What is a Weekend Bra?

By Linda the Bra Lady on September 27th, 2011

Ah…the weekend. For many of us, it’s a time to recharge, relax and (often) run errands. The weekend is our time off from work, and work clothes, too. Isn’t it nice to wake up, slip on a pair of your most comfortable sweatpants and lounge around for part of the day? Not bad. Not bad at all. However, there is something that most women forget about: the weekend bra. Is there a certain bra that you should set aside for the weekend? Can you just wear an old bra? What about a sports bra? Do you even have to wear a bra at all? Ladies, ladies, ladies… I hear you. And I’m here to put an end to the debate. Read on!

Can I wear my old, worn out bra? When many women come into my shop, they are wearing totally worn out, or ill-fitting bras. Most of the time, they are so comfortable and happy in their new bras, that they don’t even want to leave in their old, crummy bra. So, it shocks me when I ask, “Great! Want to toss out that old bra, right here?” And the response is: “No, no, no. I’ll hold on to it. I can wear it on the weekends”. WHAT? Not acceptable. While you may get to take the day off, gravity does not. And that means your breasts don’t either. Keep those breasts up and perky! Think about it, you came in for a fitting to get away from that crummy bra in the first place. A well-fitting bra always feels more comfortable and supportive. So why, when you want to be most comfortable, would you reach for that old thing? Whether you’re out in public or lounging at home, proper fit is a must.

Can I wear a sports bra? This answer isn’t quite as black and white. While I’m strict about tossing poorly fitting or worn out bras, a good sports bra on the weekends is a different story. And I do mean, a good one. Sloppy, stretched out or generally sized sports bras are just as bad as a terrible basic bra. However, a good sports bra can be a great substitution for a basic bra on the weekends. It may not give you the same sexy shape as a good basic bra, but it will still protect and support breast tissue while you run errands. Even a non-underwire style that fits well can do the trick and still be super comfortable. In fact, I love to travel in the Anita Active Medium Impact Sports Bra. It’s smooth, wire free, and comfortable but it still gives me proper support. Even other non-underwire bras, that are not specifically sports bras, can give you the same comfortable result.

Can I take a break from the basics? Oooh this is where we get to have some fun! Some work environments or work clothes may prevent you from being able to wear your sassiest bras Monday through Friday. So, Saturday and Sunday can be your time to pick the prettiest little number from our bra drawer! Why not? Do you have plans for a Saturday night out? Strut your stuff in a gorgeous lace number! Just have plans to cart the kids to practice or clean out the refrigerator? Who cares? Spice up your boring weekend and wear a little excitement under that sweatshirt. It can be our little secret.

Do I have to wear a bra at all? Listen. I’m The Bra Lady. You should know my answer to this question. Women with full breasts still need to keep them lifted and happy. And, the truth is, so do those with petite breasts. Even if you just want to wear a little bralette, having some protection and shape is always a good idea. I think there are a lot of myths out there about comfort and breast health when wearing a bra. I was actually trained by the American Cancer Society to fit bras- and after years of experience, I know that most bra problems and discomfort can be easily remedied by wearing the right size. So, if your bra is so uncomfortable that you can’t wait to go braless on the weekend, it may be time to get re-fit. Either your size has changed, you need a new style, or your bras are dead. Usually, it’s just that simple.

Can I just wear one of my favorite basics? Yes! YES! YES, of course! Once you’ve found a good group of core basics, you may feel just dandy in one of your favorite basic bras. There’s no reason that you can’t rotate one of these preferred styles on the weekends. And while some fabrics or styles may just be more desirable than others, when you’re in the right size, there’s usually no need for a “weekend bra”. All bras are weekend bras! Try a few different basic styles: stretchy, lacy, molded and non-molded, etc. Rotate them in throughout the work week, and if one feels just that much more cozy, set it aside (or get an extra!) for your coziest days. It’s ideal to be able to have good, comfortable basics on hand all week- not just on your days off.

Here’s to being comfortable all week long!