Skip the Gym. Get Fit at Linda’s

By Linda The Bra Lady on December 2nd, 2010

Between eggnog, plum pudding and Grandma’s famous Sweet Potato Pie, it’s no wonder January is the month with the highest gym membership sign-ups. But that’s the beauty of December – it’s not January. This year, skip the guilt, indulge in delicious goodies and raise a glass to the creators of shape wear – the very useful items that will have you looking and feeling your best while enjoying all the holidays have to offer.

Waist Away…the Easy Way: Waist cinchers are the modern-day corsets. A waist cincher will shape your waist for a sexy, hourglass silhouette (without rearranging your organs) and will instantly make you look thinner and sexier. There are two types of waist cinchers that will do the trick. One will surely work for you!
  1. Squeem Firm Compression Waist Cincher: This unique rubber, multi-use waist cincher will not only create an hourglass silhouette but it will help improve your posture. This product has three hook settings so it can be adjusted to fit as you lose inches. If worn daily, the pounds are sure to melt off so those settings will come in handy.
  2. Squeem Firm Compression Vest: The Squeem Firm Compression Vest does the same thing the waist cincher does but with one added benefit – the high back will help sooth relentless back-fat. Similar to the above, the vest has three hook settings for easy adjustments and is made of a rubber outer shell with cotton lining
Bust the Belly Fat: Sometimes those last five pounds are the most stubborn and you know what? That’s January’s problem. December’s problem is choosing which color Spanx Higher Power Panty you want. This multi-tasking control-top hosiery will smooth away those last five (or ten) pounds from your belly, thighs and rear-end. If you ask nicely enough, it might even do your taxes. Other benefits include a snap cotton crotch (for quick and easy bathroom breaks) and four-way stretch material that won’t leave you feeling like you’re at a spa sauna. Read: lightweight, breathable and the worst thing to happen to late-night exercise machine infomercials.

Awesome Arms: If the most exercise you’ve done for your arms this year was lifting your remote above your head so the kids can’t have it, you’re not alone. Luckily, the Tres Sleek Pleine Sleeve Arm Shaper is here to save the day. This arm shaper comes in two colors, black and beige, and two sleeve lengths, long and short. It will reduce the circumference of your arms by 1 to 3 inches so you don’t have to hide under bulky clothes. Show ’em what you got, ladies.

Mama Maternity:The Spanx Power Mama Maternity Shaper is the perfect piece of shape wear for the sexy mama-to-be. It will smooth out your hips, thighs, and butt while also keeping your bundle of joy safe with a soft, stretch stomach panel. The control band beneath the stomach will also provide support for your lower back. Just because you’re pregnant doesn’t mean you can’t look great in a form-fitting outfit.

This holiday season, flaunt what you got and hide what you got too much of. That’s why these products exist! If you have any questions regarding shape wear, feel free to e-mail us with your questions or call Linda’s expert fit hotline at 1-888-262-4887. We’re here and happy to help you!