Bras in the News

By Linda the Bra Lady on November 22nd, 2010

With the implementation of new “backscatter” x-ray machines at airports across the country, a new controversy has arisen, especially for women. Do you risk the radiation and go through the machine or do you submit to a full-body pat down? Whichever you choose, chances are it’s going to make the news.

Here are a few stories about bras and the TSA.

  • Engineer Jeff Buske has invented a “special” type of underwear that will shield your privates from prying TSA eyes. The “special” part of this underwear is a large fig leave ironed on to the front of the panty.  Ground. Breaking. Read the full story at the Daily News.
  • Underwire bras are the leading causes of setting off the alarms. Nancy Kates found out the hard way when her underwire bra set off the alarm.Read more to see what she opted to do.
  • Breast cancer survivor and flight attendant Cathy Bossi opted not to go through the x-ray machine because of radiation concerns. When being pat down, TSA agents forced her to remove her prosthesis. Read her embarrassing story here or view the video below.

How do you feel about the recent changes to airport security? Would you go through the scanners or opt for a pat down?