Are You a Lingerie Hoarder? Part II: Out With the Old, In With the New

By Linda The Bra Lady on March 25th, 2011

So you’ve cleaned your closet of your old lingerie and you’ve got nothing to wear. Now what?

Now you get a fitting!
We recommend getting fitted for a new bra every six months. Whether your size has changed or not, the life span of an everyday bra is three to six months. This is especially important for women with larger bust sizes. Bras stretch with wear and eventually stop providing you with adequate support.  In addition, if you’re gained or lost weight, you will need a new bra that fits your new size.

How to Get a Bra Fitting

Come visit Linda’s shop in New York City! We now have two locations – one the Upper East Side and our brand spankin’ new location in Murray Hill. Murray Hill comes equipped with eight dressing rooms, a comfy waiting area and other great amenities. We open April 5th and can’t wait to see you!

  1. Not in the area? Call our bra fitting hotline at 1-888-262-4887 or send an email to customerservice@lindasonline. com. One of our skilled and highly trained customer service agents will be happy to help. Keep a measuring tape handy to help your fitter determine your size.
  2. Use our trusty and convenient bra fitting calculator. Have a seamstress measuring tape handy and follow the instructions on the page. Please note that the bra fitting calculator is a great start but only the beginning in your bra fitting journey.

Once you know your size, determine what style fits you best. Different breast shapes look better in certain bras. To learn your breast shape, check out this great article Now You Know Your Bra Size… But Do You Know Your Shape? which goes in depth about the different shapes and the best bra for that shape.

When buying online, be sure to read the fit details on the bra you like. Different brands and even styles of the same brand run differently. You may be a 32DD in one bra and a 30DDD in another. Learn the details of the bra you’re interested in to make the best decision. Finding your best fitting bra is a trial and error process and knowing the fit details decreases the amount of error in the process.

Don’t forget we’re here to help. We want you looking and feeling fabulous in your bras. Every woman deserves it.

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