Linda’s BFF: Bra Fan Forever

By Linda the Bra Lady on October 7th, 2011

Throughout the years, I have met many women… and their breasts. I’m proud to say that I have changed some of these women’s lives! Really! Bra fitting goes beyond a simple boost for the bust. Don’t believe me? Well, that’s why I have decided to let some real customers share their stories.

Meet our first ever BFF: Bra Fan Forever, Ingrid T! This military wife lives  in Japan and has a petite frame and petite breasts. She has also breastfed three children. Sounds like someone needed my help! One of our biggest challenges here at Linda’s is fitting via email and phone. But, we are a dedicated bunch! Listen to Ingrid’s story (it starts with her very thankful email) and read her interview. My favorite quote from Ingrid: “I want to like my small boobs.  I thought, if I could only find a bra that fit, maybe I would feel better about myself.” I don’t want to spoil anything… but let’s just say, with our help, Ingrid is feeling fabulous!

Ingrid’s email:

Dear Linda’s:

Where do I begin??  I used to not have a problem finding a bra that fit me … but now I realize that 1) I was probably not even wearing the right size to begin with and 2) I’ve now breastfed 3 babies and my boobs are nowhere near what they used to be!

The past year has been a real struggle for me, to find the perfect fit.  I had my 3rd child last September and I breastfed her for 9 months (she quite suddenly quit one day, but that’s another story).  I was able to lose my weight with her much faster than with my other 2 children and as my weight went down, so did my bust.  I could NOT find a bra that fit me!  Not to mention a NURSING BRA!

Did I mention that I live in Okinawa, Japan? No? Well, my only option, as far as clothing shopping goes, is the Post Exchange and let’s just say, the only bra I found to fit me there was in the little girls section. I eventually ordered some 32B nursing bras somewhere online (the smallest I could find), but even those were too big in the cup AND band…. I mean, we’re talking I couldn’t lift my arms without my bra inching up!  It was impossible to be comfortable while chasing after my 4 & 2 year old boys and caring for my infant daughter.

Eventually I stopped wearing the nursing bras and just nursed the best I could in the few bras I had – that I could at least pretend fit… But after my daughter weaned herself, even those bras didn’t fit anymore… I tried Victoria’s Secret … but the smallest size they had made me feel like I was 15 … and they still didn’t fit!


I cried and cried –  why can’t someone make bras for “skinny girls?”  I couldn’t wear half of my clothes because the only bra I could wear was black with white polka dots (yeah, the tween bra from VS).  The other half made me look like I had NO boobs, whatsoever!  I began wishing I had bigger boobs. Anything to be able to shop like a normal person.  Boob job?

But, no – that’s not me.  I want to like my small boobs.  I thought, if I could only find a bra that fit, maybe I would feel better about myself.  Thus began my love affair with Linda’s Online. I stalked her bras and measured myself, and had my husband measure me – several times on several occasions.  I e-mailed to confirm what size I should buy.  I made my order and waited only 9 DAYS!

I received my Lucia Convertible Push Up bra today – my husband came home with several packages and I asked, “Is it my bra??”  When I put it on I could have cried!  For the first time in, I don’t know how long, I was wearing a bra that fit. It fit so well that it didn’t feel like I was wearing one.

I will never buy a bra from anywhere but Linda’s.  You have no IDEA how excited I am to find a bra that fits! I only wish she had a store in Okinawa!  I don’t know when I’ll get a chance to ever go to NY … but if I ever do, I will be coming in and personally thanking her!


Ingrid T. (5’5”  115lbs 30C)

Ingrid’s Interview:

Name: Ingrid T

Age: 27

Occupation: Stay at home Mom and supportive Marine wife in Japan

Why are you Linda’s BFF? After searching for-EVER for a bra that fits – I FINALLY found one!

Did you order online or visit the shop? I ordered online at the end of September and received my bra the first week of October.  Some day I will visit the store and bask in the wonder of so many bras my size, in one place!!  I will try EVERY ONE on!

Who helped you? My husband measured me at home and I emailed to make sure that I would be getting the right size.  Their recommended size was spot on!

What size were you wearing before Linda’s? I was wearing bras ranging from 32A-30B – but the cups were always way too big and the band was always way too big.

Were you wearing the right size? If not, what size did were you fitted for? I was definitely NOT wearing the right size!  I ended up buying a 30C in The Little Bra Company Lucia Push Up.

How did you feel and look after  your fitting? Even though I wasn’t fitted in person, I would just like to say: now that I have a bra that actually fits me, I feel much better about my appearance.  I feel that I can put my shoulders back and be confident of the way I look in my clothes.

Would you tell your friends to get a fitting at Linda’s? I’ve already told all my sisters (6) and all my girlfriends here in Okinawa, Japan that they need to check out !

Why do you think getting fit for bras is so important for women? It’s so important for your self-esteem to have a bra that fits. Having a bra that doesn’t give you a proper shape can make you feel like you are heavier than you are, or it can make you feel like you are flatter chested than you really are.  You shouldn’t be constantly adjusting your bra all day – which is what I was doing. With the correct fit, I don’t feel like I’m wearing a bra!  And I feel like my body has a woman’s shape instead of a 15 year old boy…

What was the most important thing you learned? I learned that there ARE bras out there for thin and smaller busted ladies!  I don’t have to ever contemplate shopping in the girl section at the store or consider sewing my own bras – the solution is Linda’s!

An update from Ingrid, who is still a loyal Linda’s fan: 4/15/12  ”I’ve adjusted the size I’m wearing to a 28C (after consulting with ya’ll through e-mail) from the original 30C I received.” Ingrid is setting a great example! It’s so important to check in on your size, try new styles, and make recommended adjustments. And we are here to help!

Thank you to Ingrid for sharing your story! If she inspired you to get a fitting of your very own, make an appointment or check out my website today. I can’t wait to help you, too!

Are you a Linda’s BFF? Do you want to share your bra fitting story? Get all of the details here.

Stay fabulous!