What To Do When You Look Like You Have Four Boobs

By Linda the Bra Lady on August 11th, 2011

People say two heads are better than one…but believe me, four boobs aren’t better than two! “Quad boob” is our term for a bump that spills out from the top or side of your bra. This embarrassing effect can even show under your shirts.

If you’re experiencing quad boob, your bra is either not adjusted properly, or the cups are too small! Ask yourself: are you trying to park your SUV into a parking spot intended for a VW Bug? Something is bound to stick out. What should you do when you find you’re walking around with four boobs?

You should…

1. Put them where you want them. Make sure your bra band is snug and lies straight across your back. (If you need help finding your band size, start with my bra calculator. Remember, it’s just a place to start.) A snug back is the most important part of a well-fitting bra, ladies. The most important part. Next, use the straps to keep your bra cups flush against your body and give your breasts a slight lift. Remember, Your bra should never be hanging off the front of you. How can it do its job way out there? Tip: do not rely on your straps to do all of the lifting. The back of your bra provides 90% of the support. If you hike your bra straps up and the back is loose, your back will just come riding up instead of your breasts being lifted. Not good.

Next, adjust your breasts so that all of your breast tissue is inside the cup and the wire. Your underwire should always lay on your body- never dig into breast tissue. It should also sit just around your breast- not down on your belly or over to one side. Put your breasts and your bra where you want them! In a well fitting bra, you should do this adjustment only once when you put on your bra, and not all day. Ill fitting bras require constant adjusting and are completely uncomfortable. Sometimes the fix for quad boob is just a good bra adjustment!

2. Cup size matters. Now that you’ve gotten yourself properly adjusted, are you still spilling out? This means your cups are too small. Though it’s hard to estimate how far you’ll need to go up in size, think of a handful as one cup size. Try one cup size up to start, then go from there. Repeat step 1 in this new, fabulous size!

3. Style Solutions. If you’re still having trouble, you may need a new style. Remember, not all shapes are the same. Even in the correct size, you could be wearing the wrong shape- as in, not getting the right amount of coverage.  Are you spilling out from the top? Maybe you are wearing a style intended for a breast with less at the top. Plunge bras are not flattering on every breast. Try something like the Elomi Caitlyn Bra or the Wacoal Minimizer. These two styles are “less risky” because they cover the whole breast. Under tight tops, you need that fuller coverage to avoid any embarrassing spillage. Though some may argue that full coverage bras “aren’t as cute”, they sure look better under some clothing. Besides, are four boobs cute? I don’t think so.

Just a reminder – the bra fitting calculator is just a tool to get you started. Bra fitting is a trial and error process. Not only do different brands run differently, but different styles within brands do as well! Finding your perfect fitting bra may take you more than one try but once you find it, you’ll be more than pleased with having only two boobs.

Stay fabulous and don’t be a don’t!