How to Feel Sexy in Your Lingerie

By Linda The Bra Lady on March 30th, 2011

How to Feel Sexy in Your Lingerie

Every woman deserves to feel sexy in her lingerie. Unfortunately, that’s not always the case. Whether it’s because she feels dissatisfied with her body or lacks the confidence to flaunt what her mama gave her, feeling sexy will be the last thing she feels when putting on lingerie. Until now. Read on for tips on how to look and feel your very best in lingerie, regardless of size or preconceived “sexy” notions.

  1. Wear the Right Size -  If your bra and panties are too small or too big, you won’t feel or look comfortable. This will in turn decrease your confidence which will consequently have a negative effect on your sexiness IQ. Your significant other doesn’t know or care about the size on the tag. Don’t ruin it with your insistence to be a smaller size than you are.

  2. Look the Best You Can NOW – We all have body goals. Lose that. Tone this. Gain there. Don’t let those goals stand in the way of you feeling sexy NOW. Instead, find a bra & panty set that will enhance what you love and hide what you don’t. Not pleased with your stomach? Wear a lace longline. This will provide you ample support and will cover your stomach. Want to shield your backside? Wear boyshorts.

  3. Wear the Colors that Make YOU Happy -  If the trend for spring is honeydew orange and all of the magazine spreads say you MUST own that color, but you hate it more than your vile mother-in-law, don’t wear it! You’ll feel self-conscious. Instead, stick to classic colors that you feel good in. The magazine editors aren’t trailing you.

  4. Wear Styles that Compliment your Body – Boyshorts, thongs or g-strings? Which is the sexiest? Truth is, they’re all sexy. It’s not what you wear but how you wear it. If you wear a g-string but spend all day picking at your wedgies – not so sexy. If you wear a g-string for your significant other and then spend the entire time finding objects to shield your behind – not so sexy. But wearing boy shorts and flaunting it? Very sexy.

  5. Confidence – Like your credit card and sunglasses, you should never leave home without it.  Nothing is sexier than confidence. Flaunt what you love, cover what you don’t and enjoy the moment. If you act like you’re hotter than the sun, you’ll eventually start to feel that way and eventually act that way, which will make you feel that way. It feels good to feel good so give it a try.

Do you feel sexy when you wear your lingerie? How do you stay confident? Let us know!

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