Stylish (and Great Fitting) Swimwear 2011

By Linda the Bra Lady on May 11th, 2011

Swimwear season is here! Whether you’re tanning in your backyard or hitting the beach on the weekends, you’re going to need a bathing suit to strut in style. Because all women have different needs, I’ve written a guide to help you get started. Everyone deserves a fashionable, fabulous and great fitting swimsuit!

If You Have a Big Bust: Big busted women need support from their bras and that doesn’t change when it comes to swimwear. If you’re larger than a D cup, I recommend bra sized swimwear. This will provide optimal support for your bust and this will also help you look and feel more confident. There are many different styles of bra-sized swimwear so you’re sure to find something you love.

If You’re Plus Size: Every gal deserves to feel sexy in their suit and the full-figured gal is no different. Whether you’re into bikinis, tankinis or one-pieces, finding the perfect fit is the most important part. Brands like Sunsets design swimwear with these needs in mind so you’re sure to find a great swimsuit that hugs your curves perfectly.

If You Have a Small Bust: Small busted women want the same from their bathing suits as they do from their bras – support and often times, extra lift. There are many styles available for the petite bust, from bikinis to tankinis, but there is one suit that tops the cleavage mountain.

If you’ve had a Mastectomy: Having a mastectomy shouldn’t stop you from feeling beautiful at the beach. Anita Care designs are trendy yet fit comfortably. Because Anita Care products are created specifically with post-surgical needs in mind, the suits fit well and will give you the extra confidence boost you need.

If You’re Pregnant: Pregnant women need and want comfortable swimwear that flatters the body and the belly. While this may have been impossible years ago, luckily more and more brands are listening to the loud demands of this demographic. Brands like Anita design swimwear that is both comfy yet stylish and you’re sure to be happy when you give them a try!

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