Are You A Lingerie Hoarder?

By Linda The Bra Lady on March 24th, 2011

If the amount of gently-used bras we received for Haiti is any indication, then it’s safe to say that come Spring Cleaning time, most women skip their lingerie drawers. Whether you think you’ll fit into your favorite pre-pregnancy bra someday or you’re just too sad to see your favorite good luck panties go in the trash, this spring is the time to say goodbye. Read on to see if you’re a Lingerie Hoarder and how to help yourself through this difficult and often emotional recovery.


  • Does your underwear have holes in it?

  • Is the elastic band so loose you can fit another one of you in them?

  • Have your black undies been through the dryer so many times that now they’re gray?

  • Do your panties give you the dreaded “four butts” look, even under loose clothing?


  • Does your bra have holes in it?

  • Do you have more than one noticeable stain?

  • Is your band so tight that you feel like you might pass out at any second?

  • Is your band so loose that your bosoms are falling out from the bottom of your cups?

  • Does your bra cause you more pain than your first ex-boyfriend?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, the answer to the million dollar question is Yes! Yes, you’re a Lingerie Hoarder. Yes, you need new underwear. Yes, you need new bras. Yes, you need a bra fitting!

The best way to make room for the new is to get rid of the old. Don’t be afraid to get rid of lingerie that no longer fits. Consider it a cleansing of the body, mind and soul. You’ll feel much better when everything you own actually fits.

Stay tuned for tomorrows post about how to replenish your lingerie draw with new items that fit and make you feel fabulous! If you have any questions, feel free to call our bra fit hotline at 1-888-262-4887 or email us at customerservice@lindasonline. We’re here to help.

Ready to start getting rid of your old bras? Check out Are You a Bra Hoarder? Part II: Out With the Old, In With the New today!


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