How to Guide for Women: Get the Gifts You Want!

By Linda the Bra Lady on November 16th, 2011

Ho ho ho! It’s that time of year again: The season when you get to pick thoughtful gifts to give. But, it’s also when you desperately hope that your friends, family, and special someone will finally get a clue and get you what you really want. Let’s be honest with each other, getting what you want for the holidays isn’t as easy as ::spoiler alert!:: asking Santa anymore. Sorry.

So how do you ask your friend, co-worker, or lover? It’s hard! The good news is that they want to give you something that you actually want. It can be stressful to give a good gift! And, if you’re hankering for a fabulous bra or a sexy set, it can be awkward to ask for. So here is my advice on how to ask for what you want without being greedy. Keep reading and I’ll clue you in!

In-store profile: Many women come into my store thinking “I’ll just buy one or two bras today”. Then they quickly realize that they are in the wrong size and are desperate for a bra drawer overhaul! In these cases, women have to buy their basics first and stockpile some good staples. However, this means that they have to leave a few behind. Luckily, my Bra Divas can write down these styles in their “profile” for next time. And if you want to send someone else to pick up that extra bra, you can tell your Mom, or Husband, or whoever to go to my store to pick up your favorite – all they need is your name! They can even get a recommendation based on past purchases from my Divas – so easy.

Educate your shopper: Have a guy who wants to buy you something sassy for the holidays? Congrats! Afraid that he is clueless on where to start? You’re not alone. Because guys don’t spend everyday in the stuff, how can we expect them to be totally in the know when it comes to bras and panties? That’s why I’ve created a guy-friendly guide so he can read up and shop with confidence.

Email your male: Can’t make it to the store? Have a guy who is more of an online shopper? You’ve got it made. Just browse through and copy and paste the links to your favorite styles into an email. Include your favorite sexy stuff and some good basics that you know you’ll need. Your friendly suggestions will be so easy to browse through. Even better, give a helpful hint by signing up for my Linda’s Emails and forwarding them along. Be sure to include notes at the top like “OMG, that Karla Colletto bathing suit is to die for! I saw Linda has it in red, too.  Size 10 please. Love you!”. Believe me, some guys will appreciate the direction. They want to get you something you’ll love!

Visual cue: Does he need more of a visual aid? No prob. Print out your favorite styles or my latest email blast and tape it to the bathroom mirror for him to find in the morning. You can also leave a nice little note of encouragement: “I hope you have a great day today. You can think of me wearing this 😉 I’d love to wear it for you…size 32F, in red, at”. Too forward? C’mon! If you don’t ask, you won’t get it!

Say it, get it: I can’t tell you how many women actually tell me that they were not the one who made their fitting appointment. On many occasions, their parent, boyfriend, or partner sent them in! When I ask why, they say that their partner was “so tired of hearing me complain about my bras not fitting.” Want a great gift? Ask for a fitting at Linda’s! To make sure you get your point across, mention it. A lot. “Phew, this bra is just painful. Gosh, I would love to go to Linda’s. I hear she is the best! I wish I had the time to make an appointment…maybe after the holidays. Then again, I may be low on funds by then. Man! I wish I could get a gift certificate for Christmas!” You get the picture. I don’t call it whining, I call it being smart.

Go get it, girl! Don’t have someone to ask to buy your favorite bra or panty? Do what I do: shop for yourself! After all of the fabulous gifts that you gave and how hard you’ve worked, you deserve to get what you really want. So take that holiday scarf back to the store and swing by my shop or shop online for a true gift to yourself: fabulousness. Look and feel your best in a bra that truly fits!

Happy holidays!





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