Buy Your Bra Before Your Bridal Gown

By Linda the Bra Lady on July 8th, 2011

Most women have an idea of what type of wedding dress they want before they head to the bridal boutique. Whether you love the strapless, spaghetti or sweetheart cut, there’s a special bra for each style. And I recommend buying it before you head dress shopping! Too often, brides leave finding the bra until the last minute. Scrambling and frantic missions ensue but this isn’t necessary! By buying the bra first, you will avoid the headache later. Read on to learn which bra will work best for your dresses neckline and size and start shopping!

Type of Neckline: Bateau

Type of Bra: Strapless

The Bateau neckline, also called a boat neck, is a cut that runs horizontally across the collarbone and sits on the shoulders. Because this style of dress often involves lace atop the neckline, sporting a regular bra will cause you to have visible bra straps. The safe bet for this type of neckline is a strapless bra.

If you have a small bust: Try the Simone Perele Velia Plunge Strapless Bra. It runs up to a 38D and comes in Ivory and Praline. Silicone grip bands help the bra stay in place as you dance the night away. The cups are soft and smooth and you’ll be sure to have a flawless silhouette on your magical night.

If you have a large bust: The Fantasie Molded Strapless Bra was made with the bigger bust in mind and definitely doesn’t disappoint. The molded cups are lined and designed to support fuller cups so you’ll have support and comfort. You also won’t have to worry about your bra moving around – gripper elastics runs along the bra band for the utmost stability.

Type of Neckline: Halter

Type of Bra: Convertible

The halter neckline is versatile since it can encompass a variety of styles. Some halters may plunge while others may have a higher neckline. The halter strap can also either be thick or thin so a convertible bra will allow you to convert as needed.

If You have a small bust: The Little Bra Co. Lucia Convertible Bra is a stunning lace bra that has soft push up cups that will enhance your cleavage. This bestseller has all of the feminine details a bride deserves – gold metal details and a ribbon bow between the cups – and has thin straps that will be concealed behind a halter gown.

If you have a large bust: For a stable and comfortable fit, try the Elila Spacer Molded Strapless Bra. This fabulous strapless runs up to an H cup and with the use of a single strap, the bra quickly turns into a halter top. The best part is the smooth molded cups that are invisible under clothes.

Type of Neckline: Scoop

Type of Bra: Convertible

A scoop neckline looks exactly how it sounds – its scoops down the front of the dress in an exaggerated curve. Some dresses will have a deep plunge while others will be more conservative.

If You have a small bust: The Little Bra Company Sascha Strapless Bra is a low-cut push up bra that comes with removable straps and pads for the perfect look. The demi-cut style is ideal for scoop necklines since it will push up your bust without exposing your bra. The best part is the pretty jacquard print that will match a beautiful white gown.

If you have a large bust: The Elomi Smoothing Molded Strapless Bra is a fabulous strapless for larger cups. A wide back band and silicone grips help the bra stay up all night but if your dress is halter, you can use of the straps

Type of Neckline: Strapless

Type of Bra: Strapless, Strapless Longline

The strapless wedding dress is one of the most popular wedding dress styles, with women of all shapes and sizes favoring this cut. Regardless of the specific neckline (princess, square, etc), you’ll need a well-fitting strapless bra in order for your girls to stay supported the entire night.

If you have a small bust: The Chantelle Sensua Strapless is great for petite girls. Smaller sizes come with graduated padding that will give you a natural boost without being obvious.  You’ll look fantastic in your strapless dress with this strapless bra!

If you have a large bust: Women with cups sizes above an H will have difficulty finding regular strapless bras; they simply don’t make them that large. I recommend going with a longline. My favorite is the Elila Strapless Longline, which runs up to a size 46H. Spiral boning provides a comfortable fit for hours and won’t poke. You have other things to worry about on your special night!

Type of Neckline: Sweatheart

Type of Bra: Demi Cup

The sweetheart cut bridal gown is often strapless and the neckline looks like the top of a heart.  This is a style that will exaggerate your bust line so it’s important to have a great fitting bra that will lift and support.

If you have a small bust: The Wacoal Petites Lace Up Contour Bra was practically made for the sweetheart cut gown. The sweetheart front creates a seamless silhouette underneath clothes and removable push-up pads allow you maximize (or minimize) as much cleavage as you want. This bra will work not only for your wedding gown but for the honeymoon as well!

If you have a large bust: The perfect sweetheart cut bra for women with large busts is the Panache Porcelain Moulded Strapless Bra. Seamless cups support and shape while padded cups provide a smooth silhouette without adding size. The bra comes with straps so you’ll be able to adjust it to the neckline of your dress.

Type of Neckline: V-Neck

Type of Bra: Plunge

V-Neck wedding gowns plunge in the front in a V shape can either have spaghetti strapped or sleeves.

If you have a small bust: A V-Neck dress needs a V-Neck plunge bra and for women with a small bust, the Josie Outline Contour Plunge Bra is the answer. Ideal for petites and tall women, this sexy style plunges low and has moderate padding to create natural looking cleavage.

If you have a large bust: The Elomi Smoothing Molded Plunge Bra a low-cut bra that runs up to a 46DD. Not only does it plunge low enough to remain invisible in a v-neck but it is also a push-up bra which will lift and enhance the cleavage.

Whether you have a small bust or a large one, finding the perfect fitting bra for your gown should be your first priority. Otherwise you might find yourself in a situation where the bra you need doesn’t come in your size, or worse, doesn’t exist at all. Follow these simple rules and you’ll be on your way to a fabulous wedding dress and an even more fabulous wedding night.

Congrats and happy shopping!