras under your clothes – without letting anyone else know!

What lumps and bumps? Embroidered styles like the Panache Cleo (to the left) or Bonnie are often overlooked by shoppers who wear thin t-shirts. They are attracted to the fun color and sassy style, but afraid that the “lumps and bumps” will show through their tops. Never fear! Bulky sweaters and warm layers will hide any decorative detail. You could wear a Be-dazzled bra under a thick wool sweater, for crying out loud! So don’t sweat it. Wear something cute under that bulky top!

Go color crazy: Speaking of color, Winter is the perfect time to try a fun, funky color! In cooler months, clothing is thinner, and generally lighter in color. It’s best to stock up on nudes and neutrals to keep clothes looking their best. (Read my post on finding your perfect nude). But the winter months and the layers of darker clothing that come with it, are the perfect season to have a little fun under it all. On a bleak winter morning knowing that you’re dressed in a hot pink bra can brighten your day!

“Seams” ok to me: While smooth bras give a sleek look under tight clothing, seams in a bra give a more forward look. It’s that seam that brings breasts in from the side and that shapes breast tissue. Many women hate the “line” that seams leave under their clothing. Truthfully, I like a smooth look. But, I’d rather have someone see a seam (I mean, it’s not really a secret that I’m wearing a bra) and have a lifted shape, rather than no seams and blobby boobs. Just sayin’. There are many fabulous smooth bras out there, but I encourage you to give seamed bras, like the Elomi Caitlyn (to the right) or Panache Tango II a try. And if you’re shy about showing seams, winter is your opportunity to give them a shot!

Luxe lace: Even in the US, lace bras are a sexy staple. A luxurious lace bra has the power to turn your day from “just ok” to “wowie zowie”! Some lace styles are smooth or flat enough to wear under tighter tops, but many women fear that delicate lace doesn’t give enough support. Come on, did you think I would let you wear a bra that doesn’t support? Please! For petite breasts, I love the Timpa Duet bra. And for fuller breasts, a bra like the Chantelle Pont Des Arts bra has built-in shape and support.

Itches in the stitches: Many women tell me that they just hate the way lace feels on their delicate skin. Did you know that this itchiness is usually not caused by the lace itself? Brand new bras have a lot of starch and sizing on them to make them look crisp and appealing on the hanger. Trust me, it bothers me too! But, if you give your bras a good soak in some gentle wash (I love LeBlanc wash for this!) and wash out that itchy stuff, you’ll be left with soft and cozy lace. Usually an hour soak will do the trick. If you’re super sensitive, leave it overnight. From then on out, you’ll have no worries. Trust me!

It’s time to face the lace. Treat yourself this winter to a gorgeous and great fitting lace bra and find out how fabulous you can feel!

Happy winter!