Linda’s Guide For Men: How To Give the Gift of Lingerie!

By Linda the Bra Lady on November 9th, 2011

Hi guys! Welcome to my guide for giving lingerie. You may be here because you need a little help shopping. Maybe you’re here out of sheer curiosity. Perhaps you’re here because a smart woman sent you here. In any case, I’m here to help! Bras and panties can be a fabulous gift! Giving the gift of lingerie means you are in a relationship with a woman who you will see in that lingerie. I do not suggest this kind of gift to a brand new girlfriend, or during a party where she will open it in front of other people (especially family – yikes!). Giving intimate apparel is an intimate thing. So take the time to pick something thoughtful and appropriate for this special someone!

Get acquainted: Shopping for bras and panties can be painfully awkward for a man. Mainly because you don’t know the topic very well. Women who are buying lingerie for women have a clear advantage – they are in familiar territory. So, the first step is to just get familiar with the topic. Check out my helpful style guide for bras and underwear. These guides will give you a quick explanation of just what a “demi” cup or a “G-string” really is. You can even click on each style and browse the shop to see real examples.

Do some detective work: Some women will come right out and tell you their bra size and what style they prefer, while others may be a tad more timid and will shy away from revealing any kind of “number”. So take a look in her drawer! I’m not saying you should be a weirdo and go plundering through her panty drawer for pleasure. Rather, be observant and see what sizes (yes, sizes is plural. It is possible for women to fit into several different sizes!) she stocks in her drawer. Also, take note of the styles that she prefers (remember to use those guides above if you need help!). Giving her something that suits her size and style will earn you lots of points as opposed to playing the guessing game. Not good. I’m telling you – a woman who loves a molded cup, bright colors,  and wears a 32F or 32FF will think you don’t even know her if you give her a black, all lace bra in a 34B.

Just ask! I know it seems more fun to pillage through her underwear drawer and surprise her with a sexy gift, but you are still making an educated guess. Don’t be shy to ask your lady friend what kind of bras or lingerie she loves to wear. Make sure you are picking something that she will actually want to wear. Here’s a little insider tip: When she feels and looks her best, she will be at her sexiest! You may be tempted to buy her a faux-fur trimmed thong, which might only make her feel silly. But if you bought her a well-made lace panty that flatters her shape, she will feel (and look) like a million bucks! You’ll never know unless you ask.  You can even go through my site together and let her pick out her favorites!

Not all gifts have to be sexy: I know more than a few women out there who will fall completely-head-over-heels-crazy-in-love-with-you if you buy them a (gasp!) basic bra. Believe it or not, it’s true! Good basic bras are the foundation to a fabulous outfit and outlook – doesn’t every woman want that? You may find it more appealing to give a sassy little something, and that’s ok. Giving lingerie should be fun! But, how much more will she thank you if you also include her favorite everyday bra? She will wear that bra almost everyday – and think how lucky she is to have such a great guy. Think about it. It’s good logic.

Send Her to the Best in the Biz: Still feeling like she would love a bra and panty set, and unsure if you can take the “that’s not my size!” risk? Never fear. Send her to my store! Set her up with an appointment and let my Bra Divas and I guide her through all of her bra options – and even help her get into the right size! Have you ever heard her say “I can’t stand wearing this bra. It’s so uncomfortable!” or “Ugh- I hate this bra. I can’t wait to take it off.” If so, then searching through those bad bras for a gift idea will only help you give her a bad bra! Help her get the help she needs at a Linda’s location. Even better – send her with a gift certificate in hand! Treat her to a real bra (and confidence!) makeover. You know she deserves it. Maybe she will even have something sassy and fun to surprise you with!

Send in the Reinforcements: Can’t make it to one of my stores? No worries. Let her know that you want to give her a great gift. Then, have her measure her bust (you can even help – what a guy!)  and use my Bra Calculator as a starting point. Next, call or email my Bra Divas for a personal size and style recommendation. I promise – getting the help that you (and she) needs will make bra and panty buying a smooth and easy process. We’re always here to help!

Happy Shopping!






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