How to Store Your Bras

By Linda the Bra Lady on July 27th, 2011

Finding the perfect fitting bra should be the first thing on your to-do list but what’s the second? Learning how to store that perfect fitting bra. I know you probably have a big drawer full of undies and socks and bras, all jumbled together. Not so great. While you can fold non-molded bras in half between the cups, you can’t do that with your molded bras.  You can’t just throw them around or even randomly place them in your drawer. You spent your hard earned dollars on your bras, so treat them as well as you would a new lover. Here are some tips to help you get your bra care started!

1)      In your lingerie drawer

A quick Google search on “how to organize your bras” turns up a lot of articles meant to help you keep your undergarments safe. Most will tell you that you should use drawer dividers with pictures explaining the “right way” to place them. While the organizational aspect of these article are right on (drawer dividers are super helpful!), you must know the right way to place them.  You should never, I repeat never, invert your molded cups or push one cup into the other.  You will kill your bras! Do you want to walk around with a dent in your boob? I didn’t think so. Those dents and puckers will show through your clothes! The whole point of storing your bras is to extend their shelf life. Folding molded bras in half will only damage the cups and subsequently kill off your dream bra prematurely.

If you’re using drawer dividers, place your bras so that they are vertical in the drawer. This will keep their form while keeping your drawer organized. You can also just stack them one behind the other in your drawer.

2)      On a hanger

This is one of the easiest ways to store your bras, regardless of size. The best way to hang your bras is to place the straps onto the J hook of your hanger. This will ensure they don’t fall off the hanger. Hanging up your bras is a great solution when you don’t have enough drawer space to store all your bras.

3)      In a shoebox/container

The size of shoebox depends on how big your bras are. If you’re an A cup, use a regular shoe box. If you’re a G cup, put them in a shoe box for boots.  Just keep in mind that the bras should fit without you having to fold your molded cups. If you fold your molded cups, you should save the shoe box and use it as a coffin because you’ll be ruining your bra!

These are the three easiest and most effective ways to store your bras. If by chance you don’t have the room, simply stack your bras on top of one another so the cups sit in each other. You’re good to go as long as you don’t fold those molded cups!

Good luck and happy organizing!



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