Undergarments For Your Halloween Costume

By Linda the Bra Lady on October 24th, 2011

It’s almost Halloween!  Some people love going all out and wearing a festive outfit, while others are happy to tote the kids around and eat a fun-sized candy bar here and there. And, for some women, it’s an excuse to wear a barely there outfit, put on a pair of ears, and strut around as some kind of animal. I get it, it can be fun! Sexy, scary or sweet, it’s all the same to me. Because regardless of what kind of costume you plan to wear, you better make sure you have the right undergarments! Bras, slips, and even bustiers are all right here at Linda’s!

The Faux Lace-up Top: So many halloween costumes for women have a lace-up top- the pirate wench and the bar maid always make an appearance at parties. But, don’t rely on those faux laces to actually give you a sexy shape. Most halloween costumes come in S,M,L sizes and won’t really hug your curves the way you want them to. To create a sexy waist, slip a Sqeem Firm Compression Vest underneath it all for the structure and support you really want!










The Busty Bustier: Don’t trust the bustier provided with your costume to give you the support that you want? You’re not alone! Try a bustier like the Panache Harlequin Tiffany Basque, or other style, to keep you lifted. So many costumes can start with this perfect foundation piece- it’s supportive enough to serve as an undergarment, and classy enough to be worn on its own as a top. Underneath, or on its own, it will make for a fun night!










The All White Costume: Lots of costumes are all white and may look great on the dance floor under the black light- but oooooh boy, that polka dot panty or printed bra will show right through! Anyone thinking of going the Angel or Princess Leia route should stick to nude colored basics underneath. Think about it, that $20 costume from the drugstore won’t come with an opaque lining. So, take precautions and wear a Commando Slip and a nude colored basic bra. Need more help? Find your best nude with this handy guide.











The Short Skirt: Got a great pair of gams? Show them off with one of those popular tutu-style skirts on so many halloween costumes! Afraid that the poofy skirt will show off a little too much? No problem! Cover up with a pair of opaque boyshorts, or have some fun with the Honeydew Ruffle Rumba shorts! They are just the right combination of sass and coverage.










The Halter/Strapless Top: Want to wear a Cinderella gown or Marilyn Monroe halter dress? Don’t spend your whole night trying to keep your bra from falling down- not cute, and not comfortable. Take your measurements and pop them into my Bra Calculator. Then, try a good strapless bra! They each come with straps so you can wear them as a halter, racerback, one shoulder, or even put clear straps on one. Besides, the holiday parties don’t stop at halloween. Keep your strapless on hand for the Christmas and Hanunkkah season, too!










Happy Halloween!