Get Your Sexy Back: Your Bra Size Post-Baby

By Linda the Bra Lady on October 4th, 2011

Take a good look at the woman to the left. Does she look familiar? A hardworking Mom with two kids, struggling to keep them happy, her husband happy, and (dare I say it?) herself happy? That sexy, empowered woman that she used to be is a mirage in the distance. Don’t deny it: this woman could be you! Things change after having kids. It’s just the honest truth! Where, in all of this chaos, are you supposed to get your sexy back?

There’s an old saying that I love: “A happy mom is a happy home”. You have to take care of yourself so that you can take care of your family. And it has to start right away. Many women wait until their kids are grown and out of the house to finally take care of themselves- and that includes finally getting a bra fitting! I see it all the time in my shops. But, let’s be honest, by the time the kid’s are out of the house… women are desperate for a bra fitting! I mean, beyond desperate! One of the most critical times to get re-fit is right after your baby is born. Not 20 years later. A well fitting bra, even a basic style, can bring back a youthful appearance, better posture, and a whole load of confidence. Not to mention, when your bra fits properly, you are a million times more comfortable. And that, my friends, can make the biggest difference.

Hopefully you followed my fabulous advice and changed your bra size as your breasts grew during pregnancy. And maybe you even came in during your 8th month, or so, to get your nursing bras. Bravo! Now that baby has arrived, and if you have nursed, it’s a whole new “bra game”. During pregnancy, breasts swell and can be quite heavy. The good news, though, is that they are full and robust – even perky! After giving birth, and especially after nursing…things will change. This time, breasts will get smaller, less perky, and possibly quite soft. The initial milk and inflation that ballooned your breasts during pregnancy and nursing have gone away. Your whole body, not just your breasts, is brand new and unfamiliar terrain. I know, I know! I’ve been there!

Don’t add more stress to your life by guessing your new size. And don’t bring baby to a department store full of ill-fitting bras, in a small size range, that you will have to sift through for hours until you finally give up and bring one home out of desperation. Come to Linda’s! Trained fitters, like myself, take the guesswork out of bra shopping. After measuring you, and taking a look at your new shape, I will be able to suggest several different styles and a brand new size. Don’t be surprised if you end up in a brand new kind of bra! Women who never wore a molded bra before may suddenly be thankful for it’s shape-defining material! Ladies who only wore low cut bras may like a little more coverage to avoid any overflow. It’s a whole new world! Don’t be afraid to explore it.

On days when you feel totally overwhelmed and completely drained, the last thing you want to think about is your bra. Having a wardrobe of good bras on hand will alleviate the “OMG I hate this bra and want to rip it off!” stress that many women feel. And, while you are at it, why not try something sassy? On those terrible baby-barfed-in-the-car-and-spilled-macaroni-and-cheese-all-over-my-pants days, when you may or may not have had a few free minutes to wash your hair or put on makeup, do yourself a favor and slip on a well-fitting, sexy lace bra. Believe me, just knowing that you have on a super sexy bra will help get you through some of those “OMG. I don’t even recognize myself anymore” days.  And you will get through them. I promise. And, if someone happens to see it, it’s their lucky day 😉

Remember, a good bra in the right size, and right style, will always look and feel better. And in this exciting and trying time in your life, it’s even more important. Do yourself a favor: make an appointment today. Don’t spend one more day denying yourself the basic pleasure of a well-fitting bra.