Top 3 Bra Complaints… Solved!

By Linda the Bra Lady on July 21st, 2010

At my New York bra store and in emails from customers, I hear a lot of women who are miserable in their bras – and some who think bras are supposed to be annoying and painful. That’s just not true! While every woman’s body is different, most of the bra complaints I hear fall into a few categories. Do any of these sound like you?

Bra Complaint #1
“I can never wear an underwire bra!”

Lots of women are convinced that an underwire bra is little more than a torture device. Really, an underwire bra should sit comfortably below your breast without poking and prodding. Most women who are uncomfortable in underwire bras are actually wearing the wrong size. Try our Soft Cup Bras section.

Bra Complaint #2
“I know I wear a size 36B (or 32A or 40D…) but bras never feel comfortable.”

Have you been infected with Bra Size Denial? Here are some common symptoms of BSD: wearing the same bra for years, saying you’ve always worn the same size, and suffering in uncomfortable bras. There’s no such thing as “your bra size.” As women, our bodies are constantly changing and our bra sizes change too. Remember to re-measure yourself every six months to make sure you’re still wearing the right size. Another important fact to remember is that every brand and style runs a little differently. How you look and feel in your bra is much more important than the number and letter on the tag. If you are uncomfortable in your bras, check out our Bra Problem Guide to figure out why.

Bra Complaint #3
“My boobs are just too big.”

News flash – there are millions of women who don’t fit in an A, B, C or D cup. So why does it seem to be impossible to find nice bras in bigger cup sizes? The simple answer is that many bra companies and retail stores don’t want to spend money on making more sizes available. Luckily, there are fantastic brands out there making bras all the way up to an O cup. Check out our Plus Size Bras page for dozens of bras in DD cups and up.

Have a different bra problem or need help finding the right size? My team of expert Bra Fitters is available to answer any questions you have. Simply respond to this email or call us at 1-888-262-4887 for more help.

Stay fabulous!